2011 Year of Judgment 2011

The Year of Judgment! 2011

As our Oracle has spoken, so has the world reflected. On January 1st of this year, our Oracle gave a revelation declaring this the "Year of Judgment", also known as "The Year of the Judging Messiah." The significance of this year is that the events which will happen during it are preparing us for the end of this Age. This is not the "end times," nor is the world going to end. Humanity will live on, evolve and grow. The world will simply renew itself, and cleanse its surface. This will mean that human society may end up getting set back quite far, and if it does we will advance again more rapidly next time. It is the natural cycle of the Earth that Ages end and new Ages begin. Ages most often end in fire and ice, and we are near the end of our current Age. This has nothing to do with the anger of the Divine, yet.

This year isn't even the beginning of the end of our Age, only the foreshadowing of things to come. We ended last year and began this year with massive deaths among the avians and the aquarians, the birds and the fish. In this year alone we've already seen previously unthinkable political uprisings of astounding proportions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and spreading. We've seen a storm of earthquakes and volcanic activity around the ring of fire so far hitting Chile, New Zealand, and Japan, causing terrible devastation. The most recent of these was the 9.0 richter magnitude quake off the coast of Japan that has killed thousands of people, with a devastating tsunami to follow. In addition, seemingly everything that could go wrong has gone wrong with a few of Japan's nuclear power plants because of these disasters, and now we may face irradiation of the world similar to the Chernobyl disaster. The quake that shook Japan was the 4th largest earthquake ever recorded, and the 5th largest estimated quake since 1900. It was a Pacific plate event, and is not the end of the story yet. People in California often talk about the "big one" (massive Earthquake) for which we're all waiting, and this was Japan's equivalent to that.

This page is dedicated to keeping you informed of coming events throughout this Year of Judgment, as well as helping you cope with and understand events which have already happened. Most of the Oracular predictions for this year were shared via Dran Rashar events and postings in various places on the internet other than the Weekly Oracle page. The Oracle has been using other divination methods, which are much more intensive, to gather as much information as possible for all of you for the coming year. This information is now ready to be presented somewhat comprehensively in one place, which is the purpose for this new page. We will now be making regular reports here, including any readings our Oracle gives. We may also post any Oracle readings on the Weekly Oracle pages (on this website and on Facebook;) however, this page is the first place to look for important information regarding the events of this year. Information will be released here as it becomes available or as it becomes relevant, so that it may be understood in proper context.

Other Psychics

The Oracle of the Dran Rashar will consult with other psychics to gain various perspectives on the coming events. When their predictions provide important new perspectives on events, we will either share their predictions here or refer to them as "other trusted psychics say." Some of these brothers and sisters are on the Dran Rashar path, such as the assistant Oracle, Angel of Light Jeremiah Gabriel, the Living Saint. Some of them are on other paths, and we are all working towards the same goal. The use of the name of any other psychic is with their permission and does not imply that they've read this website, nor does it imply that they represent, nor whether they agree or disagree with, the teachings of the Dran Rashar.

If you have trouble reading the text on this page, copy and paste it to a notepad or similar program on your computer.

Latest information as of March 17, 2011

After the myriad events around the ring of fire, it has become clear that this is a ring of fire tectonic activity period. After consulting with other trusted psychics, the following information can be gleaned about the future: This event is not over yet. We expect at least one or two more tectonic events, and possibly more volcanic events. The Oracle sees these tectonic and/or volcanic events happening potentially in the regions of Mexico, Central America, or Alaska. Other psychics see more trouble for South America, and the Oracle does not rule this out at all. One thing seems clear, California will likely be spared from this series of events; though, even this is not absolutely certain. The Oracle and other psychics see California experiencing tectonic and volcanic (geological) events late this year or early next year.

The people of Japan have great honor, and will recover from this event. There will most certainly be more problems from the nuclear reactors, and it will affect more of the world than many of the experts are leading us to believe at the moment. Japan's culture will arise in a new way, with old ideas mixed in, lead by their young and rooted in their elders.

This tectonic event will wind down over the next month or so, but may have sudden increases in activity until around June 21st, the Summer Solstice, of 2011. If California, Oregon or Washington state are hit by this event, it will more than likely be in the form of volcanic activity. Yellowstone National Park and other such large volcanoes are safe for the moment.

The political situations will continue to cause uproar around the globe. Too much depends on the choices we make to know exactly what will happen on that front, but here are some possibilities: The Citizens of the United States will rise against the increase in control of very old conservative ideals, in defense of everyone's rights and everyone's well being; or they will rise up in defense of those ideals and establish it as the new way, forgetting about the poor, and essentially establishing serfdom, virtual slavery, for the majority. There are almost no threads, save a few that seem unlikely to be woven in, which show the United States keeping the same balance between liberal and conservative ideals, nor keeping the same slow pace of moving towards rather old conservative ideals. (This is not intended as a value judgment on liberal or conservative ideals, as both sides have both wonderful ideas and terrible ideas for the country.) The people of France and Canada will either embrace more conservative changes, or eliminate the last bits of those ideals in favor of a new Renaissance , France being the more likely of the two to have a violent uprising. I see these possibilities all throughout Europe, with France being the most passionate. Along with Canada and the United States, we will see major changes in Mexico, which may come quickly or take a couple years. The changes in Mexico will begin, at least in part, this year, and probably in response to drug cartel violence. It is entirely possible the people of Mexico will also demand a more socialistic or communistic system along with calling for the end of the cartels power, but it is equally possible that their government will respond to the cartels and/or to the people's demands by overpolicing the people, in a fashion similar to the harshest dictatorships. Either way, most thread seem to say that Mexico will come out very well in the end of all of this, even though their changes could take a few years and the people could go through some hard times in between if some choices are made. In Libya, Ghadafi will win if there is no outside intervention, either covert or overt; however, his people will rise up again and his regime will be overthrown, or his regime will change, for the better of the people, with future generations of his family (the latter seems very unlikely in the tapestry of time, but it is an odd stray thread of a possibility.) The rest of the Middle East will face major changes, but I do see Jordan and perhaps Iran or Pakistan being spared from too much of it. Even the fate of Jordan is unsure, but most threads have it relatively unchanged, if a little more liberal. Iran and Pakistan's fates are less sure, but the threads mostly show a rise in Muslim identity amongst their people, and a strengthening of their governments. The fates of Iran and Pakistan can largely influence Saudi Arabia. If Saudi Arabia is going to change, it will likely open a whole new can of worms, and I will have to, and gladly will, do a full write-up and series of readings for the results of that event. The fate of Israel and Palestine is that one will conquer the other within the next 3 years, possibly within this year. Israel will likely conquer Palestine, but may leave a very small remnant of their people in an unofficial "little Palestine" within Israel. There are only two threads, which branch off from extremely unlikely threads, that has these two groups continuing in their current standoff, or living in perfect harmony as two separate countries.

This information is subject to change as the world changes, and this is how it is written as things are in the world right now. We hope to add some Tarot and/or I-Ching readings soon to give further clarity on the above preliminary divination.

What does it mean?

Judging Messiah

First of all, I honestly do not prefer the term "Year of the Judging Messiah," because it can be misleading unless someone really knows the whole story behind it. While it would not be appropriate here to explain the entirety of the mystery behind it, I will offer some clarifications.

The term "Year of the Judging Messiah" was coined by Dran Rashar studying the changing of Ages, according to our oral history, in around the year 400 A.D., and the concept was vastly expanded upon around the year 1100. It was coined by a group of Dran Rashar who were dedicated to the idea that a Divine figure comes to humanity at the end of every Great Age. Because these Dran Rashar were also Christians, they thought in terms of the return of Yeshua (Jesus) as the great Judge. However, they never intended to say that Yeshua would return in that year.

What they did believe was that the fear of Yeshua's impending Judgment would sweep over the Earth as the Earth went through violent and strange changes. They believed that it would be the fear of Yeshua's Judgment that would drive all the political changes which the Dran Rashar had prophesied.

Even though most Dran Rashar have long since come to another understanding of these things, the term "Year of the Judging Messiah" is still around. This is partially simply because of habit. However, we do not discount the possibility of the coming of the Avatar/Messiah of this Age at this time.

One more thing I should note to clear up any confusion is regarding Avatars/Messiahs and Ages. Avatars/Messiahs (Avatar is the term Dran Rashar prefer today to refer to incarnations of Divine spirit) come at the end of every Astrological Age, the mini-ages within the Great Ages, to teach and to heal and renew the spirit of the people. At the end of a Great Age, their role can be both as a destroyer and as a savior, healer and one who renews the spirit of those who have prepared themselves.

Year of Judgment

The Year of Judgment is the term I prefer, because it's more to the point of human spirit at this time, as well as having an important secondary meaning.

We, humans, are all unconsciously aware of the ending of this Age. Our souls and our connection to nature, which we haven't fully lost, allows us to be aware of it, as it is a very normal and natural cycle. However, most people don't translate that into the conscious mind for what it really is. Instead, they just feel a sense of urgency, and whatever their desire are, they go all the way in trying to achieve it.

We have seen this spirit come to play in so many ways recently. We talk elsewhere on this page about the wave of extreme and unexpected political changes in the Middle East. I'm sure some people in parts of the United States are feeling there have been some extreme, though certainly not as extreme by far, political changes as well. Interpersonal relationships, such as marriages, are being tested by each spouse to see if its really what they want, and many are breaking up while others grow only stronger from this test. The point is, people are motivated more than ever to go after what they really want, and to make changes in our lives.

However, it's important that we actually make the right changes. It is important for those of us who are further along towards the goal of Enlightenment to help others achieve readiness for the next Age. I and the rest of the Dran Rashar are here for that reason alone, and that purpose alone drives all of what we do.

The secondary meaning of Judgment in the context of the Year of Judgment is "finding the imbalance" This refers to the fact that the Earth is starting to wake up, and it will soon be going through vast changes to renew its balance, as is its nature. This will mean vast earthquakes, tsunami, rarely seen before volcanic eruptions, violent weather extremes, and much more. Of course, there are those who believe that man-made global climate change (misnamed global warming) will make this period even rougher than it had to be, and I tend to believe they're right. If the Earth wasn't so out of balance, perhaps the renewal would be mild and we'd neither suffer as much nor lose as much as we likely will. However, this goes more to the next stage, Justice.

At the same time, don't expect all the changes to happen at once, nor all this year. While we've already seen so many astounding events this year, we will see more as we get closer to the end of this Great Age. This year is called the Year of Judgment because this is when things really start to happen, and when the signs are clearly marking the beginning of the end of the Age, and preparation for the next Age.

Urgent New Readings Below! Please take the time to read both new readings and the summary of the two readings together.

Year of Judgment Tarot Reading May 1, 2011 11:00 p.m.

Rev. H.P. Ancient Wolf's Reading

Question: The year of Judgment has been in full swing with the disasters in Japan, including the utter disasters at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant, the recent record tornado cluster that hit a portion of the southern United States, the recent severe changes in the civil war in Libya, and now the death of the most notorious criminal on Earth, the elusive for a decade Osama Bin Laden, and at the hands of U.S. military forces with the assistance U.S. and Pakistani Intelligence Agents. What can we expect as a result of these events in relation to the Year of Judgment (began this year, please see the earlier posts on this page and the Weekly Oracle reading from January 1, 2011.

This is one of the roughest readings I have had to give in the nearly two decades in which I've been giving Tarot readings, and certainly one of the hardest I've had to give to the whole world as Oracle of the

Dran Rashar. Please pay careful attention to this reading, as it is one of the most important things you will ever read.

The first card which comes up, representing the start of the situation, is the 7 of swords. This card represents a renewed hope for people. In this case, Osama Bin Laden's death and the recent blow against the Khadafy family have given billions of people a renewed hope in the wars against terror and oppression. The next card crosses it, and is the King of Coins. The King of Coins normally represents good business fortune and a wise financial leader, but as it is crossing us, it says that our focus on financial matters and financial stability will certainly add to our ruin. However, crowning the situation we have the Queen of Swords, foretelling sadness and mourning. There may be a great woman, though it could be a somewhat effeminate man, who will lead many to disaster because of belief in her/him. The three of cups comes up as the basis of the situation, and reaffirms that our focus on economy and business will be some of the basis of humanity's eventual downfall, though we may have some significant economic recovery in the short term. In our recent past the 4 of coins represents our fear and feeling of need to protect our possessions, and in this case our very lives and loved ones. It establishes further that future events will be partially as a result of our responses to that fear. The next card coming up speaks of our near future. The Empress is the card which appears here, and tells us that she will provide us with luxury, and emotional and physical comfort. This card is referring to two things; 1. the feeling of relief and Justice so many people felt at the end of the reign of Osama Bin Laden today, 2. it is again talking about a woman who will soothe us with material things, giving us a sense of happiness. Representing the people of the Earth is the 5 of swords. Even with the potential gains spoken of in a previous card, the overall situation of the world's people turns more towards loss and misfortune. What's more, it speaks of hidden danger. With the other cards in the reading, this is saying that our focus on this victory and on the financial crisis is distracting us from a very real danger lurking around the next corner. The Earth, represented by the 7 of Cups in this reading, is in a temporary state of daydreaming because of recent victories. It also says that the Earth is in a state of flux and uncertainty, hoping for better days without knowing the exact path to get to those days. The emotional state of humanity comes up as the 10 of Coins. This again speaks of our focus on financial matters, and our grandiose hopes for sudden wealth. The reading concludes with utter obliteration. The card which finalizes the reading is The Tower. This card appropriately is designed after the famed Tower of Babel, which story refers to an event from the beginning of this Great Age. Now, at the end of this Age, in this Year of Judgment, the Tower Card represents that humanity has misused the gifts God gave us, and we will suffer major destruction of our way of life because of it. Our high and mighty attitude and our rejection of God's simple teaching to love one another, will be our downfall and our Judgment. May you and your loved ones know the Light and Love of The Divine in your hearts and souls.

Rev. H.P. Jeremiah Gabriel's Reading on May 1st 2011 11:50pm.

Question: Given recent events what lies ahead for the Middle East as a geo-political region in the year of Judgment?

Result: The central figure of the all menacing all encompassing dark Lord (10 of swords) was slain by the young warrior (page of swords) fueled by his quest for justice (major arcana XI crowning) In the end the watch list of dictators was not unseated by NATO forces or grand resolution of the U.N. but by the fruit vendor and the shoe shine boy. This was brought on by a base of utter ruined land (Major arcana XVI) and financial ruin and desperation (5 coins) little wonder there is a call for justice at the edge of a sword. Though they don't yet know what they have wrought. ( a future led by The Fool card of the major Arcana) They find themselves young idealist renaissance, post grade academic businessmen lords of the arts science and business (page of coins) who are having the greatest party in all the world (9 of cups) who dream of being the greatest men of art and business ever (king of coins) though what will come is the benevolent but stern ruler (Major arcana III Empress) who will do wondrous things for her people but will never let the outsiders leave, lest they be spies of evil. No one should leave the garden of Eden lest they tell the serpent where it is.

The Readings Together By Rev. H.P. Ancient Wolf May 2, 2011 01:30

As I wrote the interpretation for the reading I was called to give this last evening, H.H. Jeremiah Gabriel used his own Tarot deck to lay a reading for a similar purpose. The results of each reading ended up speaking so much about one another, that we felt it was necessary to write this summary combining the two readings.

The main difference between our questions is that I asked the question for the reading I performed from a Western Society angle, whereas H.H. Jeremiah Gabriel asked the question for the reading he performed from the perspective of the Middle East. Because my question heavily involved recent major events in the Middle East, the readings came out very much complimentary to one another.

One striking similarity is the juxtaposition of the Tower and Empress cards in our two readings. The readings talk about immediate hardship and tribulation in the Middle East, with someone, most likely a woman, who will rise up to restore order to the area. Unfortunately, as the reading I did talks about utter destruction and tribulation for humanity at the same time H.H. Jeremiah Gabriel’s reading speaks of her ultimate rise, and because her followers are represented by the fool in his reading, it is clear that she will ultimately bring about much evil, or that much evil will be allowed to arise because of her. H.H. Jeremiah Gabriel feels this is also indicated by his reading with the progression of the 10 of swords turning into the Empress at the end. While I don’t want to put too much emphasis on this imagery, it is interesting that both H.H. Jeremiah Gabriel and I had the image of the Biblical “Whore of Babylon” come into our heads when we laid the Empress card. It is especially noteworthy because it is usually a beneficial card which would not bring up such associations.

One final note: There is usually a chance that The Empress card is representing a situation, not necessarily a person bringing about a situation; however, we feel that because of the presence of the Queen of Swords also speaking of her, it is much more likely that it is speaking of an actual person, and most likely a woman (otherwise it would have likely used the King of Swords.) Blessings upon your path to Holiness. Rev. H.P. Ancient Wolf.

June 4, 2011 Important New Readings and information from Rev. Ancient Wolf, after consultation with other Dran Rashar.

As Sky People, the Dran Rashar watch portents in the sky to predict coming events. We use an ancient system to interpret the celestial signs, which system is only vaguely related to either Easter or Western Astrology as we have them today and does not involve Horoscopes, and we then compare the information from that system to other signs and portents and to prophecy. Such a reading is the kind given along with the Tarot reading from the beginning of this year. It is time to give another such reading, which will be followed by an accompanying Tarot reading. Unlike at the beginning of this year, I am being lead to give each of the readings separately. They will appear on both the Year of Judgment 2011 page and the Weekly Oracle page. They will also be available on the Weekly Oracle Facebook page.

The Signs and Portents Reading

What we are witnessing is a confluence of events with great significance. The first set of these events were those which predicted this Year of Judgment, such as the dying of birds and fish along with other important signs. The second set happened throughout this year, with the series of quakes around the ring of fire, the most devastating ones being in Japan. In addition to the quakes, nature made an assault on a nuclear power plant, creating the perfect storm of events to show us some of the extreme foolishness of our so-called nuclear power system. Tornadoes joined that set of signs, as well as uprisings and stark political change around the globe. Now, we are joined by a series of eclipses.

First of all, I want to clear up that eclipses are usually just neat phenomenon with cool power. They happen pretty much every year. There is usually at least a couple partial solar eclipses and 2 total lunar eclipses every year, with some rare exceptions, and a total solar eclipse somewhere in the world being rather common as well. Normally, we don't even pay attention to partial solar eclipses, unless they appear in conjunction with other signs, as they do now. However, it is not just the fact that there are eclipses which we find important, but the organization of those eclipses around the Summer Solstice, and their appearance with other signs.

There are two partial solar eclipses, one in the Northern Hemisphere which already occurred on June 1st, and one in the Southern Hemisphere on July 1st. There will be a total Lunar eclipse on June 15. Summer Solstice is June 21st. The confluence of these events creates a special significance during any year. When we weigh them with the signs from the Year of Judgment, the meaning becomes even clearer. Other signs in the sky have appeared recently, and still others are expected to be appearing soon as well, perhaps involving either Mars or Saturn or the constellation Orion. (there are still a few possibilities and we're waiting to see on those.)

The Eclipses around solstice and the other signs of the Year of Judgment which we've discussed are only a few among myriad signs we've watched for and have seen; however, they are the clearest signs to demonstrate what is happening and what will be happening.

The Great Destroyer: Divine Feminine at the End

If we view the Divine force of "Judgment" as being masculine, then its accompanying Divine force, "Destruction," can be seen as feminine. Because of popularity of those religions in this time, and because of ancient traditions of the Dran Rashar, we tend to see Yeshua, the central figure of Christianity, as representing the Judge while Maa Kaali, from the Hindu traditions, is seen as the Destroyer. Thus, the Year of Judgment now takes on more fully the role of the Destroyer, as it slowly turns into the Year of the Destroyer. (Year is not an accurate translation, but it is the traditional one. These periods may last a few months or several years, and may overlap considerably.)

The timing of these signs along with visions of the Oracle make it clear that Maa Kaali, the Great Destroyer, is coming to an even more powerful role on this Earth during this time. She has already shown signs of her presence in destruction which has already occurred, and these were only the precursor of things to come.

There are certain regions which are more likely to be hit the hardest first when the Destroyer begins Her reign. The Middle East and Europe stand to loose the most, as well as the central United states and the coast of South America. However, even among these, some more specific areas have the greatest chances of the worst destruction. Among them are Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Turkey, and Russia. The Middle East and Europe will likely suffer harder than those in the United States, but other signs for which we await will tell us more about that.

Just because those areas are most likely to be hit the hardest, doesn't mean that the Divine always likes to be that predictable. While the signs clearly mean that the era of Destruction is beginning, this Destruction will eventually happen all over the Earth, and it may start anywhere.

The coming of Maa-Kaali is something which it is natural to fear, but it is not evil. Maa-Kaali is not evil. She is the Destroyer aspect of the feminine manifestation of the Divine. While she Destroys ultimately everything or nearly so in these times, she does so in order for the world to be created anew. While the Christian Bible doesn't talk about Kaali directly, of course, it does talk about a great destruction followed by a new creation, as we've mentioned before. Maa-Kaali is called Maa because the feminine Divine is also the Mother of all. As such, she defeats demons, she eliminates temptation, and she protects us all, her children, if we are loyal to Holiness and to the Divine.

In Dran Rashar prophecy, the Judge comes first with a hint of the Destroyer, and then the Destroyer comes and joins the Judge, establishing Her time period beginning (overlapping with the time of the Judge.) Her time begins in full force on June 15th, when the Lunar Eclipse occurs. There will likely be one or more rather major events happening between June 15th and July 1st, especially on those dates and on the Solstice, but again the Divine doesn't always like to be that predictable.

The signs which point to Kali's dominance are many, but the primary signs can be explained somewhat simply. Kali is represented by the New/Dark Moon and by Lunar eclipses. Solar eclipses always happen on the New Moon, and we have two on either side of a moon cycle (which a complete cycle runs from new to full to new or from full to new to full.) With the addition of the Total Lunar eclipse in the middle, we see Kali dominating an entire moon cycle, representing that the Destroyer now dominates all three traditional aspects of the feminine Divine, which aspects are traditionally rendered as the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. This domination of all three aspects shows that Kali, the Destroyer aspect, is rising to dominance over all aspects of the feminine Divine, meaning the Goddess aspect is fully Kali beginning now.

One final note is a repetition; "The Divine often does not like to be predictable." This means that while the period of destruction begins now, and it usually begins with a bang, it does not necessarily mean that the worst of it, or even anything, will happen right away. It is just far more likely that we will see major catastrophes very soon, and, since most people aren't wise enough to follow Holy Oracles such as this one, most will be caught off guard.

The Tarot Reading (June 4 2011 continued)

This is a special reading, so I have laid a more complex 10+5 reading, as I did at the beginning of the Year of Judgment. This type of reading is sometimes thought of as a 15 card reading as it uses a single deck, and the first 10 cards are not shuffled back in; however, it is more accurately thought of as a 10+5 because of the way interpretation of the cards works (a somewhat complicated process.) Because of the complex mechanism for interpreting this reading, a straightforward walk through the cards is not always the best method for describing the meaning of the result. However, I will give a list of all the cards in the readings, and I will then give an interpretation. If you wish to follow along by looking up the meanings of the cards yourself in a standard Tarot book, you may get a feel for the system we used, if you are interested in learning advanced Tarot techniques; however, this system cannot be truly learned without BOTH a good deal of instruction on the system and a good deal of natural ability.

The Cards

1. Page of Swords 2. The Hanged Man XII 3. King of Swords 4. Seven of Coins 5. Nine of Coins 6. Seven of Swords 7. Wheel of Fortune X 8. Queen of Swords. 9. Queen of Staffs 10. The Devil XV

1. The Lovers VI 2. Five of Swords 3. Page of Cups 4. The Moon XVIII 5. The Emperor IV (The Roman numerals after some cards are the traditional placement of these cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. All other cards are in the Minor Arcana.)

The meaning

Relationships based on true love, with everyone trusting in the Divine, will succeed. However, those which have not been based on Love of the Divine and true Love of one another, will fail miserably in droves. Now, of course this is the natural order of how relationships usually work, but relationships which are not truly based on love will stand no chance of survival. In addition, many relationships which were thought to be based on true love will discover that one party in the relationship was a false friend, who only wanted something from the other and had no true love nor any true love of the Divine. These facts translate over to the personal world as well as the political world.

In the personal world, it's rather direct as to what these facts represent, and I believe it is similarly direct in the political world. On the microcosmic side, it means that marriages, friendships, and long term relationships of all kinds have great potential for breaking up right now. On the macrocosmic side, it means that political alliances, both internal and external to nations, are far more likely to dissolve at this time, as each who is not truly motivated by the Divine seeks only its own self interest during these times of massive global catastrophe.

Amidst the message of Destruction, there is also a message of strong Hope. The 7's of Swords and coins, the 9 of coins, the page of cups, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Emperor cards all represent this hope. Those who walk the path of Holiness will be strengthened, and the Dran Rashar will be a key guiding force to this strengthening. As in their personal relationships discussed above, those who choose true Love and the Divine will find strength with one another and will survive these disasters better than others. This doesn't mean that some really good people won't die, unfortunately the good often suffer with the bad. What it does mean is that among the survivors, those who follow Love and Holiness will be able to band together and fare far better than those who are more selfishly motivated. While many people will pull together at first, the selfish will soon start looking after only their own best interests.

While many cards in the deck point to it, the Emperor and the Devil cards most clearly point to the fact that the world will soon be facing an all out war between Good and Evil. There will be hardly any more shades of grey, except those which we delude ourselves into believing. Greed vs. Love, Knowledge vs. Ignorance, Wisdom vs. Foolishness, God vs. The Devil. (Whether or not you believe in a literal "Devil," which some Dran Rashar do not.) These are the times of the greatest prophecies ever told to mankind in this Age.

The Queen of Swords and the Moon represent Kaali's presence on the Earth, especially because of the positions of each and their positions relative to one another. The moon card in this case takes on the dual meaning of the building up of the Holy and the ultimate destruction of evil. While Kaali destroys ultimately everything to be recreated, it is evil that must be defeated in order for the Earth's (and thus humanity's) evolutionary process to continue. It is by strengthening and defending the Holy that Evil is truly defeated. Thus Maa-Kaali, and Yeshua (or Lord Shiva, Allah, etc. however you see the masculine Divine) strengthens the Holy and defends us as allies during this time. Personally, I always think it's best to be allied with the Creator and Destroyer of everything in existence; though, not out of fear, but because Love is Wisdom, Wisdom is Love, and both reside in the Divine as Holiness. In other words, because the more one trusts in the Divine and follows the path of Love, the more Wisdom one gains, and the happier we are within our souls. This Holy path, by many names and from many viewpoints, is the only one by which our souls will grow, and the only path to true happiness. Blessings in these trying times to all who follow this oracle for the sake of Holiness. Rev. H.P. "Abba" Ancient Wolf (posted on June 5, 2011.)