December 21, 2012 Myths and Facts

Myths and Facts about December 21, 2012:

Is the World Coming to an End?

A Study on Prophecy and Culture

Myth: The Mayans (and/or several other cultures) said that the world would end on December 21st, 2012 (this year.)

Facts: The Mayan calendar ends mysteriously on December 21st of this year, which is Winter Solstice. Some Archaeologists have suggested that the calendar was unfinished, as the long count portion should have contained several more (some say as many as 8 more) of the smaller ages within it. However, it is unknown why they ended it after the current short period when they are known to be able to predict several thousands of years of astronomical events forward or backwards. Some texts have suggested that some Mayans believed that the current long count Age would end on this date, instead of having several more short periods. Other texts suggest that there would be major spiritual changes on this date. Still others, more obscure, are interpreted by some to suggest that the 9 Mayan primary gods would return on that date. What is clear is that the Mayans believed that even the ending of their shorter ages were usually met with calamity, disaster and/or great change. Truth is, we do not know what will happen on that date, if anything, and there can be humanity-ending disaster at any time on any date, as geological history has clearly shown. Personally, I believe that only the Divine will ever know the precise date of the ending of this Age, and that the ending of an Age is a process within which December 21st of this year may or may not be a significant date.

Other Facts: Other cultures have predicted that the world or the current Age of humanity would end, with some disaster and many changes, around this time. However, it is unclear if any of them specifically intended to point to the Winter Solstice of this year or just this general time, with some of their prophecies already having come about according to some interpretations. (including Biblical prophecies of the end times.) So, yes, many cultures did predict that major calamity would happen sometime relatively soon (in the next 20-50 years or sooner by the reckoning of many) and many of their prophecies may start to come to pass as we approach Winter Solstice of this year, whether or not that culture ever knew of any significance to that particular date.

Myth: Mayan prophecies are worthless because the Mayans used drugs to obtain their visions.

Facts: There are so many things wrong with this statement that I’m surprised most thinking people don’t reject it right out, yet it is a prevalent one in certain circles of the Academic world. While the Mayans certainly did use hallucinogenic substances, and even self mutilation, to achieve specific prophecies and visions, this fact in and of itself does not invalidate their prophecies. Most ancient cultures used hallucinogenic substances or methods to gain prophetic visions, yet many of them are believed as scripture today. Many scholars believe St. John was using a hallucinogenic plant or fungus when he gained the vision of the book of Revelations (The Apocalypse of St. John.) The method of obtaining the vision or prophecy isn’t as important as if their prophecies have generally been accurate. It seems the Mayans haven’t always interpreted things right, even when they saw what was coming (such as Cortez, certainly not the god returning event they expected it to be.) However, while they haven’t always been 100% accurate, they do have a fair degree of accuracy. On big events like the endings of Ages, well the Mayan culture hasn’t been around long enough to say, but they did seem to know about several major disasters and other events in the past which precede their culture by thousands of years, and were able to accurately tie cycles to those events. So, we can’t discount those Mayans (and certainly there were different beliefs among different Mayan sects) who believed that this coming Winter Solstice is going to be a world-significant event. The fact also remains that the Mayans also used Astronomical events to predict what was going to happen, and the visions only helped them to gain more specifics about what would happen. Even if you discount the visions, we can’t discount their extremely advanced Astronomy.

Myth: Everyone will suddenly become enlightened on or near December 21st 2012, even those who have never worked towards enlightenment.

Facts: While a few modern Mayan leaders have begun talking about a “global awakening” which will occur on the date in discussion, there is little to no evidence of such an awakening from ancient Mayan writings (the few texts we have and stone inscriptions.) However, given that the vast majority of Mayan culture, including most of their writings, were destroyed by the Conquistadors and the Roman Catholic Church, it is possible that some sort of global awakening was part of at least one Mayan sect’s beliefs about this date. It is also possible that modern Shaman have received new insights about this date. What is clear, is that enlightenment doesn’t happen against one’s free will. One who has not sought after God in some way or another, or one who has not sought after enlightenment in some way or another, is not going to suddenly become enlightened. It is possible, as discussed in what the Dran Rashar teach, that less unenlightened souls will be born and that eventually only those who have sought enlightenment will be born, as only those are worthy of the next stage of humanity. However, it is true that more people will be drawn to seek after enlightenment or change in some form or another in this time, as we have already seen so much evidence of in the world.

Myth: The “global change” which is expected to begin on December 21, 2012 is only about female energy.

Facts: The feminine Divine, and females in general, have been given a raw deal for a very long time in human cultures of the world. While some cultures recognize the Divine feminine and the holy role of women on Earth and among human society, even many of those tend to still give women and the feminine a back seat to men and the masculine, even among the Divine. The nature of true enlightenment is to have feminine and masculine in equal balance, and to respect both roles equally. Thus, it is understandable that some have seen the increased role of the Divine feminine and of women, to bring it into balance, and then interpret it to believe that the next step of humanity is only about the Divine feminine and female energy. However, that mistake is equal to the mistake of ignoring the Divine feminine to begin with. Female energy and the Divine feminine do need to take a far greater role in our world and in our society than they have in the past; however, this is to bring things into balance, so that male energy, Masculine Divine and female energy Feminine Divine are in balance that the world may have better harmony.

The Mayans honored both, but were often a male-lead society. I have yet to run across anything in any Mayan prophecy which suggests anything about female energy or the Divine feminine on this date, nor anything gender specific regarding this date.

Myth: The date 12-21-12 is significant only because of the neat way it looks when we abbreviate it, or because of some significance in binary.

Facts: This is the silliest myth out there that so many people feel so smart to repeat as fact when they say it’s silly to believe the world will end that day. The coincidental binary numbers of this date on our modern calendar system have nothing to do with the Mayans, and is not part of most people’s belief about the significance of this date.

Myth: If we‘re still here on January 1st, 2013f (or even December 22nd, 2012) and society hasn‘t collapsed, then the Mayans were wrong.

Facts: While the Mayans didn’t even necessarily say the “world” was ending on that date (only facing destruction and rebirth, change and growth) they did not say that everything would happen on that one date. If one believes that the 9 primary Mayan gods will return that date, then it’s possible that date has that significance as well. However, the primary significance of that date is a galactic alignment and wobble period of our Earth, and the disasters and changes which follow will happen over a course of days, months or even years. Don’t assume the Mayans were wrong if we’re all still here and society has yet to collapse on January 1st, 2013. I wouldn’t assume they were right either, but it wouldn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong.

Myth: The Mayan's didn't have leap years, therefore the calendar was off and the end of the world was supposed to happen 7 months ago.

Facts: The Mayans did not have a leap year system like ours; however, they did calculate the year incredibly accurately. Their calculations for the length of a solar year were .002 days different than modern calculations of the year, which scientists say has a margin of error of + or - .005 days. Therefore, they very much did account for the accurate length of a year when making their calendars. Taking it from another angle, their solar calendar was also based on a precise tracking of solar events; eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices (predicting that eclipses happened thousands of years before their culture existed, projecting accurately into the future for solar and other astronomical events as well.) Therefore, those who calculated the Mayan calendar to end on December 21st, 2012 knew what they were doing, as that is the Winter Solstice, the traditional ending and beginning of a Mayan era. 7 months ago (it is March 2012) was not a Winter Solstice. However, even if you wanted to believe that it started 7 months ago, look at the oddities of the last year and you can certainly see that something is sparking in humanity and something is shaking up the world, sometimes literally, in sometimes odd ways. See the fact above this one.

Myth: The Mayans say we’re lining up with the black hole at the center of our galaxy on December 21st, 2012.

Facts: The Mayans likely didn’t even know about the super-massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. What some believe is that some Mayans predicted that as our sun travels around the galaxy (they knew our sun moved around the galaxy) it would line up with the dark band which is visible when you view the Milky Way on a dark night with no light pollution. As you look at the plane, you see a dark strip. This dark strip is caused by various nebulae which are between us and the stars deeper into the galactic center. It is suggested that the Mayans believed this was a place of great evil from which great destruction would come. It is possible that the last time we had such an alignment (26,500 years ago supposedly) the world was met with a meteor storm, or maybe even the idea which some have (which I think is far fetched, but I suppose within the realm of possibility) that “evil aliens/gods/demons” will return on that date and resume a war with the good gods (good aliens as some believe) which has been going on for thousands of years. (some tie this to the final battle mentioned and/or alluded to in the Christian and Jewish Bibles and/or to the historic battles talked about in Hindu holy texts and in Dran Rashar histories as well as in myriad other cultures around the globe. ) Point is, it is possible this alignment will occur and that it may mean destruction of modern society, but we don’t know what the Mayans believed about it specifically. However, it’s silly to think they were saying we were “lining up” with the super-massive black hole at the center of our galaxy, as that is the object around which our solar system, and everything else in the galaxy, orbits and the Mayans didn’t even likely know it existed.

Myth: All divination methods, such as Tarot and I-Ching, stop working after December 21st, 2012, and no psychics have been able to see past that date.

Facts: While this is not about the Mayans specifically, this is another common set of myths about this date. Some scholars of the I-Ching, far more studied in it than I, have said that the I-Ching comes up with mysterious results for that date and for all later dates. Not all I-Ching masters agree with this statement. Others have said that their oracle tools won’t allow them to see past that date, but there are at least a few psychics, prophets and seers (such as myself) who have seen beyond that date, and the Dran Rashar have long known some of what is to come after that date. Many cultures have had prophecies which talk about what will happen after the end of this age (or the end of humanity on Earth as some teach.) Eventually, old divination methods may stop working as humanity changes and evolves, but by then we shouldn’t need them anymore.

Myth: If I believe the world or the Age is ending on December 21st 2012, I should panic and avoid society, hoard supplies, and I should take credit chances on things which aren’t due until 2013.

Facts: This is one of the most dangerous myths which abounds. It’s hard to choose what part of this myth is the most important to debunk, but we’ll start with the credit risk nonsense. My goodness, even if major changes occur on December 21st, 2012 (and there is certainly no guarantee of that, not even from the Mayans ancient or modern) you do not know how long it will take society to collapse, and you may end up facing terrible debts and many years left to live in 2013. In addition, that level of dishonesty is rotten and not worthy of the new enlightened world. You only harm your own soul. Next, while it’s important to take care of your family and yourself, the idea that you should hoard supplies and not build community efforts at disaster survival is both foolish and seriously wrong. We survive far better as communities than we do as individuals or family groups, and the exclusion of the well-being of those around you is also not worthy of the new enlightened age (whether or not you believe that Age begins on the date in discussion.) Ultimately, it’s just foolish to think that just taking care of yourself and/or your family (even if you include a few select friends but exclude your community) can do better than a community working together and pooling resources to help one another now while preparing together for future disasters. Your community does not have to believe in the end of the world in order to work together to prepare for disaster, they just have to believe that the world is unpredictable and disasters strike communities all the time with or without any end-times concerns involved.

Myth: If I don’t believe there’s anything significant about that date, I don’t have to prepare for a major global disaster.

Facts: Humanity has faced near extinction events at least twice in our history, one time dwindling the global population to 100,000 or less people. Asteroids, super-massive volcanoes such as Yellowstone National Park, massive seismic shifts, polar flips which screw up the cycles of nature, all of these remain possibilities. So far in our history we only know of super-massive volcanoes and asteroids which have really hurt human population numbers; however, we’ve been around a rather short time compared to the geological history of the Earth, and mother Earth is capable of anything. If you believe in climate change, you know that things are going to get more difficult for our kind of life on Earth, but even if you don’t believe in such, you know that disaster is possible at any time. The point is, even if there is no major globe-changing disaster, mini disasters happen all the time whether the world or the age is ending or not. So, the wise person is prepared for the unexpected to happen at any time, even if that person believes humanity won’t end on Earth until the sun turns into a red giant star.

What the Dran Rashar Teach:

The first thing to understand is that our beliefs are not only based on the teachings of our own prophets, Shaman, priests, priestesses or other teachers among us. Instead, we take an incredibly global view, and study the cultures of the world to find the truth by comparing the similarities and differences between them, by understanding something significant about the cultures from which those beliefs came. We often find that the similarities are far greater than the differences, and that disparate cultures often talk about the very same or rather similar things happening around the same time periods in the past and in the future. Often, we see similarities which cannot easily be attributed to random chance and human nature, and show that there must be some global human interconnected consciousness and/or Divine global influence. Most Dran Rashar tend to believe there is both a global interconnected consciousness and a Divine global influence.

When we approach eschatological studies, studies of the “end times,” we therefore take a world-view approach. Ultimately, while some of us have a “hunch” that a certain date or another will entail an event which triggers a drastic change or destruction in the world, we accept that it is only for the Divine to know exactly when an Age ends or begins. We respect the Mayan beliefs about this date, and we lean towards believing that at least something significant will happen on or around that date which may mark the change of the Age of humanity. We firmly believe that at some point in the future humanity will evolve, and there will be a new Age of enlightened human souls. We also believe that Creator asked us, The Dran Rashar, to come back and incarnate on Earth in great numbers at this time because humanity is about to undergo some calamities and some major changes and growth, with typical growing pains. So, it seems likely that at some point in the next 100 years, humanity will undergo this change. It also seems likely that, given the prophecies of many cultures and given certain astronomical events interpreted astrologically, that change has already begun, and it is a process that will likely have significant events this year.

We must also keep in mind that some prophecies about the end times were put out there by the opponent to test people. Many have believed an end time would occur, only to loose all faith in everything when it didn’t happen. While the Winter Solstice of this year certainly seems significant in some way or another, our primary teaching is that our lives are temporal, and we never know when disaster will strike us personally or our community; thus, we must always be prepared, and must seek spiritual enlightenment today. Every moment of life and incarnation is absolutely Divinely gifted for the benefit of our souls, and is thus incredibly precious; therefore, the wise take every moment, including this one, to seek spiritual growth and enlightenment constantly.