New Revelations

New Revelations of the Oracle Ancient Wolf

The Oracle of the Dran Rashar gives new revelations for the coming age both for humanity and the Dran Rashar. These revelations will sometimes be new pieces of the grand puzzle, and sometimes they will be explanations, clarifications and expounding upon mysteries which have already been presented. The oracle has endeavored to keep these revelations in some sort of smooth flowing order, but revelations are often written as they come and may seem somewhat tangential at times.

Thus far, only the mysteries of this Age have been revealed clearly on this website. This section is unique in that while it contains information from the mysteries of the Age, it also contains clear information on the mysteries of the Dran Rashar.

The mysteries of the Dran Rashar are those which do not pertain directly to humanity, but which affect only members of the Dran Rashar and our own path. For the first time in, perhaps, thousands of years, the mysteries of the Dran Rashar will be revealed, in part, for all to see. This has become necessary because of the role these mysteries play in the grand scheme of things, and to let the Dran Rashar who have not yet found us know who they are.

More about Ages

Ages are roughly 26,000 years in length, as previously discussed. However, those Ages are further divided into rough 13,000 year cycles. The first cycle is often referred to as the cycle of "Night" and the second cycle is the cycle of "Day." Another way to view it is as the cycle of infancy and the cycle of maturity, stepping out of the night into the daylight.

The reference to night and day is both poetic and literal. It is poetic in that it references humanity at the beginning of a new Age still establishing who they are and figuring out God and the Universe, as night. It then continues to refer to the enlightenment of humanity, when science and God are one and humanity further understands their connectedness through God, which is supposed to occur in the second half of the age. It's literalness is discussed below.

At the beginning of every Age, we have a galactic alignment occur on the Winter Solstice, the longest night and shortest day of the year. This is the event that marks the beginning of that Age, and which starts the cycle of Night. Likewise, roughly 13,000 years later there is another galactic alignment on the Summer Solstice, the longest day and shortest night, which begins the era of Day.

It was slightly misunderstood by our earlier scholars that our Age started civilization late. However, that is not entirely true. There were 2 main creation periods for this Age, one beginning after the cataclysms starting the cycle of Night, and one after the cataclysms starting the Cycle of Day.

During the cycle of Night for these past 5 Ages, humans have been granted only limited knowledge of the Divine because it would have interfered with their ability to develop scientific minds later. We have seen during this cycle how religious thinking can often interfere with scientific thinking, even though other Ages proved that it doesn‘t have to. So, while they had knowledge that God existed, they paid little attention to spirituality, spending the vast majority of their time on scientific pursuits.

In some Ages, the people were able to survive the cataclysmic shift and continue their civilization almost as if nothing happened. In some Ages, no one survived past the first cataclysm and humanity's role in that Age was ended prematurely. In our Age, humanity had a time during the cycle of night when civilization took off, but then they were allowed to be nearly wiped out by the cataclysms (volcanism and an Ice Age) which marked the beginning of the cycle of Day. Fortunately, some survived.

Those who survived had brains which were sufficiently evolved enough to start better understanding the things of God. Humans, primitive once again, at the beginning of the cycle of day understood both the male and female of God, and this passed on into early cultures. This is when the Dran Rashar and some other Ancients were sent to help humanity recover from the devastation of their near wipeout during the ice age. We imparted spiritual knowledge as well as scientific knowledge, including some secret knowledge to be kept only by the priests or shaman of the cultures to whom we were sent. Each was given the knowledge they needed to build their civilization.

The Dran Rashar also had the purpose of assuring that the people who had survived the cataclysms, mostly in India and Asia, blended with the people who were newly created, mostly in the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

God assured that different civilizations were given different views of the Divine so that when humanity was ready to come together again, we'd be able to understand the Divine from a variety of perspectives, allowing us to step into greater enlightenment. Each culture had thousands of years to develop their ideas of the Divine, and many spurned other ideas which allowed mankind even more perspectives to choose from. Today, many humans are realizing the importance of understanding the Divine from a variety of cultural perspectives and have began trying to do just that.

Guardians of the Night

If you read the previous section, you understand how Ages are divided into cycles of Night and Day. Referring to this, one of the oldest names used for the Dran Rashar is, "Guardians of the Watchtowers of the Night."

To better understand what that means, I'll break down the title. Guardians: We guard humanity in its early stages of each Age both from its own folly, and the genome from being completely wiped out by cataclysm. Watchtowers: At the beginning of these last 5 Ages (this one included) we stayed separate from the people in towers, in order to not culturally contaminate them. Also, as sky people, towers and high places are sacred to us. Of the Night: This has the dual meaning that we are the guardians during the Night cycle of each Age, and that during the Day cycle of each age we live, once again, as humans and perform our most sacred ceremonies at Night, when the heavens are most visible.

Most of the ruins of ancient cities we have which were clearly not built by our Stone-Age ancestors, but which clearly existed in their time, were built not by Dran Rashar and other Ancients, but by human civilization during the Night cycle of this Age. The primary exceptions are those which Creator commanded the Dran Rashar and other Ancients to build in order to align the energy cycles of this planet for the humans of this Age, and those which were built to stave off certain geological cataclysms.

The end of the cycle of night, and the cataclysms which followed, were passed down in oral tradition, and eventually got blended with flood and natural disaster mythos of various cultures, such as the flood mythos of the Sumerians (with Utnapishtim/Atrahasis) and the Hebrews (with Noah.) Like with many other misunderstandings of humanity during that primitive era, they assumed that humans were destroyed because of their wickedness. In a way, they were partially right.

Human civilization of the Night cycle was allowed to be destroyed because they advanced too far without having had the spiritual enlightenment of the Day Cycle. This part of that ending eventually influenced such stories as the Tower of Babel, where humans were arrogantly trying to reach heaven. The reality of it was that humans of this age were already heading into space before they had the spiritual enlightenment to deal with what they would face.

So, one might ask then, "why does God not make sure humans start out each Age with a lot of religious thought?" The answer, which was also covered in the previous section, has to do with the nature of humans during this stage of evolution, and thus this situation only pertains to these past 5 Ages. Humans at this stage of evolution have to evolve the ability for science and logic before they develop religion, or everything will be cased in religious explanations and science will never advance. Thankfully, the next stage of evolution is more enlightened and can handle both religion and science, and humans today are already starting to develop that ability.

Despite all Divine efforts, humans of this Age went through times of little scientific progress anyway, largely because human civilization had been so far set back by the cataclysms marking the beginning of the cycle of Day. Early on, the Dran Rashar and other Ancients were allowed to help introduce scientific concepts so that people would not abandon science altogether in favor of religion. Unfortunately, because this is the cycle of Day, where humanity is supposed to largely find its own enlightenment, our influence was limited, and Dark Ages of little to no scientific advancement happened anyway. Partly because of the lack of scientific advancement, spiritual and religious advancement were also stymied. Humans of this Age have only now begun to reach a level of both scientific and spiritual advancement where we can be ready for the next Age to begin, but the next Age begins whether we‘re ready or not. The question is whether or not most of us will be around here for the next Age.

Humans are only now starting to get all the pieces of the puzzle we need in order to make it into the next Age; thus, the Dran Rashar were sent back in larger numbers earlier than was originally intended, so that we can help humanity put those pieces together and give the last few missing pieces to help humanity step as smoothly as possible into the next Age. This is particularly important since, as discussed elsewhere on this site, the next Age is one of a new stage of human evolution.

Ancients Among the Stars

Not all of the Ancients from previous Ages died out. Some of them from the 3rd and 4th Ages went to live among the stars. Only those amongst their people who had undergone physical and spiritual evolution were able to use their form of space travel. Previous Dran Rashar scholars have greatly underestimated how advanced these two Ages were. These are the "Aliens" who people believe visit Earth today. They live elsewhere in this solar system and in nearby solar systems; though, they may have long abandoned the planets they inhabited in this solar system since humanity invented telescopes and eventually entered the space age. These are also the same Ancients who assisted the Dran Rashar during the Day cycle of this Age. These same Ancients are also those who helped the Hebrews establish an early kingdom and took Elijah to live amongst them.

Because of the nature of how their form of space travel is achieved, most humans of their respective Ages were not able to travel in space and were destroyed along with the end of their Age. Some of the souls of those people who did not achieve enlightenment, and thus space travel, of that level, will come back to Earth along with those who reach an appropriate level of enlightenment in this Age, during the Next Age for the next level of human evolution. Those who already achieved enlightenment and that sort of space travel are already living the next stage of human evolution.

The Darkest Ages

There is a page by this name elsewhere on this site; however, it is not necessary to read that section in order to understand this expounding upon those times. This section feeds upon information from the previous section, and contains important information for the following section on sacred plants.

At the end of the cycle of Night during this Age, human civilization was completely destroyed and humanity was nearly completely wiped out. Thus, the Dran Rashar were sent to help humanity recover from this devastation, to share spiritual and scientific knowledge.

When time came for the Ancients to no longer have influence here, and for the Dran Rashar to live as humans again, many of the Ancients rebelled against God and decided they would take advantage of humanity's primitive state to use them as slaves. They established themselves as “gods” over the people and enslaved them for their own purposes, for both mineral mining and for evil power through human sacrifice. They convinced the people, such as the Sumerians, of the lies that the evil “gods” had created the humans, and that it was for the sole purpose of serving them. This notion got passed in odd ways into various religions, but it is not to be confused with the idea that one serves one own best purpose and interests when one is in harmony with the will of the Divine.

The war that ended the reign of the "evil gods" (rebellious Ancients) is recorded in several ancient texts. The most clear examples are in the Vedic texts of the Hindu people, but even those have been obscured by other legends over time.

The Ancients did not lose entirely at first. They held South America for a long time, as well as parts of Africa such as the southern Sahara, establishing themselves as "gods." Their base of operation, one of the places where they had summoned the evil to begin with, was the Nazca plains. It became known as “The Burnt Plains/Valley” or “The Forbidden Plains/Valley” and is still recorded as such in Dran Rashar mystery stories. The evil infected the land in all of South America, and changed the nature of the crops. More about that will be presented in the section on sacred plants.

Others of their strongholds, such as in the deserts of the Middle East, were retaken, but were never able to regain their life. Of course, not all of the deserts of the middle East are because of this, but a portion of them would be fertile land were it not for the actions of the corrupted Ancients.

The Dran Rashar were sent to North America to keep the evil influence from spreading. The Ancients offered shortcuts to power, which would ultimately hurt the people using those shortcuts to the benefit of the Ancients themselves. When the evil spread into the area that is now Mexico and Central America, a line had to be drawn in the proverbial sand.

The Divine sent an emissary who became known to the Mayans as Kukulcan and to the Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl. Of course, when this emissary was sent, neither the Aztecs nor the Mayans existed as such. This was around 50 B.C.E. to 50 C.E. The Olmec civilization was blended with other cultures from the area, and granted a new culture by Quetzalcoatl.

The Mayans took the new Holy culture and did wondrous things with it. They still had influences from the evil that came up from South America, but a lot of it was eliminated, and all of it was eliminated for at least a while.

Conversely, the Aztecs took a lot of the evil from South America, and a little of the culture which was granted them by Quetzalcoatl. The cult of Quetzalcoatl had times when it was the dominant spiritual force even seeing visits by the deity, and there were times when the cult had minimal influence. Thus, even though the Mayans were better able to keep out the evil culture of the corrupted Ancients, both the Mayans and the Aztecs ultimately were able to hold on to some powerful secrets which kept either from becoming fully corrupted. (Please keep in mind that, like other stories, the Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan stories were changed as they passed into myth, and added to over time.)

Even though the evil influence of the corrupted Ancients hadn’t taken firm root in Europe or Asia, it was still able to find hold in the Roman Empire, likely through their exploits in Africa. The Roman Empire had started out as a Divine project to expand upon the culture of Greece by blending it with the cultures of Italy. However, early on many Roman leaders took to calling upon the evil Ancients as their gods, rather than the gods which had helped them to become established. This became more and more prevalent as the empire formed and the leaders’ lust for power grew with it.

At the same time Quetzalcoatl was sent to the Olmecs, Yeshua was sent via the Hebrews, to all the people of Europe and the Middle East to help restore the message that had been given by previous emissaries from God to those people, but which had long been corrupted by politics and the evil of the corrupted Ancients.

The combined force of all the emissaries sent by God was able to drive out the evil from the Earth, but the teachings he brought ended up being corrupted by politics anyway, and humanity was sent into a terrible Dark Age.

Though the evil was driven even from South America, its cults continued in some form or another until they were eventually proven to be pointless when the people had contact with the Spaniards. Put simply, the sacrifices stopped, but the sun still rose. The religions of those cultures took a large blow because of this, but today many of the Mayan and Aztec people are rediscovering the good power their cultures also had, and the secrets which they protected, which secrets had been granted them by the Divine, the Dran Rashar and the other loyal Ancients.

One of the holiest acts which marked the end of the war between God, via the Dran Rashar and the Ancients who remained faithful, against the rebellious Ancients, was the retaking of the Nazca Plains. It was a converse geological power spot, meaning that while some spots on Earth, such as Stonehenge and the Giza Plateau, can be used to summon great powers of good, the Nazca plains were the balance of that. Powerful seals were placed on the Nazca Plains and the people were taught to create the lines, to walk them and to perform the sacred ceremonies necessary to keep the evil from having firm influence once again. The people of the Nazca Plains were taken elsewhere when the seal was firm and the temples were firmly established.

Unfortunately, in order to keep places such as the Nazca Plains from being able to be used as a place to summon great evil again, other places such as the henges of the Stonehenge complex (four henges) had to be rendered inert. It was misunderstood by modern scholars of the mysteries that Stonehenge had simply become inactive because of stellar patterns, but in reality it was rendered inert intentionally and will become active once again when humanity has evolved to the next stage. Humans of the next evolutionary stage will still have choices of good and evil, and will have access to greater power to call upon those forces, but they will not have a less-evolved race of humans to enslave such as the Ancients did with our species of Human.

The Elder Brothers were established, by the Dran Rashar, in Columbia, in the Sierra Nevada, to help keep the evil influence away. I was amazed recently to find out that this culture still exists, and still in the same place they were left. They still perform rituals today which are astoundingly reminiscent of Dran Rashar rituals. Other such cultures were established throughout Central and South America, but I do not know how many of the others still survive.

The corrupted Ancients still kept bases in Africa in secret for a while, even after their ultimate defeat, but those didn’t last long since most of the people rebelled against their rule and formed their own cultures or joined the cultures of Egypt and the remnants of Nubia.

In the late 15th Century there was only about 600 years before the end of this Age and humanity had not yet discovered the united concept of the Divine, so the Divine decided to send Europeans to the Americas. This was supposed to serve the dual purpose of routing out the rest of the evil that had remained in a few of the native cultures, as well as helping the Europeans see the utter beauty and good in those cultures and see how their God is connected. Unfortunately, the Europeans mostly brought a very corrupt form of their religion and wiped out even the beautiful parts of many native cultures, turning a blind eye to the important message they needed to see.

Enough of the evil seed planted by the Ancients who rebelled still festered here, which allowed the evil which had crept into their own beliefs from Europe to grow and take over the sensibilities of many of the new "settlers." They were tempted by greed and thoughts of superiority and their Holy mission was turned into vile genocide, slavery, forced enculturation and culture smashing.

For hundreds of years the majority of the Europeans who came over here were bent on taking over the whole continent, displacing Native American cultures and religious beliefs and killing off their people. The largely uncorrupted Native Americans of the United States and Canada regions, and those which God and the Dran Rashar established throughout Central and South America, were equally torn apart by the ravaging “colonists” along with the few who had any of the “evil god” corruption remaining.

Eventually, a few people started to realize the beauty of Native American cultures, and while some took it to the extreme of Naive Realism (thinking everything about their culture was good and Natives could do no wrong,) others have taken it to the proper logic of trying to understand Native American cultures and teachings in a global context, and understanding them as humans who, especially in the north, were amazingly holy, but still human beings.

The Dran Rashar now also help to fill in the gaps which were created by the destruction and corruption of so many Holy Native American cultures by the corrupted version of “Christianity” and the people who said they followed it. Some of the knowledge these people had has survived the years despite the efforts of corrupt people, but not enough of it has survived for humanity to have all of the information it needs. Thus, we help to provide some of what has been forgotten along with new ideas for this time period to provide the whole picture that is needed if any of us are to make it to the next Age of this Earth.


This section contains information about the history, nature and power of certain plants in nature. While it will sometimes discuss substances which are illegal in many jurisdictions, nothing on this page should be construed as encouraging anyone to violate any law or statute. This is not, by far, a comprehensive list of useful or harmful plants or substances. This is only a list of a few powerful plants, substances made from them, and the history behind them. The plants listed here made the list because their history and use was particularly relevant to the rest of the postings on this page.


Maize, what we erroneously call “corn” today (the word corn refers to any grain, not just maize) originated from a holy grain called teosinte. The evil which corrupted the land started to mutate that holy grain into an inedible form, which would have caused the people more than hardship. A female emissary was sent by God. The emissary, who became known as Maize Woman or Corn Maiden, used the natural holy powers of the teosinte to try to restore it. Simply restoring it to its original form would not stop it from being corrupted again, so the Maiden blessed the corn by the power of Creator and caused it to evolve into a new plant, one which could not be corrupted by evil. Thus, while there was still teosinte, corn became a holy and sacred grain in and of itself and was the staple of people across the Americas, as a defense against the evil which permeated the land.

Corn today is best used in moderation by those without a lot of Native American ancestry. It is still a sacred and powerful plant and should be consumed, but it was designed for the people of this continent and they do the best with it. Others should still eat corn, unless they’re allergic to it or just don’t like it, and honor its holy nature; however, these others should not make it a primary staple of their diet like it has become in the U.S. (corn and corn derivatives are in a lot of products in which they don’t belong.)


By coca, I do not mean cocoa, I mean the plant which is the source of the horrible drug “cocaine.” The holy people, such as the Elder Brothers, who were set apart to defend the others from the evil influences spreading across South America had to live in the Andes and Sierra Mountains. This is because they had to be separate from the other cultures of the land. Unfortunately, the mountains proved inhospitable to human habitation. Because of the evil which was sweeping the land, we could not form the normal things we would use to combat that altitude sickness. Instead, the Coca plant was created. It was known that the coca plant contained the dangerous substance cocaine, but it was in small enough amounts to be effective in combating human altitude issues, and was balanced with other substances in the leaf to keep the evil of the cocaine from ever being able to take root in them. Unfortunately, refined cocaine, including crack, is missing those holy substances and it devours the souls of those who use it.


Cannabis is one of the oldest plants God gave to humanity. It existed even in previous Ages in some form or another. It has always had both a non-psychoactive and a psychoactive variety. Both were taught to be used by humanity for a variety of medicinal, food and textile purposes. It is a very holy plant. The Dran Rashar hold this plant as one of the most sacred, and it is not to be abused.


Tobacco is one of the more controversial plants we’ll discuss here, but it is a holy plant. It was created to further help fend off the evil which had permeated the Americas, and to give the people a way for their prayers to have even more power. Everything in nature is dangerous when abused, and tobacco is a powerful plant, so when it is abused the dangers are even greater. When it is used properly, it is a holy act which adds greatly to our paths. It is between the individual and the Divine to determine what, for them, is considered abuse and proper use of tobacco, and many people should avoid it altogether. It is also only intended for adult use, except in sacred ceremony by Native Americans under the guidance of their holy person. Dran Rashar have always had smoking ceremonies and added tobacco to those ceremonies long ago.

San Pedro Cactus/Mescaline:

The San Pedro Cactus, which yields the psychoactive substance mescaline, is used by many Native American cultures for vision quests and spiritual journeying. It is a very powerful, very dangerous substance and should only be used under the supervision of the Shaman of a people, and only for the purposes for which they were instructed by the gods to use it long ago. It is NOT a good choice for anyone else who is seeking a spiritual journey through chemically induced altered states of consciousness.


Ayahuasca is to be treated in the same manner one treats mescaline; that is, only use in certain ceremonies, and only under the supervision of a shaman who is trained to perform those ceremonies. It is only for ancient ceremonies by those who‘s people the gods taught to use it, and not to be used by anyone else for any other purpose.


Normally we’re only talking about plants which still exist, but the plant from which Soma originated is long extinct. This, of course, is not the same thing as any modern substance using the same or a similar name. It was a substance used in ancient India which was more powerful than both Ayahuasca and Mescaline. Unfortunately, abuse of this powerful substance became so prevalent that it was outlawed, and eventually the Divine took the plant which made it away from the people.


Tequila is made from a cactus with various properties which the uninformed might refer to as “magical.” It is a dangerous substance to use to “get drunk.” Cheaper tequila is often even worse than the real stuff. It is poisonous to the mind and to the soul, and should be used only in very limited quantities, if at all.

Opium Poppies:

Opium poppies were designed to give pain relief, plain and simple. Originally, a boiled poppy tea was used, and this allowed the opium to be balanced by other holy substances to keep the mind and soul from being too affected by the power of the Opium. Eventually, it was realized that stronger pain relief was needed and humans were able to figure out how to concentrate the opium in the poppies. Opium without the balancing chemicals of the poppy is dangerous, but used responsibly for pain relief, for a very short time, is safe enough. The more concentrated the form of the drug, including those prescribed by modern physicians, the more dangerous it is to use for any length of time. Heroin is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs!


While not technically a plant, it is most often made from plant material. Except where noted about specific forms of alcohol, it is generally a safe substance. The problem with alcohol is that if you abuse it, or if you drink too much of it in the wrong state of mind, it will tear your mind apart, and damage your soul in the process. It is to be used in moderation, and one should rarely get “drunk.” Some people react poorly to alcohol, in a variety of ways, and should avoid it altogether.


Absinthe is a form of alcohol with interesting characteristics, given it by the wormwood with which it is made. Wormwood is psychoactive, and very poisonous. However, Absinthe properly balances wormwood so that, in very small quantities, it can be safely used by people for sacred purposes. Absinthe was originally a gift to humanity from the Dran Rashar as a mild substance for divination and enlightenment. Alcohol was already very favorable amongst humans, and balancing it with wormwood gave it some spectacular “magical” qualities. The wormwood and the alcohol, alone, have negative qualities, which when combined, many of which are neutralized. However, since both are still dangerous substances, and combining them can potentially also increase that danger, it should still be used only sparingly.


Mead is, perhaps, the best form of alcohol. It is not made directly from a plant, but is made from plant material which was gathered by bees and transformed into honey! Because of the power of honey itself, this is the best alcohol for any occasion, especially holy and sacred occasions. Like any alcohol, abuse of it is dangerous, and it is a substance which anyone who needs to avoid alcohol should also avoid.


Honey is the best form of sugar on the planet. Except for infants and those who are allergic to it, everyone should include at least a small amount of honey in their diets. Of course, it’s still sugar, so use it in moderation according to your own dietary sugar needs. You can use it to replace almost all the sugar in your diet, except for where it just doesn’t taste right (such as in coffee in my opinion.) The least processed honey you can find the better. Seasonal pollen allergies, and some other allergies, have been known to greatly improve by eating honey produced by bees in the area in which you live. Honey is another one of the oldest substances humans have had, and has always been a source of power.


While many herbal teas are wonderful, tea itself is another power substance. Used in the white, green or black stages, it has health, mental and spiritual benefits which are unequaled elsewhere. It was given to humans to further strengthen our bodies and our souls. We should drink tea every day if we can, drinking the least caffeinated varieties if we have a problem with caffeine.


Coffee’s sacred use is limited, but it is not a bad substance either. It was created to give the people of the Middle East a boosting, slightly mind-altering substance to replace ones which they had to avoid because of the evil which had permeated those substances in their region.


This time I mean chocolate! It is one of the most sacred plants to the Dran Rashar. The Dran Rashar requested the cacao tree be created, and helped with the genetic and spiritual engineering necessary to create the tree and its fantastic seed pods. It is a pure source of holy power, and should be used by everyone who is not allergic to it. Darker, purer chocolate, with the least amount of sugar, is the best to consume. The Dran Rashar use chocolate as a spiritual restorative after particularly involved rituals and oracle sessions. The cocoa butter, which often becomes white chocolate, is almost as holy-powerful as the cacao nibs, which become chocolate.