Privacy Policy

The Dran Rashar value the privacy of those seeking spiritual and/or pre-marital counseling from one of our ministers. We have created the following privacy policy to that effect. By seeking counseling or other services with the Dran Rashar, you agree that you have read this privacy policy and understand it.

Ministers and lay-ministers agree that all information shared within a spiritual or pre-marital counseling session is strictly confidential with the following exceptions: 1. A minister may share information from a counseling session with other Dran Rashar ministers, as needed, with the same confidentiality expectations, unless the person seeking counseling expressly requests otherwise. This is because ministers sometimes need to share and seek the advice of other ministers. and 2. Ministers are required to share certain information, by law, such as confessions to the commitment of or the plan to commit; murder, physical or sexual abuse of any individual, and similarly classed crimes. Crimes required to be reported may vary by jurisdiction. Crimes of this nature must and will be reported to law enforcement immediately.

Weddings will be announced on our upcoming "happy couples" page. If you want your photograph with your announcement, or if you do not want your wedding announced on our site at all, please let the minister know at the time you request ministerial services for your wedding.

Tarot and I-Ching readings are completely confidential, unless you reveal information which must be reported by law during a reading session. Since the Tarot and the I-Ching are more about revealing information to you, it is rare that information is shared which must be reported. Results of your reading may be used for training purposes, with all names and identifying information removed.

Hospital, sick visitation and prison ministries follow the exact same privacy policy as spiritual counseling sessions.