Star Children

A Very Brief History and Mythology of the Dran Rashar on Earth: The Star Children

This document is pure history to some, and a blend of history with a little mythology to others; thus, it is for the wise and enlightened to discern wisdom and truth from all presented herein. This is not by any means a complete history.

The Day the Stars Fell to Earth: The Star Children

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, when Humans were not yet the species we are today, it is said by some that the stars fell to the Earth and spoke with our primitive species. However, our primitive species had not yet gained the ability for complex language, and did not understand the words of the stars. Then, one of the smaller stars figured out a means of communicating with our species and communicated that it was time for the Star Children to walk among humanity. However, humans, well, quite frankly, we humans stunk to high heaven. Thus, we were taught to bathe, and we were told that the Star Ancestors (as the stars became known) would return after we had learned some of the basic things they taught us that day and had taught these things to others.

The Star Ancestors are one with the Divine, and of the Divine Spirit, and they returned in Divine glory, breathing upon humanity with that Divine Spirit, and evolving us into the creatures we are today. (Modern anthropologists would simply state that at this time humanity evolved from Homo-sapiens to Homo-sapiens-sapiens, they just usually don't say one way or the other about if the Divine was involved in it at all. ) The Star Children were born to humanity in those days.

It was then that the Star Ancestors decided they would select from among humans some to lead them, and impart even further evolutionary advancements upon them. Some humans who were chosen to be leaders were also Star Children, and some were not. Thus it was that the Star Ancestors allowed some of the oldest of the Star Children to be born to human women with Star Ancestor fathers. The Bible records this interaction of gods and women at the beginning of Genesis Chapter 6, many Native American cultures talk about such couplings, and many other cultures around the world also talk about such couplings in their mythologies and stories as well. Some cultures even talk about men with goddesses, and their descendants. It is these couplings which allowed both Star Children and other humans to have certain psychic abilities and certain other seemingly magical abilities.

The Dran Rashar is the name used by Star Children today, and most Dran Rashar do not like the term "Star Children" used too much because of the associations with that term in popular culture to refer to Aliens. The Star Ancestors are not Outer-Space nor inter-dimensional aliens any more than human beings are, thus neither are the Star Children. While there are occasional gatherings of Star Ancestor DNA, it is too diluted to ever be in a high enough quantity to make a truly super-being without the Star Ancestors coming down and passing the genes on once more. This dilution was done on purpose because of what humans were doing with Star Ancestor DNA and the abilities it gave them. What was not diluted, remains dormant in most human beings today. It can be activated again, but most of it only with a certain spiritual dedication to Holiness, selflessness, Love and Wisdom, and with intensive study as well. Since it is of the Divine, one must be connected with the Divine in a very unique way in order for most of it to have any effect on any human, whether Star Child or not.

The focus on this document is not those who were fools and abused the gifts of the Star Ancestors; however, I must say at least something about them for the sake of wisdom. Most humans, whether star children or not, who had some of the Star Ancestor DNA were good people, following wisdom, love and holiness. Yet, some fools sought temporary power by dealing with forces which tear down life, perhaps usually not realizing that it would ultimately tear down their own souls to a tormented state of existence. These fools often claimed that the Star Ancestors needed humans to mine gold, and that humans were only evolved by the Star Ancestors to work as slaves. Of course, those with wisdom can, at least in retrospect, reason that any being which can come from the stars and manipulate DNA on that level would not need frail human slaves to mine gold. It was abuse of the gifts of the Star Ancestors which caused them to remove or make dormant the majority of the DNA which they had bestowed upon humanity. These problems occurred everywhere around the world, with some notable locations (with corresponding mythologies from some of these people) Egypt, Ethiopia, Thailand, Iceland, Macedonia, Sumer, and the empire that covered much of South America at that time (pre-Incan and Incan era.)

Eventually, the Star Ancestors decided on a new plan for raising Star Children among humans. Stories of some Native American tribes and some Dran Rashar legends tell us the following: When Star Children were born to Native American women with Star Ancestor fathers, the Star Ancestors would come and take the child when the child showed certain signs, usually around age 5 to age 9. The Star Ancestors would finish raising the child, and then, unbeknownst to the people, would return the Star Child to a nearby forest or cave to live with other Star Children in secret. Eventually, Star Children were only being raised in those communities.

The Star Children of the Americas became many of the characters from the legends of tribes across North and South America, and imparted wisdom and knowledge as the Divine willed it. The community of Star Children were eventually told to disperse the Star Ancestor DNA and then took wives from among the Native Peoples for themselves. This allowed all people to have the benefit of the psychic and other abilities imparted by the Star Ancestor DNA, and eventually didn't allow for any one person to have too much of these abilities to cause a problem.

Star Children after the dispersion are born with some knowledge of who they are, but some do not realize it until they meet others of a similar spiritual nature, other Star Children. A common thing among Star Children is to look at people around them and to feel out of place, like there's some missing puzzle piece that separates them from most others; however, some have been on Earth so long that we instead feel comfortable with the greatest variety of people, and have learned in our souls the value of being extremely non-judgmental. We are here to learn and grow, as well as to help others learn and grow, just as any other human being. The Divine has called our souls to serve a special, mysterious and esoteric Holy purpose, which is no greater than the purpose of any other human soul.

The Meeting of the Dran Rashar (Devaran Rajashar?)

So it was that the Star Ancestors spoke to the Star Children of various cultures, and instructed their groups to find one another. Sometime before the 2nd century B.C.E., most evidence suggests at least a thousand years before then, the Star Children from various cultures in Asia, Africa and Europe met one another and gathered to discuss signs they had all seen. They realized they all had the same beliefs, or extremely similar beliefs. They formed what was then known as "The Dran Rashar" in one of the languages of the people, which is believed by some to be a language of India which is now extinct. Some say the original form of it was something like "Devaran Rajashar," which in that dialect meant "priest-kings appointed by the Devas/gods," but there is no solid evidence of this original name. (there are alternate histories given for the name "Dran Rashar" as well, but this is the one which is commonly taught.) It is strongly believed by many Dran Rashar that the rather interesting group of "Magi" who went to see the birth of Yeshua were from this gathered group of Star Children. Eventually, the name Dran Rashar fell out of use in favor of many other names, and many times in favor of having no name for the group at all. The name was revived in modern times.

It is unclear exactly when the Star Children of the Americas met with the Star Children of the other side of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Most of the stories mysteriously seem to imply that the meetings took place long before the voyages of Columbus. What is clear is that the two had already very much blended together long before the establishment of the United States of America.

Dran Rashar have had varying roles amongst the cultures with whom we have lived, and we usually let them give us a name rather than telling them any names. Sometimes we were the literal political and religious leaders of regions, or simply religious or spiritual leaders (never just political.) Other times we were somewhat honorary leaders, in that we rarely interfered but if we gave wisdom to the religious and political leaders of any area they would follow that wisdom without question. Still other times we simply melded into the background and tended to rise high within religious and/or political circles. Our role always depends on what the Divine says is needed, and what the people are called into their hearts to accept. In this part of this Age, we are to stay out of local, national, religious and any other politics 100%, at least until far after the end of this Age, and we do not seek high ranks in other religions or spiritual groups. Humanity's needs are best served with us staying in the background and helping in large ways which are largely unnoticed.

The DNA of the Star Ancestors was allowed to be fully placed into humanity's genetic pool one last time around the start of the 1st century C.E. It isn't believed that these births were simultaneous nor even necessarily contemporary to one another, but it does remain a possibility. Either way, they were born when they would do the most good with the people to whom they were sent. These Star Children were special ones, some say the souls of Star Ancestors themselves, selected to rid the world of an evil which had permeated the Earth and humanity once and for all, and to allow humans to rise and fall without its influence. Some believe they were all the same being, but that's debated. Like all Star Children, they also had the task of setting the religions of the people back on the right track. In Israel, the person born with such a special nature and soul was given the name Yeshua, who's name later morphed in English (via Greek) into Jesus. One who has wisdom, knowledge and understanding can find the names of other such people.

The Dark Ages and the Renaissance

Humans have a great capacity for creating evil on our own out of fear and greed or sheer ignorance. Thus, after Yeshua and the others left, their religions were quickly corrupted by politics and greed, and manipulated through fear and became something evil of their own. Star Children, who did not call ourselves by that name at that time but by various other names, were not being born with the power they had before because the Ancestor DNA had been thinned out so much. People such as Constantine and Vespasian irreparably damaged the Holy message of Yeshua, which even the protestant reformation could not undo. The world went through a Dark Age.

Finally, the Star Ancestors decided to selectively choose a few people to receive a very minor activation of the advanced DNA, and people such as Galileo Galilei and Leonardo Da Vinci were born. These people, trained by the Star Children in secret, inspired the goodness for which humanity also has the capacity, and our ability to think. Thus, the Renaissance occurred.

In post Renaissance times, religions have sprung up to try to fix the corruption of Yeshua's teachings, and these religions have been just as easily corrupted by political whims, greed, fear, lack of wisdom and sheer ignorance. However, despite this, these religions, even Roman Catholicism, still have the potential to, and regularly do, inspire very good people who truly listen to the message of Yeshua and/or Mohammed or other messengers of the Divine.

Modern Times

Dran Rashar, as we are known today, have long been born amongst the many cultures of the world, and have picked up many culture-specific traditions which have been blended into the modern framework of what is known as Dran Rashar. Even who we are has grown, as we now approach the end of this Age.

For about 300 or so years, very few Dran Rashar were born to the world, and the core group grew smaller and smaller. Eventually, the core group only met rarely and most members had assimilated their Dran Rashar beliefs into the religions around them. So, when, in the 1900's, Dran Rashar started being born en masse amongst the cultures of the world, there weren't enough established Dran Rashar to explain their nature to them and help them understand the full nature of the secrets we instinctively know inside of us. Many who lacked connection with the core group or who rejected the group out of arrogance (not wanting to believe anyone could be equal to them) ended up starting some rather bizarre religions with the little parts of the mysteries they knew encoded into the religion's texts and teachings. This isn't only a 1900's phenomenon, as there are some equally odd cases in the 1800's, but the 1900's saw an explosion of them, and it continues today.

Now that the Core group has more of a modern established presence, we can help Dran Rashar, Star Children, understand who we are and what our purpose is, as well as share with them a greater fullness for an understanding of our greatest and most spectacular mysteries. We wish to help all Dran Rashar understand the fullness of the joy it is to be Dran Rashar, and the intense sacredness of our purpose.

Most Dran Rashar are born knowing at least some of the mysteries with which we have been entrusted, and this is among the traits which helps us to identify other Star Children when we see them. In addition, we tend to have a sense about one another. We often find that we're surrounded by illogical people who shouldn't need so much dogma to keep them doing what's right and smart, but don't even do what's right and smart despite all the dogma they create. Many others seem to strain for enlightenment like hamsters straining at a carrot on the other side of a hamster wheel, but unwilling to step off the wheel to get it or to even look around to realize they need to step off the wheel. This is because Dran Rashar are born around those who most need our guidance to achieve enlightenment for this Age.

We share many common traits. We are strongly drawn to the sky, and especially to the night sky and stars. Many Dran Rashar become fascinated by either Astronomy, Astrology, or, perhaps most often, both. We tend to be fully psychically active from a young age, and are especially strong empathic people with a huge amount of Divine quality love and understanding inside. We tend to be drawn to leadership positions, especially among religious or spiritual circles. One of the things that tends to set us apart from the crowd is that we also have a rather intense and never-ending thirst for truth, wisdom and knowledge, and we have little patience for nonsense which disguises itself as truth. We especially tend to absorb spiritual knowledge rather quickly, and thirst for more. We tend to be warriors who won't back down when we are needed and called by God, and usually who far prefer peace and seek peace and peaceful means whenever possible. We can be quite stubborn when it comes to seeing righteousness prevail in any situation, yet quite diplomatic and understanding when dealing with people who have differing beliefs.

Our spirituality tends to be Shamanistic and multicultural. The Shamanistic path is common to all Primal peoples, including those still living a primal existence today such as the Yanamamo of South America, the !Kung of Africa, the Sami of Norway, the Aborigines of Australia, and many others around the world. We draw from the world's primal spiritual traditions and from later spiritual teachings when seeking to expand our knowledge and wisdom as well as our capacities for Love, forgiveness and understanding. We seek Holiness in every aspect of our lives. The mysteries were never lost, so they have not needed restoration; however, new mysteries are discovered and learned all the time. It is the nature of existence to always be learning and growing, and the Dran Rashar serve the purity of nature and growth which is often defined as Holiness. For more information on the Shaman Path, see the page titled "What is a Shaman?"

The Sacred Duty of the Dran Rashar is what we are here for. This is: 1. To restore the lost mysteries to all people of all faiths who will listen, so that they may be readied for the next great age. 2. To help people learn to reactivate their Star Ancestor DNA. 3. To pray with, bless, heal and spread Love, Wisdom, and thirst for Truth to all who will listen.

“We are all star stuff.” -- Carl Sagan (May he rest in glory.)

Important Terms and additional facts:

Star Child: One who's soul is that of one of the Star Children. Also known as Dran Rashar, Devaran Rajashar, even sometimes as a kind of Angel, and many other Holy names and titles. Not everyone with Star Ancestor enhanced DNA is a Star Child, but every Star Child has at least some of this enhancement in their genome. The modern name for Star Children, and the usually preferred name, is Dran Rashar, which is both singular and plural. Some Star Children are of souls which are older than humanity, others are souls from this evolution of humanity who the Divine has selected to also be Star Children.

Star Ancestors: The Divine representation on Earth during the time of Human evolution into our current species. This evolutionary process is ongoing, and will be lead by the Star Children (The Dran Rashar) and the Star Ancestors for this next Age which will soon be upon us. Many people have called the Star Ancestors "gods."

Star Ancestor DNA: This is the commonly accepted term for the apparent genetic modifications performed by the Star Ancestors on some human beings. It is, as are Dran Rashar, dispersed throughout all so-called "races" of humanity. Many, but not all, humans with Star Ancestor DNA are also Star Children. Though, in a way, all humans are Star Children, not just those of us who are Dran Rashar.

Dran Rashar: A term we prefer to use as our name these days. Instead of the ancient meaning of "priest-king appointed by the Divine" which was Devaran Rajashar, Dran Rashar has come to mean to us "those who do the will of the Divine for the sake of all humanity" and also means "priests and priestesses of the Stars" because of some other words with which it has been blended over time. It represents our Sacred Duty to all humanity. It is the first public name we have been given by the Divine, as opposed to allowing others to name us. After reading this article, many of you are asking, "am I Dran Rashar, am I a Star Child?" The answer may surprise you. Contact Ancient Wolf if you feel you may be Dran Rashar, and explain why you feel that way.

Sacred Duty: The Sacred Duty of the Dran Rashar is to prepare souls for enlightenment, which is spiritual evolution, so that more people will be ready for the next stage of physical evolution. This next stage of physical evolution is soon to be upon us. Though the instructions for this evolution were given through the mysteries of all religions and all cultures, all modern forms of these religions have lost the vast majority of these mysteries due to corruption, jealousy and greed. Thus, the Dran Rashar were given the additional task of restoring these mysteries to all who will listen, so that many may be ready for this next evolutionary step. We teach the mysteries from our viewpoint or from the viewpoint of the spiritual path you are on, whichever will best serve you at the time.

The Divine: A term encompassing all beings, entities, thoughts, concepts, etc. which have been perceived as being God or "godly." This term is one which is friendlier in accepting all cultural definitions of Divinity as possible, since the Divine is bigger and more complex than all of Creation. You may say God, Goddess, Allah, gods, Great Spirit, Creator, Sky Father and Earth Mother, Sky Father and Sky Mother, or you can use any good term which you feel describes how you interact with the Divine. Many just say "Love and Wisdom" when wishing to name the Divine.

Shaman: A priest, minister, spiritualist, mystic, healer, intercessor, and many other holy duties all rolled into one. The Dran Rashar Shaman is a Shaman of all cultures and traditions. Most Dran Rashar Shaman focus in depth study on a few spiritual traditions, while seeking an understanding of many others.

The Mysteries: The Mysteries are the sacred teachings of the Dran Rashar, handed down to us by the Divine over thousands of years. These teachings give us a certain rare insight on religion, spirituality and humanity which allows us to do the work to which we are called, our "Sacred Duty." The Dran Rashar are the keepers of many records of the Divine, and have an important role in this time frame in particular. Our mysteries tell us who we are and how that knowledge can allow us to guide humanity into the next evolutionary stage, both spiritual and physical. Some of our mysteries were intended for all of humanity, and have recently been slowly in the process of being revealed. It is also a rule that as modern culture begins to catch up on scientific and Archaeological knowledge, we are to reveal the mysteries to clear up confusion. Such a time has come that Archaeology has found much proof of the statements in the above article, so we were instructed by the Divine that it was time to elaborate a little further on what humanity's own Archaeology is now discovering.

Conversion: In the religious sense, this is the act of causing a person to change what religion to which they subscribe. The Dran Rashar are not interested in conversion. Whatever religion or spiritual path the Divine calls you to walk is between you and the Divine. We are only interested in helping you to be ready for the glory of the next Great Age, as only those who are ready will have that glory. The Divine put most of the knowledge in most religious and spiritual paths, but the vast majority of that knowledge has been lost over the years. Rather than converting you to our religion, we'd like to inspire you to be more involved in whatever religion or spiritual path you've been called to walk, and to understand the lost mysteries of your own path to enlightenment. Our goal is to help you find that knowledge, and to properly put it to use along with the lost mysteries which the Dran Rashar are meant to restore to all spiritual paths for at least a few most faithful, wise and Holy followers of each. Are you wise, faithful and seeking Holiness (you don't have to consider yourself holy) and are you ready for the greatest and most important secrets ever revealed? Contact the Dran Rashar.

Bonus Story: The War of A Thousand Years: "The War of Atlantis."

Congratulations, you scrolled down far enough to get to the bonus story. If you read the above article and the terms which followed it, you should have no trouble understanding this story.

This story is believed by some Dran Rashar to be pure history, while others believe it to be a purposeful blending of history and mythology. Whether you take it as history or a blend of history and mythology, there is at least some amount of historical truth to the events described below.

The oldest name we have for this story is "The War of a Thousand Years" with suggestions that it used to have a slightly different name. However, it has also been known as "The War of the Gods" "The Battle of the Vimana" (which was actually just one series of battles at the end of the war) or more popularly in the last couple thousand years or so as "The War of Atlantis." I don't feel the name "The War of Atlantis" does justice to the scope of what we're discussing, but since it is the popular name under which most Dran Rashar will recognize it, I also included that name as well.

The version of the story which modern Archaeology seems to have proven most accurate begins around 10,500 B.C.E., but we will start a little earlier to give you some background information.

During the last Ice Age, some of humanity rose to a surprisingly advanced level of technology, which some say was based off of Archaeological finds of technology from the previous Great Age of humanity. Their civilization was not interstellar, but they could reach other planets in our solar system, such as Mars within less than a week during optimal orbital positioning (when the orbits of Mars and Earth are at their relative closest points.) However, they did not usually have enough fuel, for example, to travel between Mars and Earth when they were at their farthest points apart, except on their largest ships which were designed in futile attempts to reach what modern Astronomers call the Koiper Belt. Humans of that era even had colonies on Mars, which allowed them to vastly abuse the Martian resources.

As the Ice Age ended, most of the advanced civilization of the Ice Age period ended. This was a period of great floods, and is what is talked about when many cultures refer to a great flood destroying an advanced civilization. Humanity was set back to the stone age in technology, but not everywhere. Some had not advanced with the others and had remained in the stone age as far as technology.

In India, South America, the Himalayas, Turkey, many island cities in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and a few other places around the globe, technology was preserved by Star Children and some other humans who also had Star Ancestor DNA. We even preserved a few of the Vimana, interplanetary flying machines, though we did not know entirely how to build them or repair them. We knew enough to keep them functioning for a long time. The Star Ancestors made it clear that we were not to use the Vimana except limitedly, and never again for war as the previous civilization had done.

All was peaceful for a very long time, and we kept the civilization largely separated from other developing human cultures, as instructed by the Star Ancestors, with the exception of our allowed expeditions to share knowledge and help humanity advance importantly; however, unfortunately, things didn't stay that way forever, as the title of the story suggests. Some of the residents of the advanced cities decided that the Star Ancestors hadn't visited in a while, so they could use the advanced technology to take over primitive cities.

When the ancients among the Star Children were away on the quickly depleting Mars colony, and when Mars was far enough along in its orbit so that we couldn't quickly return, the rebellious residents launched their plan, and first took over a city in South America, from which they launched attacks on other advanced cities. It took them a while to reach the cities where the Vimana were stored, but they were able to reach them just days before we were able to return from Mars with the other Vimana to stop them. So it was that they used the Vimana to utterly destroy, on a nuclear scale, two of the most powerful cities we had in India. (some place this event at the end of the war, but it seems likely it happened twice.)

When we returned, too much damage had been done for us to win the war, but we held out for over a thousand years, some say much longer, until the Star Ancestors themselves decided to intervene. The Star Ancestors sent Vimana which make anything humans have ever built look like a crude paper airplane assembled by a child. However, the Star Ancestors had vowed not to interfere in human cultural development so directly, and had to decide to intervene anyway when things just got so bad that it looked like the entirety of humanity would be enslaved.

When the forces of the Star Ancestors arrived, everyone cheered, and immediately the battle took another turn in favor of the Holy. However, the Star Ancestors only sent one Vimana, a smaller one, at first, and it seemed like enough until the other side found a way of destroying it! The Star Ancestors then sent a small fleet of these same type of Vimana to Earth, and nearly destroyed the opposition. When 3 more of the Vimana of the Star Ancestors were destroyed, and some say 4 more, the Star Ancestors summoned forth the large Vimana, and entirely set back all advanced civilizations on Earth. It seems clear from many versions of this story that it was another race the Star Ancestors sent with the various Vimana, not the Star Ancestors themselves, but an equally holy people who are related to the Star Children. The great ships we know of crashed in China and South America, with reason to believe Antarctica is a third site. The fourth and possibly fifth sites are unknown.

After this battle, all of Earth's Vimana were destroyed, and were not allowed to be rebuilt. Star Children were from then on only born amongst human cultures who had only advanced as far as the majority of humanity on a natural basis. Unfortunately, we have reason to believe that the secrets of our devastating nuclear bombs, and the horrifying misuse of fission for so-called "nuclear power," came originally from Archaeological finds by Germany and perhaps others, which contained some of this ancient knowledge. It is known that much of it survives in Hindu holy texts, and perhaps in the holy texts and stories of a few other cultures. This was the time of characters such as Lord Krishna, Arjuna, Dritarashtra and his sons, and the grand city of Dvaraka, which has been improperly placed popularly at around 3,000 B.C.E. That said, there are versions of this story which say that the war lasted as long as ending in 3,500 B.C.E., but these seem less likely and there is less Archaeology to support this later dating for the end of the war.