Suicide Cults



In the last several hundred years, several end of days religions have started up, and far too many of them have ended in the mass suicide of their members. Others brought such despair with their message of the end of times that many of their members suicided. Still others promised such glories upon death that members committed suicide. To the Dran Rashar, this is utterly tragic. Creator never wants anyone to take their own life in order to reach enlightenment or a better place. While there is a certain, sometimes scary, randomness to birth and death, Creator would rather us stay here and work on building our souls and helping others to build their souls.


Never listen to any religious leader who tells you to take your own life to reach your goal or for any reason. It is an utter lie and counter to how God and souls function. Creator loves you as a good parent loves their child. Creator wants to see you do the best for yourself, not prematurely end your own life.