The power of the Soul and the Chariots of the Gods and Ancient Humans

Manna, Mana, and Vimana

A cross-cultural discussion of Holy Power, the Soul, and Ancient Flying Machines of Gods and Humans.

These three concepts, Manna, Mana, and Vimana, are separate concepts from very different cultures. While other cultures use the term "Mana" or "Manna," this document examines the use from these three cultural perspectives, and how they ultimately may be related terms. While the relationship of these terms may be coincidental, it would be some amazing linguistic coincidence. The purpose of this article is not to prove that the terms have all the same source, but to illustrate grander spiritual concepts by comparing the similarities between these three diverse cultural concepts. I am a Shaman, a Priest and a Philosopher, not a linguist nor an anthropologist.

Some Definitions

Manna: Strictly Biblically speaking, it is the food left with the morning dew which fed the Hebrews for 40 years in the wilderness. It came from the heavens 6 days a week, with a double portion on Friday so that they wouldn't have to gather grain on the Sabbath.

Mana: The "soul" or "power" of a Rapa Nui (Easter Island) Shaman. It is this power, which some say comes from the Stars, which is said to have been used to cause the giant Moai statues to simply walk into their current positions.

Vimana: The flying machines of the Ancient humans and/or the flying machines of the Devas (gods) in the Hindu scriptures such as the Mahabharata. Also, the flying machines of Ancient humans and other servants of the Divine in Dran Rashar histories and mythologies.


In the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, in Exodus chapter 16, a strange new food source is given to the Israelite people to feed them during their time in the wilderness. The food was a type of grain which they called "Manna" which rained down from the Heavens early in the morning 6 days a week. Each day they were to gather enough of the Manna for only that day, except on Fridays when they would receive and gather a double portion since it would not be distributed on the Sabbath, Saturday.

Because of the nature of the distribution of this "Manna," and because of descriptions of a pillar of smoke and a pillar of fire along with the descriptions of the happenings on Mount Sinai, many people have been lead to believe that an aircraft or spacecraft of some sort was involved in the entire Exodus. This belief may not be entirely inaccurate. It is possible that the Divine sent what Hindus and Dran Rashar would call "Vimana" to help the people who would become the Israelites through their journey. These Vimana could have come from the ancient human cultures of Earth, being driven by Star Children and other Enlightened souls, they could have come from another world or the Mars Colony, or they could have been the Vimana of the Divine, the Vimana of the Star Ancestors. More than likely it was one ship, and it likely had to travel to another world to restock the grain on Saturdays. Whether or not the Hebrew people knew of the vessels by the name "Vimana," which seems highly unlikely given the absence of the word in their known vocabulary, it is likely that the grain was called "Manna" because of its Divine source, and that it nourished the soul as well as the body.


For the concept of Mana we go to the opposite side of the globe going both south and east or west, all the way to what we have labeled "Easter Island." The people of the Island were known as Rapa Nui, and they are responsible for the massive stone heads, the largest weighing 75 tons, standing upright in a line on their island. The people claim that these "Moai" weren't moved there, but that they walked there themselves using the power of "Mana."

Mana, to these people, was in a sense a part of the soul, but it was the power of a Shaman of their people in particular. By the time Europeans met the people of Easter Island, they had been in such a state of war and strife for so long that much of their cultural history was lost.

There are various Archeological theories as to how these Moai statues were placed, but I don't think we should discount "Mana" as a possibility. The most popular theory states that the Moai statues were moved in place by log rollers, and that this accounts for the immense amount of deforestation which occurred on the island. So far no one has been able to duplicate this feat using log rollers and ropes. Critics of this theory say that even when the island was fully forested it would not have been able to grow anywhere near enough trees to support log rollers and sleds for the immense number of Moai statues which can be found on the island during the time frame of its inhabitation. It is possible that this "Mana" was a power from the Stars, from the Divine, as the Rapa Nui people believed. This explanation would not only work for the Moai statues, but for all monolithic construction around the globe which were allegedly built by bronze age or stone age peoples.


The term "Vimana" comes from a third culture, that of the Hindus on the subcontinent of India, and was adopted by the Dran Rashar in antiquity. It appears all throughout their holy writings, and refers to Air Ships and Space Ships of numerous varieties which were used by the ancient human civilizations and/or by the Devas (the "gods" of Hinduism.) The Dran Rashar adopted this term sometime in years B.C.E. to refer to the space-going vessels of ancient human civilization, to the vessels of the Star Children of other worlds, and to the vessels of the Star Ancestors themselves. We like the term because not only does it mean "air ship" in Sanskrit, but the term "Manna," as we have seen, is used by cultures around the world (far more than I have mentioned here) to refer to something from the Divine or some Holy or "magical" quality of the soul.

While many things were called "Vimana" by the Hindu people who did not understand what they were seeing (some few did, most did not) the vessels which the Dran Rashar call Vimana are space-going vessels, which for the distances they can travel require a very specific kind of design. I am not a technical expert, so I cannot go into detail on how to build a Vimana; however, I can put what knowledge I have here and hope that it is of use along with other texts containing ancient knowledge such as the Vymanika Shastra (there are alternate spellings as well.) I will start by describing the two drive systems of a Vimana.

The first drive system is the physical drive system. This is a mercury based drive with a specially ordered electrical field applied to it, along with a specific frequency gravitational field and perhaps a magnetic field. The physical drive will operate without the second drive, but you will never get farther than the moons of Jupiter in a human lifetime using solely this drive system. The physical drive system also creates the special gravity condition needed by the second drive system to travel farther through space in less time via what can be called a "special wormhole."

The second drive system is a spiritual drive, and this is what we call the "Manna Drive" or the "Mana Drive." (it's really a matter of personal preference, I prefer "Manna Drive.") With this drive system in place, a person of sufficient spiritual strength can travel to other stars in our galaxy. The most advanced forms of these vessels, only built by those of other worlds, can even propel their people beyond this galaxy, but it requires souls which are evolved far more than those on Earth. A strong soul is one which has grown with the Divine and achieved what many people call "enlightenment." This is a soul which has triumphed through trials and has sought and found Holiness within themselves and all around themselves. This soul is the one which has grown to a point near spiritual evolution.

For a human soul to power a Vimana the human body also needs a certain amount of Star Ancestor DNA, and it has to be active. This DNA exists in all of humanity, but was inactivated thousands of years ago. In addition, Vimana can only transport those who have attained enlightenment and have had their Star Ancestor DNA unlocked. Not every enlightened person with unlocked DNA can pilot a Vimana, only the most powerful of souls.

Even among the Dran Rashar there are at least a few types of Vimana. Some of them were only capable of travel within our solar system, and didn't even have a Manna drive. These are the ones which were appropriated by the rebels in the battle of which we and other traditions and cultures speak. In this same battle, estimated somewhere between 10,500 B.C.E. and 4,000 B.C.E., other types of Vimana were also brought in. The Vimana which turned the tide of the war were true Vimana, complete with a Manna drive, and were brought by Star Children and other servants of the Divine from other star systems. Yes, this is one of the few places the Dran Rashar actually talk about what most people, being Solarcentric or even globalcentric, would call “aliens.” The third type spoken of in the story (which can be found on the Star Child page of our website) are those which were truly intergalactic, and these are the Vimana that some believe were actually brought by the Star Ancestors themselves, who are no more alien to Earth than Human beings, perhaps even less so. The inner workings of this sort of Vimana are beautiful and complex, yet very simplistic in appearance. Only the most powerful, most evolved, and Holiest souls can pilot these vessels, and only the Star Ancestors can transport anyone in them who’s soul is not yet appropriately evolved. These Vimana, as we call them, are what some have called the "Chariots" or "Vessels" of the Gods.


The Star Ancestors, the Divine, will soon return with Vimana, in order to evolve humanity once again for the next Great Age of Humanity. Those who have achieved the proper balance of the physical and the spiritual, enlightenment, will be evolved into the next stage of human evolution. The Star Children, The Dran Rashar have been sent en masse by the Divine to assure that as many people as possible are able to achieve true enlightenment to be ready for the Divine Presence and the Vimana. Creator has also called upon The Star Children to reveal mysteries in this time and to teach and otherwise help humanity make this transition. In addition, we are also called to help the enlightened to prepare for and weather well the cataclysms which will end this horridly corrupted Age. Thus, we are here to guide the enlightened through the end of this Age and into the Glory of the next Great Age, the New Heaven and the New Earth, as well as to help other people to become among the enlightened.