Yeshua (Jesus)


One of my favorite Hebrew phrases is, "Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai, Yeshua Ha Messhiach." It is even the lyric to a couple of church songs I've heard. It means, "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah." Depending on how you view the definition of the word Messiah, Yeshua may just fit that definition in many ways.


Yeshua is an Ancient. Even though John is by far the least reliable of the gospels we have, it does have pearls of wisdom such as it's opening line, "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God." (St. John 1:1.) The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, "Jehova's Witnesses", have a translation of the Bible which renders the verse, "In the beginning...and the word was A god. They make the "g" lower case to indicate that he is not God himself, and add the word "a" to indicate that he's only one of the gods. They believe this is the correct Hebrew translation; though, many Hebrew scholars disagree. Either way, it tells us that Yeshua was around before humans of this Age were created, as the book's author means "Yeshua" when he speaks of "The Word." However, most of Yeshua's story was a blend of other stories of that era which got mixed into his story in order to obscure the pure, true message he brought from Creator. His message did not suit the greedy political aims of the power hungry political leaders who coopted the religion early on, so they blended in enough popular myth to hide the message.

One place it is clear that Yeshua's message was distorted was by turning him into a dying and rising god, emulating many of the sun gods of the world of that time. In the solar mythos, the dying god represents the Winter Solstice when the sun is far away from us and seems to stand still or "die" for 3 days. The sun god or sun king then rises from the dead to start its journey towards us again, bringing the promise of Spring and new life in a few months. It is shameful that they didn't even try to hide it. They moved Yeshua's birthday to the birthday of the sun and put his death and resurrection in the Spring time. They kept the Father Winter aspect of "Christmas" and turned him into "St. Nicholas", later Santa Claus. For the day of his resurrection, they even kept the name of the Goddess whose holiday it originally was! It was originally a holiday to the goddess Oestre, whose fertility symbols were eggs and rabbits.

The myths which many people believe got mixed in, that of the change of mini-ages from Aries to Pisces, actually were not added in. Yeshua was here, largely, to lead the people into a new type of thinking that was needed for their final steps in the new age. The new age had come in a few hundred years before Yeshua ( see Ages and Ages for more information) but the Jewish people were once again stuck in the previous age, just as they had been when Moses was sent to them. This time they were still stuck in the age of the Ram, when the age of the fish was supposed to be honored in its own way. So, since Yeshua's message was in many ways radically different than the message of the Old Testament, his message was the message of the age of Pisces, the last age of this grand Age of humanity. There is also lots of fish imagery in his ministry, and he seemed to make a sacrifice of fish by making a fishing net overflowing with fish. I believe the original quote by Yeshua, given in Luke, was more likely, "Surely this Age shall not pass away before these things have come to pass." (as opposed to "this generation") In fact, the word used for "generation" can be translated also as "age."

Yeshua's message wasn't too different than the one Creator had given before, except that it focused more on forgiveness, helping one another and even communism than it did on getting even or watching out for only yourself or only those you know and like. Of course, many of the ideas of cultural separateness were added into religion by political leaders to keep national unity and were not of God to begin with. His message included ideas of unity amongst all people and loving everyone. Early in his ministry he may have been confused enough, he was born as a human after all, that he honestly thought his message was only for the Hebrew people (Matthew 15:24-26.) However, if the author of the book of Matthew was correct in attributing that statement to Yeshua, it becomes apparent in his later ministry that Creator convinced him that he was here for everyone.

I know the questions on many of your minds are; Was Yeshua the one and only Son of God, and was he God? He is the son of God, in the sense that we are all sons and daughters of god and he is a much farther advanced being than we are. He is certainly more than just an advance human being, but he was a god for humanity in human form, not the all encompassing God. He is the son of YHVH, by most reckoning, but there is some dispute as to what that means. Some Dran Rashar believe it means that when YHVH and he were human, that YHVH sired him. Others believe it means he was YHVH's star disciple and was his son in that way. It is also entirely possible that he was referring to the fact that we are all children of God, which he said numerous times, and that he was in tune enough with God to truly recognize himself as a Son of God, and that he was not actually directly related to YHVH in a Father-son sort of way, but was claiming that relationship with El Elyon (God Most High. See Who is God for more information.) By any reckoning, I believe he is more in tune with God than any of the true "Saints" or most of the other Ancients.

However much "God" you believe Yeshua is, his message is important for everyone. It is the message of how to accomplish humanity's goals, our goals, in this part of the Age. Read the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew Chapters 5-7. Even there you still have to filter out cultural and political influences, but it is one of the purest places his message appears. Read also: Matthew 25: 31-46 and Acts 2: 43-47.

Another thing I want to note is that Yeshua did indeed teach about reincarnation. Modern Christians have twisted the message into some "one lifetime only, born again in the same lifetime" message. This is probably partly due to the Hebrew misunderstanding that there was only one lifetime, and partly due to the fact that it's easier to control people with fear if they think this is their only chance to avoid eternal torture. Yeshua was very clear that we do not become ascended in one lifetime, but that we must be born into a new lifetime "born again of the spirit" before we attain such things.

As for the idea of eternal torture, Creator is neither that cruel nor that wasteful. Those notions were blended in from a poor mixing of Hebrew and Greco-Roman mythologies, which explained similar ideas, but in such different ways as not be easy to harmoniously blend together. They were furthered by the whole idea that this is the only lifetime we have, and if that's the case then there must be something ultimate for those who don't make the cut. After all, it's difficult for people to believe that they'd have the same rewards. This was blended with the idea that we needed a savior to wash away all of our sins, drawing on animal sacrifice from the ages of Aries and Taurus, because this one lifetime was our only shot. It is very easy to control people if they believe either eternal paradise or eternal suffering for their souls is in your hands. Such things were not in the original words and teachings of the enligthened Yeshua. His teachings are about rebirth and renewal and forgiveness both among us and between us and God, but not in some cruel sacrificial manner. His teachings are among those one should study if one wishes to achieve enlightenment.