Classes, Seminars and Retreats

This is a list of our classes, retreats, gatherings, workshops and seminars. We try to make these events free to the public whenever possible, and this is made easier by the generous donations of those who can donate. Of course, the spontaneous gatherings are ALWAYS free; though, you are welcome to make a donation to the participating ministers to aid in their continued work and to make it possible for them to participate in future gatherings. We will not pass an offering plate nor ask you for any money, it is entirely up to your own heart to give financially as you are lead, preferably in private with the minister.

Spontaneous gatherings are happening all over San Luis Obispo county! We may have one next weekend, and you'll only know if you find us by chance...that is, unless you sign up for our e-mail list! We will e-mail you as soon as we know a spontaneous gathering will occur. You may get the notice 3 days in advance or only a couple hours in advance. E-mail Rev. H.P. Ancient Wolf and put "gathering list" in the subject line. The purpose of these gatherings is to discuss spiritual ideas with the teachers of the Star Children, the Dran Rashar, that we may all expand our consciousness and strongly grow in spirit through shared wisdom. All open minds are welcome whether you're Christian, Jewish,Pagan, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or of another path, as we hope to reflect wisdom through many spiritual viewpoints and yours is important to all of us. Ministers from other traditions who would like to participate in a moderator position along with the Dran Rashar should contact us so that we may meet and discuss that possibility. Though these gatherings are moderated, they are NOT official events and neither the Dran Rashar nor any participating minister, nor anyone other than yourself hold any liability for the safety of yourself or your property during these gatherings.

Worskshops are included under the "classes" heading. We are hoping to offer 2 classes per month to start with. Classes are free unless otherwise noted. All classes, seminars and retreats which bare a fee will have scholarships available for low-income participants once we have 25 paid members. Scholarships may cover all or part of the cost of the class, retreat or seminar depending on the amount of the scholarship fund, the amount of participants needing financial assistance, and the individual need amount of each participant. Paid participants in any Dran Rashar class, seminar or retreat may donate beyond their participation fee to the scholarship fund. All Unused scholarship funds, if any, will remain in the Dran Rashar Scholarship Fund to be used for the scholarship needs of participants in future classes. Fees collected are used to recoup costs to the Dran Rashar and to pay a very modest speaker/teacher fee to the class, seminar and retreat leader(s).

Classes are 2-3 hours and may have more than one session. Seminars are a series of classes with activity sessions designed to further engage the participants in the class with the subject matter presented. Seminars are usually held over 2 or 3 days, but some may be held in one day. Retreats last anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. Retreats are designed to offer the full learning experience in seclusion with other students and instructors for several days.

All classes currently planned will be held in San Luis Obispo county, California. If you would like a class, seminar or retreat in your area, please contact Rev. H.P. Ancient Wolf. Classes, Seminars and retreats more than 50 miles (approximately 80.5 km) outside of San Luis Obispo County will only be scheduled when at least 25 paid members (the scholarship minimum) have remitted their payments to the speaker or to the Dran Rashar (depending on the arrangement,) Distance is measured at the San Luis Obispo county edge in a direct line from the class, seminar or retreat location. You must provide event insurance, naming the speaker or the Dran Rashar (we will let you know which,) and you are responsible for all local advertisement of the event. We may provide advertisement including, but not necessarily limited to, posting the class, seminar or retreat information on our website, when the appropriate minimum class size has been reached. Please tell us what type of class, seminar or retreat in which you would like to participate in your area and we will try to accommodate you. If you do not have a specific class, seminar or retreat in mind, we will help you choose one which is pertinent to your interests and to current events.