Donate to the Dran Rashar

The Dran Rashar are in need of donations. We pay for this website and our ministry out of pocket, and we are directed at this time to ask for donations to support our ministry efforts. We ask that you give according to your heart and ability, and we do not impose any sort of tithe nor demand of offerings upon anyone. The teachings we offer are free for everyone, and your donations will help us keep these teachings free and our services free and low cost. You can donate with Paypal or a credit card by clicking the "donate" button at the top or bottom of this page.

Primary goal

Our primary goal in seeking donations at this time is to purchase land on which all of us can gather. We have been guided to make this purchase before December 1st 2012 if at all possible, so donations are needed urgently! We seek 10 acres or more if at all possible, so that we may have a place of gathering, a place where Dran Rashar and others can gather and have ceremonies, celebrations, weddings, and a loving community of support. We have plans for an organic farm, a labyrinth for meditation, flower gardens, painting and sculpting space for everyone, renewable electricity generation (solar, wind, etc.) for community use, and much more! Your most generous financial donations will go a long way towards achieving that goal!

Other Goals

Our other goals as an organization include, but are not limited to, the following: We would like to purchase the computer and video equipment we need to offer better online teaching videos, online courses, and perhaps even an online discussion forum where the public can ask questions of the Dran Rashar. We would additionally like to be able to purchase lecture hall space and rent campground space for classes, workshops, retreats and other such things. Of course, we also need to regularly cover travel expenses for classes and events, and we would like to increase our travel budget so that we may reach more areas with physical classes and train more leaders across the globe. We do not charge future leaders for leadership training, and they often have to cover most of their own expenses for materials and such. We would like to be able to help future leaders who are not financially able to provide their own materials. We would also like to establish charities to help the homeless and others in need, charities which help them to lift themselves up. We currently donate as we can from our private funds to such charities. If we acquire enough land, we would also like to set aside a portion for a volunteer ran organic farm to feed the local hungry, selling some of the produce at low cost and donating a percentage of it for the homeless (feel free to borrow this idea! We can't do it everywhere by ourselves, and it needs to be done everywhere!) These goals are among many goals the Dran Rashar have to increase our ability to reach and help humanity.

Please Note: The Dran Rashar is NOT a registered organization with any government agency anywhere; therefore, donations are not tax deductible and will go to a private bank account. Donations will be counted as personal income by the Dran Rashar ministers (shaman, priests, priestesses, etc.) to whom it is distributed. Donations will be used for the ministerial and personal expenses of Dran Rashar ministers, and to achieve the goals of the Dran Rashar as a whole.