Spiritual Evolution

The Dimensions of Spiritual Evolution: How to achieve spiritual evolution for oneself and for the human species.

Evolution of the Spirit

Most of us are familiar with the concept of physical evolution, leading to modern humans from earlier evolutionary forms; however, many people are unaware of the concept of spiritual evolution, or understand it differently.

Spiritual evolution and physical evolution coincide to some extent. That is, enough of a species must achieve a certain level of spiritual evolution before they can physically evolve. Mind you, we're not talking here about evolution which is purely about environmental adaptation; however, there are times when even a large environmental adaptation requires a spiritual evolutionary leap as well.

We stand at the precipice of the next evolution of humanity, and it is time for us to decide if our species will evolve or cease to exist. This document will begin by giving you a background on spiritual evolution from one viewpoint, and will then guide you to the spiritual evolution necessary for humanity to evolve as a species. No one document can ever be enough, and we highly encourage you to seek further wisdom from Dran Rashar teachers by contacting Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer or Jeremiah Gabriel through this website.

For most animals, not all, it is far different than it is for humans; their spiritual evolution is earned purely by experience. We won't discuss them much here, only for reference sake. Suffice it to say, human beings are not the only animals undergoing spiritual and physical evolution.

There are many ways to understand spiritual evolution, and the Dran Rashar are asked at this time to give you our understanding of the concept. We give it so that some of you may adopt it completely, while others of you will find ideas within it which enhance your own understanding of the concept of spiritual evolution.

Many ancient cultures around the world, from Egypt to parts of North America, shared the belief that people have more than one spirit, or different parts to their spirit. Each culture described those parts differently, and had their own understanding of the overall meaning of spirit.

Similarly, the Dran Rashar teach about the multiple dimensions of spiritual growth. Primarily, we talk about the 5 (Five) 7 (Seven) and the 9 (Nine.) Five is what most people start with, 7 is the number of evolution, and 9 is the maximum number for this stage of physical evolution.

Understanding Dimensions

You do not have to understand the concepts of dimensions in order to evolve spiritually, nor to understand this document; however, for those who wish to delve further into the concept, below are some ideas on the concept. Though some information here may prove useful for a general understanding, you may skip passed the "understanding dimensions" section if you are comfortable enough with the term "dimension" used in this respect. For the rest of you, enjoy the introduction to the concept of dimensions below.

Science has begun to perceive of multiple dimensions, and potentially even other Universes within some of those dimensions. Modern science thinks of the first 4 dimensions as being height, width, depth and time. Beyond that, other dimensions are hypothesized to explain various observations in both Astrophysics and Quantum Physics. Right now, science seems to be at the edge between saying these other dimensions only "seem to" exist, and saying they likely do exist (about as sure as science likes to get.)

The Dran Rashar use of the term dimensions isn't too dissimilar to the modern scientific use of it, but there are some differences. For example, we see time as a dimensional property which is part of some dimensions, instead of as its own dimension. In addition, while the old Dran Rashar term for dimensions was actually "perspectives," it is difficult to explain the relationship between the physical dimensions we perceive; height, width and depth; and the spiritual dimensions. The simple way of putting it is; if something has height, width and depth, it exists on a spiritual dimension which reflects each of those properties; however, that is not to say that more massive things necessarily have more spirit. The dimensions beyond the first 3 are spiritual dimensions which do not have an obvious reflection in the physical except to the wise and learned, and everything on Earth, including Earth itself, exists on at least 4 dimensions; everything has spirit.

In one view, the first 3 spiritual dimensions coalesce to create the physical plane. Some consider the physical plane a dimension in and of itself, whereas others consider it a dimensional nexus because of the sheer number of dimensions which cross into the physical universe. In a sense, the physical universe we know can be seen as the expression of the Universe as a whole. Another view is to see the physical universe as the rich soil in which the Universe grows.

Essentially, the Dran Rashar see dimensions as "layers" or sometimes even "folds" and "pockets" of the "Multiverse" (a term which science is increasingly accepting.) The "Multiverse," is the web which connects all forms of existence in all Universes in every "dimension." Each dimension has unique properties, and sometimes those properties are determined by understandable factors while at other times their patterns seem almost random.

As to dimensions containing other Universes, the spiritual dimensions to which humanity can connect do not contain other Universes; however, they may connect to multiple phases of this Universe; realms of powerful spirits, Divine beings and Divine consciousness. The rest is left for human science, philosophy and religion to explore together in harmony, for that is the only way humanity will ever truly understand the Universe.

Nothing in this document is intended to contradict modern science, rather it is another perspective on some ideas which cross between science and spirituality. This document explores the spiritual side of these ideas, and how they pertain to the spiritual side of human evolution; whereas, science cannot explore the question of the spiritual either for or against at this time. Though we will limitedly reference some science, this is a spiritually and philosophically oriented study and discussion, not a scientific study.

The first dimension is the base nature of our Universe, in the beginning was only the first dimension and the element of hydrogen. The second and third are part of the secondary or "new" (though at least billions of years old) base nature of our Universe. They are always part of the physical universe, and are strongest on planets such as Earth which have strong physical and spiritual properties. The fourth connects to the Earth because the Sun connects to at least 27 different dimensions, and the Earth is positioned within the part of the Sun's field of effect which connects to that dimension. The fifth is an interaction between the Earth and the Sun, with influence of the moon. The sixth and seventh are a little more complicated to explain, but they are realms of the Divine in one sense, they are the realms of Yin and Yang in another sense. They exist wherever the beings who live there wish them to exist, but it is also believed that the presence of life on Earth calls upon those dimensions to make a connection here; i.e., the other 5 dimensions existing together create the properties necessary for the 6th and 7th to connect to the Earth. The 8th and 9th are dimensions of the stars, and will be discussed briefly later in this document. As in the I-Ching, the 8th is related to the 6th (Yin) and the 9th is related to the 7th (Yang.)

Another term for “spiritual dimensions” is “spiritual planes.” The human physical body cannot connect to more than 9 dimensions/planes at one time until the next physical evolution.

What is Spiritual evolution

As was said above, spiritual evolution is the growth of the individual spirit, and it is also the collective growth of many human spirits which leads ultimately to physical evolution.*

While I won't cover the details of all early forms of hominid spiritual evolution, some notes about it are important for better understanding of the greater concept.

Some of humanity's earliest ancestors are various species of the genus Australopithecus. These "animals," as we even still are animals in a very real sense, existed on the 4 dimensions on which all things of the Earth exist. Individual species had individual growth goals, but ultimately the genus had the spiritual goal of understanding the first 4 dimensions.

By the time our ancestors evolved into the genus "Homo" we had already reached the species goal of perceiving a 5th dimension of spirit, but we did not yet exist in it. Homo-habilis, "handy man," saw further into this dimension than anyone before them. However, it was Homo-erectus who most explored the realm spiritually.

When the genus Homo finally achieved the initial goal of evolving into the fifth spiritual dimension, as early Homo-sapiens, we then evolved into Homo-sapiens-sapiens, modern humans (about 200,000 years ago according to modern science estimates based on fossil record.)

Other hominid species which were concurrent with ours were those spirits from previous evolutionary states which did not quite make it, or which had alternate paths initially.

The Fifth Spiritual Dimension: The (not so) uniqueness of Humanity.

When modern humans first evolved, we saw spirituality in a whole new way. Many people began to understand that some animals, such as canines, bears, felines and even trees also existed on this dimension of spirit. In fact, some could begin to perceive that some animals and some trees existed on far more than these 5 spiritual dimensions, but human cultures could rarely accept the idea and so it was most commonly thought of as 5 human spirits in primal human cultures, with everything else usually having less. However, most primal cultures did end up recognizing that everything animate and inanimate had at least one form of spirit, what we’d call being connected to at least one spiritual dimension.

Interestingly, the Norse at least recognized one tree, Yggdrasil the "world tree," as being connected to 9 worlds. However, the 9 worlds of the world tree are not exactly the same thing as spiritual dimensions. They are just as real, seen differently by diverse cultures, and are a related concept to the dimensions in which one’s spirit grows. A tree cannot be a world tree unless it has mastered all 9 of the spiritual dimensions first, then it may connect to the 9 worlds. (The Great Cedar, guarded by Humbaba, the great tree which Gilgamesh and Enkidu legendarily chopped down, is believed to have been another “world tree.”) The concept of world trees and their place on Earth is one which is an advanced study topic; however, I may have an entry level document on the subject in the future.

It is from this first understanding of the new 5 spirit nature of human beings, and the understanding that everything has spirit, that early shamanism and animism arose. In fact, the definition of animism is the belief that everything has a form of spirit, even the rocks, waters and dirt, and sometimes even the winds and the air itself. The Egyptians also adopted various forms of the belief in multiple “spirits” of a single person in the religious ideas of their advanced civilization periods, and some students of religion consider many (if not all) Egyptian priests and priestesses to be at least somewhat shamanistic in practice and calling.

Existing in the fifth spiritual dimension allows humans to have spirit guides, guardian angels, familiar spirits, etc. Guardian and guide spirits exist consciously in the upper spiritual dimensions, 5 through 9 (and sometimes higher dimensions.) Thus, prior to evolution to this stage we could only see those spirits which were powerful enough to manifest to us despite our then limitations.

As a human being, you already exist in those 5 dimensions; however, if one can learn to be fully conscious of the fifth spiritual dimension, one can then expand one’s spirit into new spiritual dimensions.

See: The first step: gaining consciousness of the 5th dimension, later in this document.

The Sixth Spiritual Dimension “Yin, underworld”

Whereas the first five spiritual dimensions are of the nature of Creation, the sixth spiritual dimension is the dimension of entropy, necessary destruction. There are many dimensions of “Yin” and “entropy,” but the 6th and 8th are the only ones which touch upon humanity or the Earth at this time. The dimensions of entropy and destruction exist to balance creation. Most galaxies we can see with our high powered telescopes are so far away, making their light so old that most of them have probably long since stopped existing. We do not know how many other living galaxies are in the Universe. All things fade with time.

The sixth dimension contains spirits which are dedicated to the willful destruction and wearing down of everything, and everyone. It is the realm of trials. As modern humans, we already begin to walk in the sixth realm, even when we haven’t mastered the fifth realm. We are in the fifth and sixth at birth.

Unfortunately, you do not have to master the fifth before the 6th, but if you master the 6th first it’s very difficult to go back to the fifth or progress on to the 7th and beyond. In fact, those who move towards the sixth spiritual dimension first often end up falling for it so hard that they tear apart their own spirits; the opposite of growth. It is spiritual growth and evolution, in the sense that one has grown into a new spiritual dimension; however, it is a dead end which ultimately consumes a person’s spirit essence on any other dimension. Basically, it is the same as choosing a life of selfishness, hate, hurt, etc. instead of working towards actual spiritual growth, which growth is far more community centered and based in love, healing and uplifting one another.

Many people see the sixth and eighth realms as being realms of “evil,” but they are not evil per se. Evil is relative, and since human spirits are of the primary nature of growth and creation, we are “evil” when we act counter to that nature and unnecessarily destroy ourselves and/or the world and people around us. Because we must inevitably be a part of the destructive force, we leave a part of ourselves in the 6th dimension, as do all predator animals and plants; however, humans are unique in the quality that we can grow far more in that 6th dimension, and put our destructive force out of balance. This imbalance destroys one’s own individual spirit, and contribute to the pain and destruction of part of the communal spirit of the Earth (of which humans are a part.)

Touching and knowing one’s presence on this dimension is necessary to further spiritual growth, and it is what triggers a person’s initial “dark night of the soul.” This period of time is when a person doubts what they believed, only to pull apart belief itself and come to a realization of one’s own beliefs as one emerges from it.

Various results come from this “dark night of the soul:” Some decide to side-step it and choose atheism, choosing not to delve any deeper into the path of enlightenment and spiritual growth, believing in only what the 5 “physical” senses can tell one (really, all senses are “physical.” ) Interestingly, many of them end up still exploring the truth of the Universe, only doing so through science and using scientific terms to describe many of the same concepts ultimately. Others decide to go only with what the spiritual senses tell them, and achieve the seventh spiritual dimension (stopping there) through that route. However, the wisest will choose to use all of one’s senses and abilities, so-called “physical” and “spiritual,” to understand the Divine and the Universe in a more holistic manner. These few are the ones who have potential for growth into the 8th and 9th spiritual dimensions.

The sixth dimension is necessary because where there is creation in the physical, there must be destruction of the physical; likewise, where there is growth of the spiritual, there must be destruction of some spiritual. Thus, only the strongest spirits achieve spiritual evolution, and this winnowing makes the species far more likely to be successful.

It is said by many that people have balancing yin and yang portions of their spirit. This is where the yin portion of your spirit dwells. One must accept its nature, accept that one must play a role in destruction of the physical, then one must accept that our primary nature is creation, growth and change. Our “entropy selves,” or “yin selves,” must be there in order to be a catalyst for change and to tempt the weak among us to their doom so that only the strongest spirits survive.

The Seventh Spiritual Dimension “Yang, Heaven.” Evolution

Though there are 9 potential spiritual dimensions into which one may grow in this stage of human evolution, one need only reach the first 7 in order to attain the spiritual evolution necessary for the next human physical evolutionary step.

This is the spiritual dimension with which most of you are familiar, as most religions on the Earth refer to it. This is the realm of the Divine. Many Dran Rashar still call it by the old name, “Realm of the Elohim;” however, we do not intend to include only the Semitic deities in that realm. Though different cultures have understood it as different numbers, many cultures understood the realm of Heaven to be represented by the number “7.” To the Hebrews it was the number of creation and completion, and to the Chinese it was the “stable yang” number in the I-Ching, the number representing “Heaven.” Some Eastern religions think of it as “Nirvana,” a place or state of enlightenment. It is completion, in that you do not have to progress any further, and most people are not meant to progress any further than this dimension at this time.

When one is here, one begins to recognize the true nature of God, creation, existence. One realizes the interconnectedness of nature. One begins true enlightenment. As one grows in understanding of this dimension, this “perspective” of spirit, one’s spirit grows on that dimension. One starts to tear down barriers and sees how so many other paths lead to their same spot. One gives up on hate and learns the beginning of unconditional love for all life, beginning usually with all of humanity and/or the other animals of Earth.

One only needs some of a presence there, some of an understanding, in order to be ready for physical evolution; however, the more one grows there the far better one will fare in early lifetimes in new evolutionary forms. As I said, many paths will get you here if you can find the truth hidden among the muck which humans have created around these paths. This document, and other teachings the Dran Rashar present, should help you see clearly on whatever path on which you are lead.

The 8th and the 9th spiritual dimensions are only for those called to be on a different path. In fact, Dran Rashar (Star Children and Star Seeds) start out with at least minor connections on the 9th dimension, as this is the dimension through which the Divine called the spirits of the most ancient of the Dran Rashar to the Earth. Shaman will sometimes stop at the 7th dimension (and that’s still quite a powerful shaman) while a few will proceed through the terrifying darkness of the 8th and into the stunning, indescribable beauty of the 9th. Holding spiritual connection to 9 dimensions is taxing on the human body at this stage of evolution, and such shaman work carefully to maintain balance with it.

The first step: gaining consciousness of the 5th dimension

All of this is well and good, but you cannot proceed healthily any further in spiritual evolution until you have fully connected to your consciousness on the 5th dimension.

Music and other forms of art are key to understanding the fifth spiritual dimension. Both the creation of and the appreciation of art are great methods of beginning to see one’s place in the 5th spiritual dimension. In addition to creating art and appreciating art created by humans, we should simultaneously learn to appreciate the artwork of nature.

Ways of becoming conscious of this realm of spirit include; the meditation techniques of Hinduism and Buddhism, guided meditations, guided journeys, traditional shamanic journeys which are lead by one who is experienced in such journeys, and even simple drumming, rattling, throat-singing, whistling, and many others. Many choose to explore it through lucid dreaming techniques. It is the hardest realm to begin to explore, yet the one with the most ways of reaching it.

You can even achieve this goal by simply spending time in nature and studying nature and humanity. Talk to people, especially elders and children. Enjoy parks, forests, beaches, deserts, and all of nature’s beauty. Grow a garden with food and flowers, start from seeds to have the full experience of life. Get a pet and make them part of your family, then study how purely they love. Read holy scriptures and listen to spiritual teachers of different perspectives. Attaining full consciousness of the fifth spiritual dimension is only difficult because individuals make it difficult for themselves.

Once one achieves full consciousness on the fifth spiritual dimension, one must then face the sixth dimension if one hasn’t before. One must avoid the temptations of that part of one’s existence, and choose only growth. Ultimately, the part of you which touches the 6th dimension need not grow there, it need only “bounce off of it,” but most people stop and dwell there for a while, leading only to damage of their overall spirit as they pull more of it into the dimension of entropy.

If one keeps one’s focus on the goal of enlightenment, or on the Divine beings who are already in the 7th dimension (and higher dimensions) then one can easily surpass the 6th dimension and move into the 7th and spiritual evolution. The hardest part is always to get through the fifth without being tempted too much by the 6th, and then as long as one keeps focus one will make it to the 7th.

When will we physically evolve

The simple answer is that only the Divine knows when the next human evolutionary step will occur. In addition, only the Divine is aware as to whether it will be done all at once, slowly, or with several sudden changes. It has happened both ways, and it depends on what the Divine sees that humanity is ready for. One thing is certain, it’s not too far away, but relative to human existence that could mean the end of this year (as many believe) or 1,000 years from now; though, it‘s likely far sooner. Another thing that’s certain, you only know for sure that you have right now to work on spiritual growth. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. While I believe in reincarnation, we’re getting so close to the wire with human evolution that this may be your last chance to have a lifetime and grow towards evolution.

While I don’t believe a sudden evolution of humanity will happen on the Winter Solstice of 2012, I do not doubt the possibility either. One thing is abundantly clear, even if I knew nothing of the Mayan predictions regarding that date, the celestial signs for the last several years have been clearly building up to some sort of major shift on that date. In addition, the Earth and humanity in recent years has made that impending shift incredibly evident, even to many atheists who think of it as a natural cycle shift of the Earth without any Divine intervention or as an inevitability of humanity towards which we’ve been driving ourselves.

Whatever you believe is coming for humanity, be it evolution or the return of a holy figure such as Yeshua/Jesus, the one certainty we all should have is that we need to grow spiritually both as individuals and as a species, and we need to do so now. Read this document again, recommend it to your friends, discuss it with them, and help spread the hope of spiritual and physical evolution for humanity.

*Physical evolution does not usually occur right when one achieves spiritual evolution. Instead, the world is set into Great Ages and an even greater evolutionary Age cycle (eac,) and it is during the time between these eac's that human beings have the greatest physical evolutionary potential. This physical evolution is always dictated as much by the spiritual evolution of humanity and individual humans as it is by environmental changes. That said, there are times in the past Great Age when a divine being has taken a present human form into a state which resembles physical evolution. As evolution only happens between generations, it's not quite "evolution," but it might as well be. Many Dran Rashar believe Yeshua, Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Elijah, Enoch, and many others are such human forms who were evolved by an enhanced "Divine Presence" within them.

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