Mission Statement of the Star Children the Dran Rashar

Mission Statement of the Dran Rashar: 2012

What's Important

Our Statement:

"We seek Love above all else, Wisdom in everything, and Knowledge abounding. We seek the Divine in all things, in order that Love, Wisdom and Knowledge may increase in our lives and throughout humanity at this time."

Definition of Statement:


While Dran Rashar approach the Divine from many different cultural perspectives, and may have very individual interpretations of the Divine, one thing on which we all agree is that the most powerful and genuine force on Earth which truly reflects the Divine is the force of Love. Love is the core of all teaching, no matter how it's been corrupted by humans over the years. Love celebrates the diversity and the differences amongst us all, as they make us more interesting and add to us as a whole species. Love extends that celebration to differences in belief as well as physical and cultural differences among us. True Love is not blind to differences, it celebrates differences. Love is what causes you to feel joy when you see the need of another and find a way to fill that need, whether it's food, shelter or even just a shoulder to cry on. Love is what drives us to seek wisdom and knowledge, so that we may learn how to live together in harmony and how to work together to build a better world for all of us. Love does not tolerate injustice, rather Love works to change the hearts of people so that injustice finds its righteous end.


While Love is the most important and powerful force on Earth or in Heaven, Love is blind without Wisdom and Knowledge to guide it. Wisdom is the ability to discern what course of action will lead to the best results. Wisdom helps you find the belief structure that will challenge, shape and structure you in growth towards God. Wisdom is given abundantly to all who ask the Divine for it. It doesn't matter if you pray to God as God (Jehovah/Yahweh with or without Yeshua/Jesus and the Holy Spirit,) Ganesh, Saraswati, Isis, Hera, Zeus, Amon-Re, Odin, Thor, Wakan-Tanka, or any other name or names, or even if you simply find the Divine by touching the Holy spark within all of us; however you view God, the Divine grants Wisdom overflowing to all who ask for it. Those who have Wisdom know to seek Love and Knowledge. Those who have real Knowledge know to seek Wisdom to interpret that knowledge. Those who have any of these three without any of the others is doomed. This is Wisdom.


I don't think I need to explain what knowledge is to anyone who is able to read a website; however, some people are content to settle for a little bit of knowledge, and then stop learning so they won't be further confused with facts. Unfortunately, that syndrome is all too common in modern society, and it's called, "Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up." While not all knowledge is worthy of pursuit, I'm not concerned with who wins an Academy Award because it's not pertinent to me or my ministry (though it may be pertinent to others,) Wisdom leads us to always pursue more knowledge. Our world and our lives are complex, and the Divine is as vast as the unending Universe. There is so much worthy knowledge to be gained, and we better ourselves and our society by constantly seeking to understand our lives, our world, our society and the Divine. One who is Knowing is one who knows that, because we can't individually know and perceive all there is to know and perceive, we need differing opinions and differing perspectives in order to learn from one another and to grow, and that these things should be celebrated rather than allowed to cause divisions between us.

What's Important

What tends to surprise people the most is that when the Dran Rashar minister to others, we are not out there to convert you to the Dran Rashar path. You do not have to accept any of our mythology, our history nor the interpretations of these things as given on our website. God speaks to each individual in different ways, and our beliefs may not be what is meant to lead you to God. Thus, we are more interested in meeting you where you are. We want to hear your perspective as much as we want to share our perspective, perhaps often even more so. Our primary concern is that you are engaged in Spiritual pursuits; that you are seeking the Divine in some key way, and that that seeking plays an important role in your life. We want to encourage you to get to know God on your own, to grow in Love, Wisdom and Knowledge in the way that God knows your soul will best learn these things. We will guide you with the knowledge we have gained through studying God in depth for decades (centuries collectively.) We study and have studied many diverse spiritual paths in order that we may understand the Divine from the broadest possible perspective, and we are called to use our knowledge and wisdom, as guided by the Divine, to help each individual to find their own path to understanding God and to true Spiritual Growth and Holy Enlightenment.

In addition, whether you are Star Child or not, we are there to meet your other spiritual needs such as spiritual counseling* (including spiritual crisis counseling*,) spiritual couples counseling*, home blessings, weddings, baby blessings, baptisms from many traditions and anything else with which one of us may help you in the realm of your spiritual needs.

If you are a Star Child, then studying the mysteries, myths, histories and interpretations on this website, as well as the others which can be learned from the elders, will help you to gain your own understanding of the history of Star Children (by many names) on Earth. It will help you understand your own past, and where you are heading in the future. Accept the stories as much as myth or history as you feel is right, but it is our hope that you will learn from them that you may join your Star Sisters and Star Brothers in the glorious work which leads us to the next step in our own progress on the Holy path of the Divine. How you interpret the Divine and what mythology or mythologies suits your understanding of things best is up to you. The Dran Rashar is great because we comprise people of many perspectives and many beliefs who work together because of our common history, passion and Love which binds us as family forever. We are the Star Children, the family sent here by the Divine, to many diverse cultures, to guide humanity in the ways of Holiness towards Enlightenment and a better world for all. We lift up one another and give one another peace, comfort and strength as we work together towards our common goals. Whether we have been called Indigo or Crystal or Prophet or Shaman or Wonder-Child or Star Child or by any other name which attempts to describe the uniqueness amongst us, we are all one and we are all the family of the Stars. Humanity has cried out for Angels to help them, and God has heard their cries and responded by sending us in great numbers during this time to be like a family of Angels to all humanity.

* Counseling offered is for spiritual needs only, and is not intended to, nor should it be used to replace competent mental health counseling when such is needed.

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