Prayer Requests

Please pray for the people and situations listed on this page. If you have a prayer request, please e-mail it to AncientWolf @ (remove the spaces.) If you would like the Dran Rashar priesthood to pray for you, but do not want your prayer request listed on this page, please let us know when you send in the prayer request. Please let us know if there is any resolution to the situation about which you are asking for prayer and we will update the page.

Joanne asks that we pray for her friend Jorge and his family. Jorge's father passed away on September 20th. Please pray that they find peace in this troubled time of their lives.

Rev. AncientWolf asks that you pray for his sister and her family. Their car engine just blew up and they need that car to get the kids to school and to take care of other family needs. Please pray that their transportation situation improves soon.

Barry asks that we pray for him to find direction in his life. Creator has a clear message for Barry, if only he can turn and see it. Pray that Barry sees the message of Creator and finds the right direction for his life at this time.

The Oracle of the Dran Rashar, H.P. Ancient Wolf, is going through a ritualistic period of cleansing, renewal and vision seeking, in a "hanged-man" sort of fashion. This period is necessary in order to advance some important revelations which have been coming over the last several weeks, but especially in the last few days. Please offer prayers of strength for H.P. Ancient Wolf, but most of all offer your prayers that all which needs to be revealed to Ancient Wolf will be clear and that the ritual period will be successful. Pray also that Jeremiah Gabriel has strength as the assistant during this period, and that all of his work, in every area, goes even better than that for which he hopes.

The Period of cleansing went well. Thank you for your prayers. Please see the following prayer for the results of this cleansing.

The Oracle is now helping humanity through the struggles of this time period by beginning new endeavors with the Dran Rashar. The household of the Oracle, Rev. H.P. Ancient Wolf, is bearing the burdens of these efforts. Please pray for Rev. H.P. Ancient Wolf and the Dran Rashar as we guide you through these difficult times.

The people of Japan have suffered greatly. We have been praying privately for the peoples of New Zealand and Chile, as well as for the Japanese, and we now offer this public prayer for the people of Japan. As the Dran Rashar take a diverse view to the Divine, the Oracle H.P. Ancient Wolf is lead to offer the following prayer, and asks that you add your prayers to his own. If you would like your addition to the prayer added to this page, please send it to and let us know if you want us to use your name. The prayer follows.

Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum! Om mani padme hum! Jewel of the Lotus, spread your compassion upon the people of Japan as they deal with loss, and as they heal from the disasters which have befallen them. As they have compassion for one another, show compassion to them. Om gum Ganapataye Namaha, Ganapati Bapa Morya. Lord Ganesh, remover of obstacles, remove any obstacles to the rebuilding of the Japanese people, their land and their culture. Guide the hands of the rescuers and their machinery that all physical obstacles are removed from the living and the dead. May the living find the aid they need, and may the dead be rightfully identified quickly, so that their loved ones and all of the world may mourn properly for them. Ancestors of the Japanese people, you watch over your people and I hear your weeping over this devastation of your people. Stand strong and guide your people into this New Age, preparing their culture with ideas from ancient times mixed harmoniously with new ideas. May the Divine see that this is done.

Please continue to pray for the people of New Zealand, and the people of Chile, along with your prayers for the Japanese and people around the world who are affected by this geologically active period.

Continued prayers for the peoples of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen and everywhere else the cry for change is being heard. This Year of Judgment was prophecied to bring uprisings exactly like the ones we've been seeing, and we expect more. What will the world's response be? Will these countries find peaceful, loving, wise leaders who will see to the well-being of all of their people? Only if they are lead by the Divine, so Allah may it be so. May they find leaders who will see that there is noone who is without basic necessities, and where everyone lives in harmony. May the Divine known by many names in these lands, one of these names being Allah, see that these people are lead to such harmony, so that they may be ready for the New Age.