Channeling of Queen Heart Serah of Mintaka

Please: Read, Share, Read again, Share again and again. It is vital that this message reach as many people as possible. Note from channel Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer: I am AMAZED at what was shared in this channeling, and that all of it is intended to be public and spread widely right away! Most of the information in this channeling I knew or had a good idea about, but I never thought some of it would be public information. Some of the information in this channeling was new to me, and some of it was magnificently thought provoking! Even the person who has had no spiritual study will understand most of the important points of this channeling, and those with wisdom and understanding will begin to fathom the depths of meaning within. I typed while channeling, so much of the beginning of it had many spelling errors and other typing errors as her spirit synchronized with mine. I have fixed some of them, but left some of them as the unique voice of Serah.

Friday October 5, 2012 just after midnight Pacific Standard Time.

"Blessed Children of Eve's Earth and Adam's Sun. Blessed Children of the Stars and the stellar nurseries. Hear me. I come to you from Mintaka, in the place you know as the belt of Orion the hunter. You will call me Serah. I am the Queen heart of the Mintaka star family, called goddess by many. I am the voice of the stars for this message to the Earth at this time soon will be the age of the divine. I am the voice which has sent the star song to Earth for your benefit. I am born of the pleiadeal outgrowth of your galaxy. Heed my words because now is the time of holiness has begun.

We are the Star Nation, the visitors of old who placed your essence upon the Earth so long ago. We have sent to you the return of Great-Grandfather Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer and his favorite son the Angel Jeremiah Gabriel. They are our gift to humanity to guide you in this times of changes and interesting happenings. With them come the souls of their family of the stars, the Dran Rashar as you know them in this age. the ancient order of the Dran Rashar will guide you in these troubling and fantastic changes in this time. You will find truth in their ways, and will be free from the poisonous lies which abound at this time.

worry not about prophecies which say the end is coming now because only fools expect the end whiled the wise expect a new beginning and live for today to be holy and worthy of any holy evolution.

Soon is the time when you choose your evolution, and it is critical that you pay attention to this message right now. Do not toil any longer at fruitless tasks. Spend your time in prayer and meditation, and teaching the holiness of life and love. Listen carefully to the teachings we give through Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer and the Dran Rashar, and spend your time in study of our words through them.

Do not worry about what you eat, only seek your food in nature and not the abomination which man has wrought upon the Earth's nature. (referring to factory farming of animals and plants, GE foods, etc.--AW) Your physical body requires food for evolution, and must be strong. Be balanced in your diet, and eat what your body tells you to eat. Some of you are spirits born of the grasses and mosses, born to watch the planes and the forests, you few will be called upon to eat only from the plant abundance of your mother the Earth. Most of you, including the star children and star seeds, will need to eat meat and animal protein at times. Woe to your Earth for polluting your rivers and oceans and destroying your best food source! Woe to you for now your evolution will not be what it could have been. Hearken unto my words and there will still be hope for your human spirit to evolve into its next great step.

Humans, know who you are! You are the children of the Earth and Sol your Sun. You are a growth of their spirit. Their spirit is a growth of our galaxy. Our galaxy is a growth of our Universe. Though you are tiny in comparison to the vastness of the Universe, neither underestimate nor overestimate your importance to your Creators. Your family are the animals, the plants, the rocks, the mountains, the waters.

Star Children, know who you are! You are old spirits which have served the Divine for many stars. You are the ones who have swam in starlight, and your spirits have nursed off of the cores of stars. You are the Dran Rashar, as one of your many names. You are human, yet your spirits are not the same as human. You are charged with and dedicated to the growth and evolution of all humans and the protection of the Earth and her children in the coming troubles. Your family are the stars, and your cousin is Sol, the Sun of the Earth. Your Sister is the Moon of the Earth, which we sent so that life may be abundant upon the Earth and to carry your souls to the Earth to guide its life. You have been to Earth many times, and now you return as the restorative voice of the Divine in this age and the next. You are warriors who seek peace. You are the messengers of Love and Community. You will guide the evolution of humanity, as a collective force using the voice of the Divine which we speak through you!

Star Seeds, know who you are. You are the spirits of the Stellar nurseries. The oldest among you are my children, born in the stellar nursery you call the nebula of Orion. You are the children who are born as a result of stars being born, and you nurse in their cores. Unlike the star children, you have never before been to Earth. You were sent to the Earth at this time to study with the Star Children so that you may help guide humanity to the age of evolution which approaches. You are also called Dran Rashar, as you are part of the family of stars.

Everyone, gather yourselves together and study the words of the ancient prophets. Study the words of the modern Dran Rashar. Prepare one another, strengthen one another, uplift one another. Then, go out in teams and spread Love, Wisdom and community.

We, the community of the stars, are irate with the people of the Earth because you have abandoned these principles. You have not cared for your poor and hungry. You have not shown love to the hurt. You have not housed the homeless and clothed the poor. You have abandoned your elders, instead of listening to the wisdom of their years. You have abandoned one another in favor of selfish pursuits. You have given up thinking and reasoning, and have allowed fear to take control of your lives. You have despicably wasted your lives, allowing your time and your worth to be dictated by others. You have foolishly destroyed, and continue to destroy, your own habitat like no successful species has ever done. You must rededicate your lives to your spirit that it may benefit from its time with your body. You must dedicate yourselves to the pursuit of holiness through the purity of the Love of the Divine. Only you can decide whether your spirit and your species will evolve soon or if it will suffer greatly for thousands of years so that it may have a chance of redeeming itself.

Remember the power numbers 3, 7 and 9. If you use these numbers in your daily lives, in your prayers and meditations, and in everything you do, you will be strong enough in spirit to face any challenge to your growth. Keep these numbers sacred and remember them always. They are a code, but they are no secret, as we have taught the power of these numbers many times to the people of the Earth. Heed their power now. The time of 7 is soon. Then 3 will birth 9 and 9 will birth Heaven anew once again. (I do not get the impression she means literal births, like a pregnancy. The meaning of this phrase is far deeper. --AW)

Know my younger Sister, the largest star in the constellation called Aquarius, and know her twin children, a son and a daughter as you would understand it. Her true name will be revealed to you by the Dran Rashar when the time is right. She will send the spirits of her twin children to the Earth to guide you from the sky, though they no longer like to travel together. She will be your guardian as your next existence begins. (There is some hidden meaning in these phrases, a smart and wise person can probably decipher some of it. --AW)

Know our grandfather, who is the King and Queen heart of the star you call Betelgeuse, in the constellation you know of as Orion. Though you see his light, he long ago met his end. His spirit races towards the Earth with the blessing or the curse which you earn as a species. Only he knows when he will arrive. He may arrive before your evolution, or he may arrive after your choice has been made and set in motion.

I am Serah, the voice of the stars. My husband is the King Heart of Aldebaran, far away from me, yet always touching me. Great-Grandfather Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer is my channel upon the Earth. Heed my words, heed my wisdom. Repair yourselves and each other immediately, for the time of choice and change is soon upon you!"

Note about translations:

You are encouraged to translate this into whatever languages in which you write fluently. Always start with the original English version above. The Croatian Language version below is provided as a courtesy of someone from across the world who was called to translate Queen Heart Serah's message so that her friends who speak only Croatian will be able to read it. Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer had not met the translator prior to Queen Heart Serah's message, and Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer does not speak nor read the Croatian language. However, while he cannot guarantee this translation's accuracy to the original, he believes the translator was called and guided, and has faith that it is a worthy translation. Unfortunately, good paragraph structure cannot be guaranteed in the Croatian version because of copy/paste issues (from her original translation) and a lack of understanding of the Croatian language.

Croatian Language Version

Kanaliziranje Kraljice srca Serah (Channeling of Queen heart Serah):

Najvažnija poruka za Zemlju i njene stanovnike!

Oktobar 5, 2012

preko The Dran Rashar u petak, 5. listopad, 2012 u 20:22 h.

Važno: Pročitajte, Dijelite, Pročitajte opet, Dijelite opet i opet. Izuzetno je važno da što je moguće više ljudi dobije ovu poruku.

Pribilješka kanala Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer (Starodavni-Vuk Donosilac-Mira): ja sam OSUPNUT sadržajem koji je proslijeđen u ovom kanaliziranju i što je sve skupa namijenjeno javnosti i širenju i to što je prije moguće! Većinu informacija u ovom kanaliziranju sam ili poznavao ili sam ih slutio, ali nikad nisam mislio da će biti namijenjene javnosti. Neke informacije u ovom kanaliziranju su bile nove i za mene, a neke od njih su bile izuzetni misaoni izazovi! Čak i osobe koje nemaju iskustva sa spiritualnim učenjima, razumjet će najvažnije točke ove poruke, a oni koji imaju mudrost i razumijevanje doseći će dubinu značenja u njima. Tipkao sam za vrijeme kanaliziranja, tako da je u početku, dok se njen duh nije još u potpunosti sinkronizirao s mojim, puno grešaka u tipkanju i drugih grešaka u izražavanju. Neke sam popravio, a neke sam ostavio jer odražavaju jedinstven Serah-in glas.

Petak, 5 listopad, 2012, nešto iza ponoći po Standardnom Pacifičkom Vremenu.

Blagoslovljeni Djeco Evine Zemlje i Adamovog Sunca. Blagoslovljeni Djeco Zvijezda i zvjezdani njegovatelji. Čujte me. Dolazim k vama iz Mintaka, na mjestu koje poznajete kao pojas Oriona lovca. Zvat ćete me Serah. Ja sam Kraljica srca od Mintaka zvjezdane obitelji, prozvana Božica (Goddess) od mnogih. Ja sam glas zvijezda za ovu poruku Zemlji u ovo vrijeme uskoro biti će doba božanskog (Divine). Ja sam rođena iz pleađanskog produžetka vaše galaksije. Obratite pozornost na moje riječi jer sad je trenutak za svetost da nastupi.

Mi smo Zvjezdana Nacija, posjetitelji starodavnog, koji su položili vašu bit na Zemlju tako davno. Mi smo vam poslali povratak Pradjeda AncientWolf PeaceBringer i njegovog najmilijeg sina Angel Jeremiah Gabriel. Oni su naš poklon čovječanstvu da vas vode u ovim vremenima promjene i zanimljivih događaja. Sa njima dolaze duše njihove zvjezdane obitelji, Dran Rashar (jedno od imena za indigo/kristal djecu) kako ih nazivate u ovom vremenu. Starodavni red Dran Rashar će vas voditi u ovim teškim i fantastičnim promjenama u ovom vremenu. Istinu ćete naći u njihovim običajima i oslobođeni ćete biti od otrovnih laži, koje bujaju u ovim vremenima. Ne brinite za proročanstva koja govore o svršetku, jer samo ludi očekuju kraj, dok mudri očekuju novi početak za sadašnjost, da postane sveta i dostojna bilo kakve svete evolucije. Uskoro će biti vrijeme da odaberete svoju evoluciju i jako je važno da obratite pozornost na ovu poruku sada. Ne gubite više vrijeme na nevažne stvari. Provodite vrijeme u molitvi i meditaciji, poučavanju svetosti života i ljubavi. Pažljivo slušajte učenja koja ćemo vam dati preko Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer i Dran Rashar i provodite vrijeme u proučavanju naših riječi kroz njih. Ne brinite se zbog hrane koju jedete, samo tražite vašu hranu u prirodi i ne u svetogrđu koje je čovjek razjario nad Zemljinom prirodom (odnosi se na masovnu proizvodnju koja umjetno uzgaja životinje i biljke, GMO hranu itd.--AW). Vaše fizičko tijelo treba hranu za evoluciju i mora biti snažno. Budite izbalansirani u vašoj prehrani i jedite što vam tijelo govori da trebate jesti. Neki od vas su duhovi rođeni iz trava i mahovine, rođeni da paze na biljke i šume, nekolicina vas će biti pozvana da se hranite samo iz biljnog bogatstva vaše majke Zemlje. Većina vas, uključujući Djecu zvijezda i Zvjezdano sjeme (Star Children and Star Seed), ponekad ćete trebat za hranu meso i životinjske proteine. Jao vašoj Zemlji jer ste zagadili vaše rijeke i oceane i uništili vaš najbolji izvor hrane! Jao vama jer sad evolucija neće biti ono što bi mogla biti. Poslušajte moje riječi i još uvijek će biti nade za vaš ljudski duh, da evoluira u svoj naredni veliki korak.

Ljudi, budite svjesni tko ste! Vi ste djeca Zemlje i Sol(a) vašeg Sunca. Vi ste pupoljak njihovog duha. Njihov duh je pupoljak naše galaksije. Naša galaksija je pupoljak našega Svemira. Iako ste maleni u usporedbi sa neizmjernošću Svemira nemojte podcjenjivati niti precjenjivati vašu važnost vašim Stvaraocima. Vaša obitelj su životinje, biljke, kamenje, planine, vode. Djeco Zvijezda (Star Children), budite svjesni tko ste! Vi ste stare duše koje su služile Božanskom već mnogo eona. Vi ste oni, koji su plivali u zvjezdanoj svjetlosti i vaše duše su se hranile sa esencijom zvijezda. Vi ste Dran Rashar, što je jedno od vaših brojnih imena. Vi ste ljudi, pa ipak, vaše duše nisu iste kao ljudske. Vis ste nadahnuti iznutra i predani rastu i evoluciji svih ljudi i zaštiti Zemlje i njene djece u nadolazećim nevoljama. Vaša obitelj su zvijezde i vaš bratić je Sol - Zemljino Sunce. Vaša sestra je Zemljin Mjesec, koje smo poslali da bi život bio bogat na Zemlji i da dovode vaše duše na Zemlju, da vodite njen život. Vi ste bili na Zemlji puno puta i sad se vraćate kao obnavljajući glas Božanskog u ovom dobu i sljedećem. Vi ste ratnici koji tražite mir. Vi ste glasnici Ljubavi i Zajedništva. Vi ćete voditi evoluciju čovječanstva kao zajednička snaga i koristeći glas Božanskog kojim govorimo kroz vas!

Zvjezdano Sjeme (Star Seeds), budite svjesni tko ste. Vis te duhovi Molekularnih oblaka (Stellar nurseries). Najstariji među vama su moja djeca, rođeni u molekularnom oblaku koji zovete Orionova maglica. Vi ste djeca koja su rođena kao posljedica rođenja zvijezda i u sebi čuvate njihovu esenciju. Za razliku od star children, vi nikad prije niste bili na Zemlji. Vi ste poslani na zemlju u ovo vrijeme, da učite skupa sa Star Children i tako pomognete voditi čovječanstvo prema dobu evolucije koje se bliža. I vi ste nazvani Dran Rashar jer ste dio zvjezdane obitelji.Svi se saberite i proučavajte riječi pradavnih proroka. Proučavajte riječi suvremenih Dran Rashar. Pripremajte jedni druge, jačajte jedni druge, podižite jedni druge. Onda izađite van u grupama i širite Ljubav, Mudrost i zajedništvo.

Mi, zajednica zvijezda ljuti smo na ljude Zemlje jer ste napustili ove principe. Niste brinuli za vaše siromašne i gladne. Niste pokazali ljubavi prema ranjenima. Niste zbrinuli beskućnike ni obukli siromašne. Napustili ste vaše ostarjele umjesto da slušate mudrost njihovih godina. Napustili ste jedni druge u potrazi za sebičnim ciljevima. Odustali ste od razmišljanja i razumijevanja i prepustili strahu da preuzme kontrolu nad vašim životima. Gnusno ste protraćili vaše živote, dozvoljavajući da vam ih diktiraju drugi. Mahnito ste uništili i dalje uništavate vaše prebivalište kao što nije uspjelo ni jednoj razvijenoj rasi prije vas. Morate preusmjeriti vaše živote k vašem duhu, tako da mu koristi vrijeme provedeno s vašim tijelom. Morate se posvetiti traženju svetosti kroz čistoću Ljubavi Božanskog. Samo vi ćete odlučiti da li će vaš duh i vaša rasa evoluirati uskoro ili će silno patiti tisućljećima da bi dobila priliku za iskupljenje. Zapamtite moćne brojeve 3, 7 i 9. Ukoliko koristite ove brojeve u vašem svakodnevnom životu, u vašim molitvama i meditacijama i u svemu što činite, bit ćete dovoljno jaki u duhu, da se suočite sa svakim izazovom vašeg rasta. Imajte ove brojeve za svete i uvijek ih se sjećajte. Oni su kod, ali nisu tajna, jer smo posredovali snagu ovih brojeva puno puta stanovnicima Zemlje. Bliža nam se vrijeme broja 7. Onda će se iz 3 roditi 9 i iz 9 će se ponovno opet roditi Nebesa (mislim da pri tom ne misli doslovno na trudnoću. Značenje ove rečenice je puno dublje--AW) Spoznajte moju mlađu Sestru, najveću zvijezdu u konstelaciji zvanoj Aquarius i spoznajte njene blizance, sina i kćerku kako ih vi poimate. Njeno pravo ime će vam otkriti Dran Rashar kad dođe pravo vrijeme. Ona će poslati duhove njene dvoje djece k Zemlji, da vas vode sa neba iako nisu više vični zajedničkom putovanju. Ona će biti vaš čuvar kad započne vaše sljedeće bivanje. (Tu je nešto skrivenog značenja u ovim rečenicama, pametna i mudra osoba vjerojatno će odgonetnuti nešto od toga.--AW)

Spoznajte vašeg djeda, koji je Kralj i Kraljica srca od zvijezde koju zovete Betelgeuse u konstelaciji koju zovete Orion. Iako vidite njegovo svijetlo, on je tamo već prije mnogo vremena došao do kraja svojeg puta. Njegov duh juri prema Zemlji sa blagoslovom ili prokletstvom koje ćete si prislužiti kao rasa. Samo on zna kad će stići. Može stići prije vaše evolucije ili nakon što je vaš izbor učinjen i pokrenut.

Ja sam Serah, glas zvijezda. Moj muž je Kralj srca od Aldebaran-a, daleko od mene, a uvijek me dodirujući. Pradjed Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer je moj kanal prema Zemlji. Slušajte moje riječi, slušajte moju mudrost. Obnovite sebe i jedni druge odmah, jer vrijeme odabira i promjene vam je sve bliže!

The Orion Stellar Nursery