December Solstice 2011

A Time of Major Change and Prophecy! Winter Solstice 2011 and beyond.

Blessings to all Star Children. May this Solstice Season of great change bring you wisdom and focus to your purpose, and may you always feel the Love of the Divine and your Star Brothers and Sisters, the Dran Rashar, around you.

As we approach the Winter Solstice before 2012, our year of prophecy begins. While we have had prophecies which cover the last few decades, this year is the one we have always called, "The year of prophecy." This year is the one in which everything changes, and this Solstice marks a shift in focus for all Star Children in order to guide humanity through these changes and to bring enlightenment to as many as possible before the Age ends.

Please do not misunderstand this to say that this Great Age will end for sure on December 21st, 2012. I, and other Dran Rashar, have enough respect for the Mayan culture to say that it is entirely possible that this Great Age will end on that date. However, the exact time of the ending of this Great Age or the beginning of the next Great Age is only ever known to the Divine until it happens. The Divine has graced us with the knowledge that these Solstices will be key events, and that the Winter Solstice of 2011 is key to us as Star Children.

A Shift in Focus

In the past several years we have had the focus of slowly revealing who we are as Star Children, as Dran Rashar, while also continuing to live by example and to share wisdom towards enlightenment. What is changing may seem subtle, but it's actually a major change.

Our focus now is on BEING Star Children, and going out as Star Children to do the work Creator has sent us here to do. This next year is going to be an interesting one, and it is time for us to put ourselves into action to help guide humanity through the end of this Great Age. There are thousands of people out there who are ready to take the next step into enlightenment who need the guidance only a Star Child can give. There are billions of people who need the wisdom and knowledge Creator grants the Star Children, that we may guide them through the coming catastrophes and wonders of the next year and beyond.

It is not necessary to announce yourself as a Star Child when you are ministering, but it is necessary to always be honest about the fact that you are a Star Child (or Angel, or Crystal Child, or whatever term you prefer) and that you are Dran Rashar (pronounced Drahn rahShahr.) It is most important that people know who you are through your actions, your attitude and the wisdom you share. True respect is earned, not given just because you tell people what you are.

Going out as Star Children also means recognizing and using the authority given to you and to all Star Children by the Divine in many things. You have an extraordinary ability to heal through prayer and through channeling Divine energy from the cosmos. You have the ability to tell any evil spirit to leave, and to banish it to another dimension, without using any tools (though we recommend using chimes or bells and the burning of a holy herb of some sort such as holy white sage.) You have the right to bless anything, including making some of the most powerful holy water and holy oils. You have the ability to channel the Divine spirit through you, at appropriate times and with appropriate ceremony and prayers, that the Divine may speak great truths through you and bless all around you. Keep in mind, none of these rights and abilities makes you Divine, and we are still able to be sick or injured and to make mistakes. You still need the help of other Star Children and of other people who serve the Holy Divine. Do not lose your humility lest the Divine remind you of it.

This also means that those who use what some call magic (sometimes spelled "magick" to differentiate it from stage illusion trickery, I just use "magic" as it's not a modernly accurate term no matter how it's spelled. It's just the best understood term) will find that they have a much greater ability to do so starting today. This ability has already been increasing in the last year or so, but today marks a major shift in the ability for "magic" to work. For Star Children, the signs in the sky are such that this ability is up to tenfold enhanced in comparison to other magic users. The enhancement of magic is especially true for all healing, blessing, and other Holy spells and workings. Not all Star Children use "magic," in their walks, and that is fine. Not everyone is called to work with those forces.

All Star Children will feel all of their natural abilities enhance starting today, though for some it may only be noticeable after the Vernal Equinox of 2012. You will find your ability to learn and understand will grow, as will your focus and dedication to tasks to which you set out to accomplish. Though you will also see an increase in your immune abilities, the viruses and bacterium which infect humanity are getting nastier this season and next year, so you may not notice any difference. Take extra good care of your health this year. Any psychic or other Divinely gifted abilities you have as a Star Child will also be greatly enhanced this year.

Contact is Important

More than ever, we must keep contact with other Star Children who are walking this path with us, and we must find the other Star Children so that we may walk this path as a whole unit, giving us the best chance of the greatest success for the Holy Divine.

To meet the first goal, I strongly encourage all of you to put aside your past differences and to make contact with Star Children with whom you've fallen out. I strongly encourage you to put aside your differences and work together towards the main goal. There aren't many differences which usually arise between Star Children, but they do happen and now is a time of Forgiveness! Forgive others in how they have wronged you that the Divine will forgive you in how you have wronged yourself and others.

In addition, the first goal is met also by e-mail H.P. Ancient Wolf, a Shaman and High Priest of the Dran Rashar who manages our website and acts as a central communication link for all Star Children. If you live in the United States or Canada, we also recommend regular telephone conversations with Ancient Wolf, Jeremiah Gabriel, and other Star Children who can call these areas without charge. We are working on a means of establishing telephone contact with our European Star Brothers and Sisters. Asia, Africa and Australia are currently out of our means for telephone contact, but we strongly encourage increased computer contact with other Star Children We will soon start a group or other page on Facebook for Star Children to stay in communication. We are currently weighing the options to allow the greatest participation. It is also good if we avail ourselves of the postal system should it be operating while electronic means are failing, or to send one another supplies or financial support. (We do not recommend keeping your money electronic in the next year! Get your money out of the electronic form and into a solid form! Do not keep all of your finances in one place either!)

To meet the second goal, call upon your inner Star and learn to use it to sense others who are of a Star spirit. I encourage you to keep cards with the Dran Rashar website on them and to recommend specific articles on the website whenever possible. Usually, the Star Child and Shaman links are good places for other Star Children to start. Invite them into social circles of other Star Children, such as our proposed Facebook group or any public gatherings of Star Children. Don't be afraid to answer questions about the Star Children, but don't let the subject be the focus of your conversations for too long unless you're speaking with someone you think might be another Star Child. Creator (God by whatever name or names you prefer) will grant you Wisdom in abundance if you but ask for it, and will guide you in your interactions with others on this matter and on all matters.

Finances and Support of One another

We are not meant to work typical jobs, but I am not encouraging anyone to quit any currently held jobs unless you feel otherwise called to do so. We are not meant to be doing anything other than spreading wisdom and love, and to be doing this full time from here on out. Our full time job is to grow enlightenment in those who are ready or almost ready. There is no more part time Star Child and part time of the world. If you must start or are continuing in another line of work along with your duties as a Star child, then it is important that you work in a job which allows you to also minister to others on occasion. Ministering to others simply means fulfilling the needs of others without expectation of reward, and generally includes some spiritual aspect, even if that just means praying with someone who needs prayer. Some of you may even be called specifically to work in a certain job environment which allows you to do exactly that sort of ministerial work in addition to the job for which you are paid. However, the vast majority of Star Children will find more and more as the year progresses that a job held for the sake of income, even one which allows some ministry, will likely interfere greatly with their other work, the work which was the only reason we agreed to come back to Earth when the Divine asked.

Now, if the vast majority of us aren't working any type of job for the sake of income alone, and in the current economy we may not have choice in that anyway, we need to address how we will have enough income to support ourselves and our ministry efforts. Of course, a simple, and accurate, way of putting it is, we need to trust in the Divine to provide. However, I know you are looking for more than that. So, I'll go over some recommendations I was given in meditation. First of all, the best thing you can do is to pray and meditate on your own situation, and see if there's some ministerial work you could be doing which is likely to bring in donations, but which will not cause you to focus on making money instead of doing what you need to do. If you have public speaking skills, you can teach a class or seminar on the next Great Age (we are happy to provide you with information and to help you gather materials when we can,) and charge a small fee for this class or seminar. You can teach classes on any spiritual subject in which you are knowledgeable, the Bible or another Holy book, Tarot, Healing, Herbalism, guided meditation, etc. You can also ask for donations for specific healing work (not for just a healing prayer, and never unless the other person asks you for it rather than you offering it to them.) You can ask for donations for reading Tarot, runes, I-Ching, crystal ball, etc. (where legal) and use these things to offer guidance to people who need it. Of course, if you have the legal right such as through an ordination, you may charge for weddings you perform.

In addition, in hard times, you may rely on your Star Brothers and Sisters to support your personal and ministry needs whenever we can. Never be afraid nor ashamed to ask, as we believe what each of us has is for the good of all of us. Likewise, we ask you to be similarly generous with your Star Brothers and Sisters. If you can make a donation to help contribute to the costs incurred by the Dran Rashar website, your donations will be greatly appreciated. Currently this comes out of the personal funds of Rev. Ancient Wolf or Rev. Jeremiah Gabriel. Any excess donations will be used to support the ministry efforts of any Star Child who needs assistance. Of course, always be willing to offer a meal, a place to stay or take shelter, or serve another need for anyone you can, but especially for a Star Brother or Sister. If you find yourself in financial need, contact Rev. Ancient Wolf and he will put the word out to other Star Children for confidential assistance. We pray for abundance for all Star Children.

As we said in a note above, it is best that you get your money into solid form as soon as possible. This means that you should have some of it in cash ready to spend and some of it in land or gold or some other investment which is tangible and able to be physically protected. Take as much of your money as possible out of electronic means. This means no banks, no credit cards, no debit cards, no checks, no electronic payment services. However, credit cards may be a necessity for at least a short time. We may also have to keep a bank account and electronic payment account open to collect donations, and such an account would be regularly emptied and its assets changed into a non-electronic form. If some of your ministry for which you seek donations is done on the internet, we recommend keeping a similar bank account in your name for those purposes, and to also regularly transform the money in the account into a solid and non-electronic form. In addition, DO NOT keep all of your money and assets in one place, nor even on one set of property, but have them readily accessible.

Those of you who can who haven't already started, put together an emergency supply of food. Some refrigerated and frozen foods will be good for a few days during a disaster, but the bulk of your food should be dried and canned goods. Be sure to regularly check expiration dates and cycle food out of your emergency supply and replacing it with food with a later expiration date. Also be sure to keep gallons and gallons of clean water, and a few water filters and/or a water distiller (not electric) for emergency use. Your emergency supplies should include enough for you and your household, with extra to cover unexpected spoilage and sharing with others in need. You want at least a 30 day supply ideally. You may also wish to keep vitamins and supplements in your emergency supply if you cannot cover all of your nutritive needs with dried and canned goods because of storage space or other reasons. We do not guarantee that there will be a disaster which will require you to need this supply, but the likelihood of it is high. Either way, you will find that emergency food storage useful as you may also use it to help others who have fallen on hard times (so long as you soon replace whatever you give out from it) even when there is no major disaster in your area.


The Star Children are not to interfere in any manner with the political workings of this Age, and we can be secure in the knowledge that the changes for which we would hope are inevitable in the long run as the New Age begins. If you have the legal right to vote where you live, you may still exercise that vote; however, you should have no other involvement in the politics of this Age. It is incredibly corrupted and any who are involved with it will be tainted and stained horribly during this next year, more so than normally.

In addition, we do not engage in political battles among the Star Children. The core group is here to guide you, not to order you around, and no Star Child has authority to tell another Star Child what they must do. There is no political structure of the Star Children, The Dran Rashar, because it is not needed. We are all guided by Creator, and we look to the high priests, high priestesses, shaman and the grandparent elders for wisdom and guidance, not for rule. Remember that the Dran Rashar encourage you to think for yourself, and we are not interested in doing anyone's thinking for them. The line of authority is : Creator above all, then the individual, with all responsibility to the individual, you. The individual is responsible for seeking wisdom from Creator and from Star Brothers and Sisters, and each one for one's own actions and choices. However, we are wise enough to know that we must respect the Wisdom granted all Star Children through those who are put in priesthood type and respected elder positions.

Signs in the sky: Eclipses and The Triune movement of the Divine

Some interesting things are happening in the sky this week, in addition to the Solstice which happened early this morning or last night (05:30 UTC.) We should pay heed to these signs and exactly what they mean for us. Please keep in mind that this is not an in depth assessment, and that more of the fullness of the meaning of these astrological occurrences is discussed above. This is meant as an overview and an insight as to how signs in the sky are signalling what is occurring.

The first thing of note is the occurrence of this year's eclipses, particularly two lunar eclipses. We had a lunar eclipse to precede each of the Solstices this year, Summer and Winter. A Lunar Eclipse to the Star Children, among other meanings, means that the moon is hiding behind the Earth so that she can send power from the Stars to the Star Children. During a Lunar Eclipse, the moon's energy is primarily focused on strengthening Star Children and on "giving birth" to new Star Child souls to be born on Earth in the following 3 months. A Lunar Eclipse may mean that the moon isn't watching others as closely, and some others have seen it as an ill omen accordingly. A Lunar Eclipse before the Summer Solstice means that the Sun and the Moon are working in unison to bless the Star Children. A Lunar Eclipse just before Winter Solstice means that the moon is sending us extra power during our most powerful time of year, as Winter Solstice is when we most feel the power of the other stars and are most able to work with the power of the sun. This empowerment means that we have the potential now to unlock all of our hidden talents and abilities, and it is a fantastic time for all psychic and spiritual work. This time is excellent for all vision quests and other similar activities. The fact that we had a Lunar Eclipse with both Solstices this year means that Star Children in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres were able to receive both kinds of blessings. It is also a near perfect mirror, which reflects and strengthens Holy Light.

The second thing to note is The Triune Movement of the Divine. On the Winter Solstice, the sun appears to be as far South from us as possible. It appears to "Solstice," or, "Sun stand still," over the tropic of Capricorn for three days, and then resumes its journey back towards the tropic of Cancer. This year, with the solstice occurring early on the 22nd or late on the 21st, the Solstice period will end with the sun beginning movement again on around December 25th. (Yes, this is why Christmas, the celebration of another god who was dead for three days and then rose again like the sun after Winter Solstice, was moved to that date.) On December 24th we experience the Dark Moon, which means it will also still be New Moon on December 25th. In addition, according to some astrologers and other sky observers, Jupiter will resume normal motion (end of retrograde) on that date, and begin its 6 month "in its shadow" period. Jupiter, the Moon and the Sun, as you probably know, all represent important aspects of the Divine. While this Triune occurrence will affect everyone on Earth, it will affect Star children to an even greater, and somewhat unique, extent.

The moon has her role in this alignment to show us that moon energy will be there for us while the other aspects of the Divine are gaining in strength again. Many see the Moon as being Sky Mother energy of the Divine. As we approach the Vernal Equinox, Jupiter, representing "sky father" without the sun aspect, will still be "in it's shadow," but it will already be gaining some of its strength back. You will find during this period that things which went wrong during the Jupiter retrograde will start to be repaired, and that you will need to set right any wrongs you did during that time also. Jupiter beginning its normal motion will begin this process, which will gain momentum as it moves out of its shadow, which will be complete around the middle of next year (just before Summer Solstice of next year if I remember correctly, which will have further meaning for then.) The Sun represents the Solar Sky Father in our beliefs as reflected in our mythology. With the Sun beginning its movement back towards the tropic of Cancer at the same time of the end of Jupiter retrograde, we see the Sun and the Moon strengthening Jupiter's efforts while Jupiter and the Moon Strengthen the Sun's efforts. This triune strengthening of Divine effort means that we, as representatives of the Divine, need to rededicate ourselves to living pure, Holy lives which are worthy of the authority the Divine grants us. Through doing so, we will find blessings heaped upon us like we never imagined possible, partially because they never were before possible to that extent. We must dedicate ourselves firmly to walking in the Light of Holiness, and not even allow ourselves the appearance of stepping out of the Light of the Divine in everything we do.

Some final wisdom for today:

1.Always approach with love, and never with judgment. Before you speak or send your words to someone, make sure you're saying it lovingly.

2. Your point is to replace the wrong, hateful messages with the right message, not to debate the hateful messages. If the topic wanders to something else, always bring it back to Love, Compassion, and the seeking of Wisdom and Knowledge. Remember to smile and be loving, everyone is worthy of Love in the eyes of Creator. Do not debate dogma and doctrine for too long.

3. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to always pray. Pray for Wisdom before you speak with someone, and pray with them if they are willing. Pray to thank Creator for Wisdom after you have spoken with someone. Pray for anyone who needs healing, but only if they accept your offer of prayers. Pray just because, and pray a lot. Having the Divine's guidance is the only way any ministry will truly succeed. You shouldn't make a public spectacle out of praying either, prayer is a private matter. You can pray in public, but don't go out of your way to be seen and noticed, even when praying over someone for healing. When praying for healing, always accept if others want to pray with you.

4. Remember your support network. Not all of us have the luxury of having other Star Children nearby to go out teaching with. However, every Star Child has the Dran Rashar to support us. Anytime you need Wisdom, Knowledge, Compassion, Comfort or even just to speak with another Star Child about anything for a while, know that you have many Brothers and Sisters out there who will support you, and who may count on you to support them when you can as well. You are a Star Child, and I love you. You are a Star Child and there are many other Star children who love you too.

5. If you're talking to someone who has at least a little bit of spiritual knowledge, and who has progressed at least some on their path to enlightenment, do not be afraid to discuss what they know. Even if their path is corrupted by some teachings of hate, you are likely to find common ground of Love on which to build bridges to enlightenment.

6. Stay Humble. You are a Star Child and you are here to guide humanity through the ending of this Great Age, and to prepare the enlightened for the next Great Age. You are not God, and none of us are perfect. Be the first to admit when you're wrong, and never lord your titles or Divine authority over others. This authority is a gift from Creator to be used for the benefit of all humanity, and your authority will be taken away if you lord it over others. The Divine will remind you of humility should you forget it.

7. Study the religion which is most prevalent in your area, as these are the people to whom you will primarily minister. However, always remember to take a broad view on religion and to study the holy texts and stories of at least a few other cultures and religions as well.

8. Be quick to forgive, slow to anger, and humbly admit when you are wrong. Do not let these things interfere with your Holy Light.

9. When all else fails, talk about your love for the Divine (whatever name or names you use for the Divine) and how the Divine has blessed you in your life and in your walk. Don't be afraid to talk about what enlightenment has done for you and the true freedom only it can bring.