Video Wisdom

These are ministry videos from the Dran Rashar Youtube channel maintained by H.H. Ancient Wolf . We are planning videos featuring His Holiness Jeremiah Gabriel and others in the near future.

This is the first video ministry made by Rev. Ancient Wolf. It's a good discussion about the relevance of Yeshua's (Jesus) wisdom, regardless of your belief about who he was or whether or not you even believe he existed.

We had the idea of having church-like services in local parks, but have since decided to go with impromptu gatherings without a church format. This is the first sermon from that church experiment.

Another recorded sermon from the church, but recorded later. I should have paused for the coyotes to finish. I'm glad they got to say their piece on the video too.

A video about how, when and if faith should be shared.

About the true life of Yeshua (Jesus) according to the stories of the Dran Rashar. Keep in mind that the details have been carefully preserved, but may still be a little off due to the intervening time of nearly 2,000 years.

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