Proclamations for the New Age

Proclamations for the New Age

By Ancient-Wolf Peace-Bringer of the Dran Rashar, through prayer, meditation and spiritual journeys with the Divine.

Many of you know that we entered a new age of humanity on December 21st, 2012. The old Age of approximately 26,500 years ended, and the New Age has begun. Thus, we cleanse away the things of the previous Age with our thanks for their presence, and we step into a new way of being.

Messiahs and Avatars

The Age of Messiahs is over. In the previous Age there were Messiahs for each of the astrological mini-ages contained within every Great Age. Mithras came in the Age of Ares along with Moses (each to different regions) and others, and Yeshua came in the Age of Pisces along with others to other cultures just prior to his arrival. Yeshua, the one many call Jesus, was the final Messiah of the Age, and was also an Avatar, a representation of Divine presence on Earth.

The Messiah's were messengers of the previous Age, to bring humanity back on track. Humanity so often fell away from the teachings of the Divine, and were given many chances to learn again with each Messiah. Along with Messiahs were many prophets, including many great prophets, to many different cultures, but too often the majority of humanity would not learn. So, Yeshua was sent as a final Messiah, to work miracles and to reaffirm the teachings of Love and community. Unfortunately, people still fell away.

All of the Messiahs of the previous Age now walk among us, but you have not recognized them and most of you never will recognize them. They are only here to observe and to gently guide. They will be recognized when the Divine spirit comes upon them in the great reckoning. The Dran Rashar know them.


It was once that there was only one gender, female. Even today there are some creatures which are only female, which reproduce by themselves. The design of the previous age was for male and female, to further expand human consciousness through the balance of the two. The design of the New Age will be multiple genders. Keep in mind that gender is separate from one's physical sex and from one's sexual orientation.

We have already seen, especially towards the end of the previous Age, a diversity in gender growing. Many Native American tribes recognized two-spirit people, those who were completely male and female in spirit regardless of their physical sexual characteristics. In more recent times we've seen the rise of those who feel more androgynous (which literally means being both male and female, though it's often used to mean "without gender) as well as those who are male but more effeminate, or female and more masculine, both among heterosexuals and homosexuals. In addition, we've also seen many people who were born one physical sex yet felt more comfortable with being the other physical sex, those who are transgendered and/or transsexual. All of this was a precursor to the new expression of gender in this New Age.

Eventually, humanity will potentially evolve to contain more than two physical sexes as well; however, whether or not that ever happens, the question of gender will become more of a personal goal, and less something which you care about in others. In other words, gender and gender expression will be very individual, and we will only appreciate that individuality in others, never disdain it.

This individuality will be expressed in mannerisms, style of dress, hair choices, and many other subtle and unique ways.

While we are still a two-gendered species, one can expect to see sexual orientation also be less of a question, as most people will fall in love with whoever they fall in love with, and won’t necessarily have a specific sexual orientation. However, we will still have those who lean more towards homosexual or heterosexual. Expect a move more towards the middle of the Kinsey scale, which will soon be obsolete anyway. Another person’s sexual orientation will only be a question if one is sexually interested in that person, and it will only be a simple matter without much contention.

I see new phrases popping up, “That’s so last Age,” and “that’s so nac,” (nac being short for anachronistic.) The phrases will denote any way of thinking which is stuck in the last Age, especially when it comes to questions of gender and sexual orientation, or style of dress and hairstyle. People will be so into celebrating differences, that anyone who can’t adapt to the New Age way of thinking will be met with one of these phrases.

The Youth Will Lead Us

The author of this paper will be turning 40 this year. He is of the first generation of leaders who are here to lead the transition into the New Age. However, children who were born since 1991 are those who will be the leaders of the New Age. They have already begun the new way of thinking for the most part, and the rest of them will soon wake up to it. Listen to their wisdom, and teach them well without telling them how to think. Let them find their own truth with your guidance, and find your own truth with their guidance!

If the New Age has any “Messiahs,” it is these youth, and their descendants. Soon, everyone will be in that frame of being, and there will no longer be a need for specific Divine messengers. There will still be those who dedicate more of their lives to spiritual pursuits and who will act as ministers, priests and guides, but a person’s spiritual journey will be very individual and we will no longer feel threatened by differences in beliefs between one another.


The author of this paper has been called to bear the sacred tobacco pipe for over 15 years; however, tobacco smoking is a thing of the previous Age, and it will no longer be a part of the daily ceremony. Your prayers with tobacco will still be heard, even if you smoke it, but it is no longer necessary to smoke tobacco.

Towards the end of the last Age, it became more common to use tobacco only in physical offerings, instead of smoking it. They would lay prayer ties, or sprinkle tobacco on the ground at a sacred spot for prayer. However, the world still needed us pipe-bearers to smoke tobacco as well.

The new way of praying with tobacco will be to lay it as an offering, or to burn it in fire without directly smoking it. The most holy way to use it in the New Age is to mix it with cornmeal, especially blue cornmeal or white cornmeal, and throw a small handful of it into a bonfire. When it is laid as an offering it should also be mixed similarly with cornmeal in the New Age.

You should use only natural tobacco, organically grown. It is far better to grow it yourself, but secondarily good to get it from someone you know who grows it. You may also purchase organic tobacco in a store if it is your only option.

There will still be a few pipe bearers, especially of the older generations, during the first part of this New Age, but its use as a smoking herb will be greatly reduced until it is almost never smoked by anyone.

Planting Prayer

In the previous Age, humanity destroyed much of the Earth, and reduced wild plants greatly. Thus, in the New Age, there is a new form of prayer which many people have already begun doing. This is the planting prayer.

It is simple enough. You take a seed or a seedling, if necessary you nurture it until it is able to survive on its own, and then you plant it somewhere. Plant it in your yard, in a nearby park or forest or wherever you can. It almost doesn’t matter what kind of plant, other than it should be a plant which is native to that habitat in that region, and not something injurious such as poison oak, ivy or sumac. Even when planting in your yard, choose a plant which is native to your region.

As you plant it say, “with this plant I offer renewal to the Earth so that the Divine (you can say God, or use any name or names for the Divine you normally use) will bless me with renewal in my spirit. As this plant is given to the Earth, may my prayers be heard.” Then state your prayers, remember to give thanks, and close in whatever way you feel is appropriate, including watering the plant.

It will be good to keep a stock of seeds and seedlings (some wild plants can just be sewn directly by seed, and don’t need you to tend them first) so that you are always ready for such a prayer. Remember when you’re traveling to pick up seeds for the locations in which you’ll be staying so that you can be ready for prayer there as well.

Remember that many cultures think of this New Age as the “flower” age, so flowering plants will be especially powerful for this prayer, as are trees, especially flowering trees of course. However, again, any native plant is a good choice.


Baptism was a convention of the last part of the last Age. Mithras had a form of it, Moses had the ritual bath, and John the Baptist and Yeshua brought in what we know today as Baptism. The idea of it was to symbolically take us out of selfish animalistic thinking, into a rebirth of the soul into a more spiritually pure way of thinking which is focused on love, charity, kindness, community, and peace. The version brought by the Essenes, John the Baptist, and Yeshua, was for the Age of Pisces, and was a baptism in fresh water.

The first part of the New Age will have a ritual of baptism, which is purely voluntary. Your immortal soul is not at risk for not undertaking the ritual, but it is greatly blessed and you are and feel so much stronger in spirit after you are newly baptized.

The New Age begins with the small age of “Aquarius,” another water sign, which is why there is a new water baptism. However, this one must be done in sea water, instead of fresh water, and it is not a full immersion baptism. This new baptism is a symbol of the rebirth of humanity which takes place during the first part of this New Age. It is a sign that one is dedicated to the Divine, and to the global community and spirit of the Earth including all of humanity. The waters of the ocean touch all of the Earth either directly or through weather.

The most sacred place for this new baptism is Morro Rock in Morro Bay, California. The Baptism must be done by a member of the Dran Rashar, or by someone who has been baptized by the Dran Rashar at Morro Rock. There are many other power spots where baptisms can occur, but the first ones should occur at Morro Rock beach.

If one cannot get to the ocean, sea water may be brought in a glass jar (NO PLASTIC) to the person to perform the baptism. Please do not swallow sea water under any circumstances.


While technology will play an important role in the New Age, its biggest role won’t occur for a thousand years or more. As this New Age begins, more people will realize the toxic nature of our current technology and demand something far better.

In addition, people will start returning to their connection with the Earth, and seeking non-electronic ways of doing things. Electronic media will be seen as unreliable for a while, and people will start seeking other ways of doing things. Thus, you will have a mix of modern electronic technology and more steam-punk, and earlier era inspired ways of doing things with modern twists.

The greatest inventors and most respected minds of this Age will be those who create the ways of making life work well without electronics, and those who work to make electronics no longer toxic.

I’d like to call this first part of the New Age the “Steam Punk Era,” because of the modern Steam Punk movement, and it will be celebrated in history books far into and beyond the new electronic era which will follow it.

The Environment

The New Age is marked by a much greater care for the environment as well. We spent so much time destroying it, we will no longer tolerate its destruction. The power structures which encourage its destruction will be toppled by their own weight, and we will see the resources of the planet used to the benefit of all without ever being abused or hoarded by any.

This new care for the environment is, of course, what will be part of the biggest drive to the Steam Punk Era, and the technology developed during and following that Era will be far more geared towards environmental friendliness and eliminating its negative effects on human health.

The Reckoning

The Reckoning is a time which is inevitable, but of which no prophet whom you can trust will ever predict the date. Only the Divine knows when it is coming, and the Messiah’s of the previous Age may be reincarnated several more times before it occurs, or it may happen in the next year. The only thing known about the timing of it is that it will be within this New Age which just began. Only those who have sought after love, wisdom, community, charity, and peace are those who will remain for the future of humanity.

The reckoning is a time of strife, and the Divine will walk the Earth at that time. The Earth will be cleansed, and reborn for the future of humanity and its evolution. It is after that time of reckoning that humanity will begin to physically evolve.

The eras I foresee for this New Age are aside from this time of reckoning, and may only be interrupted by it. However, because of the nature of these eras, I would be lead to believe that the time of reckoning may be sooner rather than later. At the same time, it is just as likely that the Reckoning will occur at the end of the Age, and that it will just be that those who have spiritually evolved in the previous Age are the only ones being born in this Age.

Many cultures around the world have talked about this time of Reckoning. The Christians talk about the Apocalypse. The Norse call it Ragnarok, the war of the gods. The Hindus think of it as the end of the Kali Yuga, when the Earth is destroyed and reborn. The Mayans talk about the gods returning. The Hopi speak of the appearance of the Blue Star Kachina as a mark of a time of reckoning and rebirth for humanity. There are as many ways to phrase it as there are cultures and religions on Earth, perhaps even more. However, it ultimately boils down to the same thing; those who have worked towards the Light, towards Love, towards spiritual growth, those are the chosen and the elect who will move forward to the New Earth when Heaven and Earth are reborn.

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