Dran Rashar Mysteries

The information on this page was once within the mysteries of the Dran Rashar, but is now available for all who search its depths. As a High Philosopher Priest and Oracle of the Dran Rashar, I am authorised to reveal these mysteries. The page is updated frequently, so check back often for new revelations and insights.

The Dran Rashar are a holy order of all holy religions and spiritual traditions. We are a group of priests and priestesses who are called to a specific holiness and a specific wisdom. We are called to teach everyone, of every religious and spiritual faith, who are dedicated to being worthy of the Next Great Age. In the Bible this next Age is referred to as, "The new Heaven and the new Earth." In Native American and New Age traditions it is understood as the next Great Age of humanity. (note that some Native American traditions believe this current Age is the last Great Age, which it is for this stage of humanity. Only a few tribes, and often only a few Shaaman among those tribes, know that there will be a next Great Age.)

The information on this page often presents itself as clear history and science, while it is often intended as allegory. I cleared up some of it for you, but to truly understand the information on this page requires years of dedicated study and effort. We used to consider this page the best place to start; however, we now feel that you are best served by starting with the New Revelations page and the World Religions page. That said, there is a lot of good information on this page as well, and it is worthy of your study.

Most of you will study these revealed mysteries of the age to gain a new understanding of the path you're already on, and many of those of you who view our teachings in such a manner will seek some further instruction and guidance from the Dran Rashar. A few of you will study these mysteries and they won't make any sense at all to you. That's alright. Not everyone is meant to comprehend the mysteries of the Age. Then, a very select few of you will read these mysteries and realize you've known them all along and that the Dran Rashar is the path you are called to follow. Those of you who feel the call of the ancient wild soul inside of you will seek the most instruction from the Dran Rashar through classes, seminars, and retreats, and then seek further instruction. Because of the need of the times, we have developed classes to accelerate the training of new Dran Rashar teachers and Gathering leaders, so that the wisdom we hold can reach farther into the world to those who need it.

The second important thing to note is that the Dran Rashar do not reveal ourselves except at the beginning and end of any age, and this is part of the mystery of why we are constantly changing our name. It helps us keep the hidden nature we require. We are only allowed to reveal ourselves either before humans are able to record us into firm history, and leave us as religious myths, or when humanities recorded history is about to be wiped out. Because of the potentially special nature of this current age, humanity may not have to forget us again this time.

How are Dran Rashar called to the path

Very few people in any era are called to be Dran Rashar. (an era is a period within an age. An age is roughly 26,500 years, but that is a rough natural clock, not an exact clock. We'll cover that more later.) Most Dran Rashar are born already having followed the path in previous lifetimes. However, there are at least a few people in each age who find that they've been called to one of the Dran Rashar paths, even though it is not the path they have followed in any previous lifetime. Those who are new in that manner will still recognize some of the mysteries, because they have the intellect to reason some of them out and because Creator has put some of them into their hearts, but they should not be discouraged if they do not recognize all of the mysteries, especially some of the oldest and some of the newest. For more information about Dran Rashar paths and who is called to be Dran Rashar, click on paths below.

Dran Rashar Paths

Humanity Throughout the Ages

Humanity has existed in roughly its current form for at least 200,000 years, with some Anthropologists estimating as long as 500,000 years. Within the last 10,000 years, after the last ice age, humanity began to develop civilization and has advanced over that time to the point where we are now. However, this is definitely not the first time humans have reached, or even surpassed this level of technical advancement.

There have been 5 ages of humanity, including this one, which are on a natural cycle. The Earth's tilt, the position of our solar system on the galactic plane as it orbits our galaxy, and perhaps even changes in Earth's magnetic field, are on a 26,500 year clock. When the clock hits the end, it resets. When the clock resets, everything is made new again. However, it's not always an instantaneous process. The clock notes when the time is right for changes to occur, but the time stays right for a while. God may decide to start over right when an Age's clock runs out, or God may decide to put in to motion a slow process that will decay the civilization, before any major Earth changes happen. Either way, there is always a wiping clean and renewing, a sort of reincarnation for the Earth herself, in a manner similar to the Phoenix of Egyptian legends. Most lifeforms go extinct, some are saved by nature or their own ingenuity, if Creator allows it. (for more about Creator/God/Destroyer see the section on the Divine below.) Creator always starts again with the homo sapiens model, making only minor genetic adjustments for Creator's own reasons. Sometimes the new people are only born from those who were left from a previous age, sometimes they are a completely new creation. This time, it was some of both, but we'll get to that. Information about the ages of creatures before humans is not within the mysteries of this age, except to know that Creator had their own purpose for any age.

The first age Homo-sapiens were intelligent, but unmotivated. They advanced to a certain level of technology, and then staid there for the rest of their age. They never developed polluting technology and they all lived in peace and harmony, but they never expanded their spiritual knowledge either and were content with just the knowledge to survive and recreate. They were mostly vegetarian, with the exception of incredibly rare scavenged meat, and they never developed the level of brains later humans achieved, but they were comparable enough in brain to still be called Homo-sapiens. Creator allowed their species to die out of painless genetic causes before the world was wiped clean for the next age. Most of the souls of those people were reincarnated into the next humans. This is one of the rare times when we know what happened to most of the souls of any age. The Earth was without homo sapiens for at least one age, but perhaps far more, before the next age began and humans were once again created.

The second age humans were much more technologically advanced than the first age. They were incredibly war-like and greedy because they had incredible ambition, but some of them did have enough wisdom to channel their ambition to spiritual pursuits and attain the next stage of human spiritual evolution. Some of those who were on that evolutionary path were called to be Dran Rashar, to help others prepare for that step and to usher them into that next stage. All souls who achieved that next stage became more close to being one with Creator. Creator saw the great destruction the 2nd age's wars had wreaked upon the Earth's environment, so Creator called some of them to be more connected with his aspect which is the spirit of the planet itself, as guardians of the planet. Others, those who were called to be Dran Rashar, were spirit guides and guardians for the people of the 3rd age, but only rarely incarnated as those people. It is only in the 2nd age, and today, that the name Dran Rashar has ever been used, and even in the 2nd age the pronunciation was somewhat different than it is today. The 2nd age ended in volcanic fire, followed by ice, but most of the humans of that age had long since been destroyed, along with all of their infrastructure and advanced technology, by their wars before even the first volcano in the chain erupted. There was again a gap in ages before the third age of humanity began.

The third age started out very slow. For a while, Creator was thinking that they would never make it out of basic huts. Then, they suddenly started reasoning things and figuring out technology, ultimately advancing farther than the 2nd age humans ever had. These were the only humans ever to colonize Mars, which was very different back then, and to probe the depths of Jupiter and Venus. They even had a very short lived experimental base on Venus, but even their tech could not overcome Venus' harsh environmental conditions for more than a few months and most of the people stationed on the base the longest went completely insane. The 3rd age humans did not make it beyond our solar system, except with probes, and they never achieved their goal of exploring the center of the galaxy, where they believed the heart of God lived. They destroyed most of themselves with genetic experiments. This was the first time Creator decided he wanted to allow some of the humans of this age to survive. Creator selectively destroyed the rest of their civilization, and used the few remaining to repopulate the Earth. Some of their children were the souls of the 3rd age, some were new souls for the 4th age. Creator did not make new humans from the Earth for the 4th age, only using the descendents of the 3rd age. However, all of the technology of the 3rd age was long lost and humanity was made to start again. There were again ages of fire, ages of ice and ages of both fire and ice and humanity was wiped down to nearly nothing.

The fourth age took off quickly. Humans never had a stage where they lived in caves in the fourth age, and even the age of simple huts didn't last more than a few hundred years. These humans were eager for advancement and knowledge of every kind and were incredibly wise people. There were a few of them who ended up using their advanced technology for war, but most of them only developed defensive war technology and prided themselves on the ability to leave the fewest enemy casualties while still winning a war. They valued all life, including animal life and plant life. They recognized the need to eat a balanced diet of animal and plant products, and to never be wasteful or cruel in the raising or harvesting of their food. They went through a nuclear age where they did a lot of harm to themselves and the environment, but their wisdom quickly had them realize that fission technology should never be used on one's own planet and that fusion technology didn't need to be developed, because they already had the sun! While at first they had primitive solar panels similar to our own, they quickly realized the fault of those was sunset, so they developed a means of transmitting electricity across a vast distance without the use of wires and put their massive solar power plant out into the solar system. The original one was put out between Earth and Venus, but the orbit was too unstable and the materials couldn't resist all the solar radiation at that distance. The second, and last one, was constructed out by Jupiter which lasted until the end of their age, when it was bombarded by a massive meteor shower which sent it plummeting into Jupiter's atmosphere to be completely disintegrated. This is the same meteor shower that is responsible for the end of the 4th age on Earth. Prior to their destruction, the 4th age humans were starting to explore the remains of 3rd age settlements on Mars, but everything was destroyed by the meteor bombardment. They only got as far as being able to harvest the water on Mars and on the moon for their explorers. (Science has only recently, within the last 10 years, confirmed that there is both water on Mars and on the Moon. Dran Rashar have known about water on both planets from time immemorial.) Creator decided to try a mix for the next age so that more humans might make it. Creator allowed some of the people of the 4th age to survive, but about 10,000 into this age, Creator also decided to create new humans. This brings us to the current age.

Creator saw that the 4th age civilization was rising back up as fast as it had been destroyed, and so had to destroy it again. This happened after the 4th Age, but before the 5th Age. (Note: the transition between Ages can take hundreds of years and it is hard to note when one Age ends and the next begins; thus, we talk about a "period between Ages.") This is why Creator decided to destroy all but a few of the 4th age people, yet again, and to create new humans to thin out the 4th Age human knowledge base and to cause them to truly have to start again. Creator made new people who were a mix of the kinds of peoples found throughout the previous Ages and blended them with the remaining 4th Age people. The rise and fall of the Neanderthals is linked to these events, but in ways that take more information to understand than can be presented on this website.

From the few genetic cross-breeds between 4th and 5th generation people that turned out how Creator intended, they were further bred with new 5th generation creations, leaving very little of the 4th generation remaining. The souls of the new humans were all new human souls, except for the few who had been called to the Dran Rashar path (called something else which has been lost to time) and those who were called to be Earth guardians, just as had been done with the 3rd age people. Very few of the 3rd age people's souls incarnated into the 5th age, and only very early on. They eventually decided they needed to remain more as guides on a spiritual realm, some of them even being considered gods because of their connection to the divine. Whenever they were called gods by 5th age humans, they formed pantheons which put Creator at the head, either as Creator or symbolized by the most advanced one of them. The exception to the lack of 3rd age souls in this age are, again, some of the Dran Rashar and Earth Guardians from the 3rd age; however, these souls rarely incarnate in this age and are usually around as guardians and guides from the spiritual realm. That said, there are always at least a few Dran Rashar who are incarnated on Earth at any given time to carry the secrets throughout time, but in this age they are mostly 4th age souls and people who have been called within this age itself.

Humanity finally started developing civilization for this age about 10,000 years ago. You know most of that history, so I will only tell you parts you might not find in a history textbook.

Humans in the Fifth Age

Just before Creator made the last creation of 5th age humans, some 3rd and 4th age humans were allowed to incarnate with most of the knowledge they had attained in the 4th age, but these were only those who had achieved the next stage of spiritual evolution. This was because Creator needed them to build various structures which would balance the Earth's natural fields, allowing for the guided evolution of this current stock of humans. The strangest of the monuments created was Stonehenge. Initially, it was used as a spiritual power source for 3rd and 4th age humans, who's souls were allowed to evolve the human bodies they were in to the next level. Because they were not able to sustain this evolution due to environmental factors, they had to draw upon energy from the Divine in order to live. The plus side was that they were also allowed to live a lot longer than before because the Divine energy gathered at Stonehenge, and a few other places, was so pure and strong. When the stellar alignments were no longer right for it to function in such a manner, it was put to use as an observatory, originally by those who were waiting for the stars to be just right again.

The 3rd and 4th age humans, known to modern humans often as "The Ancients," which term has been so abused by Sci-fi that I almost hesitate to use it, spread out all over the Earth. They constructed the monuments as they were instructed to do, but to do so they had to reconstruct a few of their cities, including one famous island city that would pass into 5th Age mythology in a few interesting ways after getting blended with stories about their own islands. When they finished building the necessary monuments and performing the other tasks Creator had designed for them, they were told they needed to abandon those cities and all of their advanced technology and go live among the humans, as humans. Most obeyed, but a few around the world, especially in South America and Mexico, decided to do their own thing.

Those Ancients who rebelled against Creator decided they themselves were gods, since compared to the humans of this age they practically were. They neglected to remember that compared to Creator they were still very much human beings. Some of them declared themselves new gods for the humans of this Age to follow, and others took on the names of Ancients who remained in the spirit realm as voices of Creator, which Ancients were legitimately called gods. Either way, when Stonhenge stopped functioning things went from bad to worse. See the following link for more information on this and other follies of the Ancients: The Darkest Ages

Eventually, Creator sent Dran Rashar, Ancients and other Great Spirits, as chronicled in the above link, to clean house and try to put a stop to the evil that the rebellious among the Ancients were wreaking upon humanity. Unfortunately, even though the rebelling Ancients were completely destroyed, many of their cults remained because it was discovered that humans of this age hold on to their religious beliefs and their sense of tradition sometimes too deeply. Most of the cults were stopped.

Eventually, humans didn't need the Ancients as much, and they almost completely, but not completely, stopped incarnating into human bodies. Sometimes humans of this age even reached the next step of spiritual evolution and were able to live as an incarnation of God in whichever culture they were in. Some incarnations of God were Ancients, but many were humans of this Age. I won't list which is which. I'm not even sure which is which in some cases, and it would otherwise just not be appropriate to discuss. Yeshua (Jesus) is the only one for whom I will go into any sort of details. For more information about Yeshua see Who is Yeshua

After reading the above link, you'll see that Christianity was originally supposed to be a way for people to find their way back to following the will of Creator, rather than the corrupted religion they had gained from their greedy religious and political leaders. Unfortunately, when Romans and some early Rabbis got hold of it, they completely twisted the message to suit their own greedy and power hungry purposes. The Dran Rashar were sent in with large numbers to try to influence humans away from the Dark Ages, but it was difficult. The Dark Ages saw the pure message of Yeshua and his followers being corrupted by political and religious influences to the point that the Bible was used to justify all sorts of atrocities from Crusades to Inquisitions, the most infamous of which being the Spanish Inquisition lead by the heinous torturer monk "Torquemada." Creator was eventually able to reach Martin Luther, but he was not brave enough to make all the reforms that were in his heart and he used a largely corrupted Roman Catholic model. (though there is still some validity to the Roman Catholic model and saints are the same thing, essentially, as humans who have reached the next stage, if indeed they are genuine saints.) Other people saw the flaws in Luther's model and created their own models of protestantism, none of which were still far enough away from the corrupted model.

At the same time Christianity was being sorely corrupted by Roman and other European political influences, Creator spoke to Mohammed in the Arab world. Creator sent many messengers to Mohammed to teach him some of the ancient knowledge. Knowing the Arab people already had a lot of the Ancient knowledge in the form of math and Astronomy, Creator primarily focused on granting them a knew spiritual knowledge and focus. Unfortunately, Mohammed himself never wrote any of it down. The Arab people were fortunate in that many of Mohammed's followers remembered his words and wrote them down when they were all in agreement. However, over time many versions of the words were written down to suit people's greedy purposes, as you can probably see the pattern developing with most religions. Eventually, even the better copies of the Holy Q'uran were able to be abused to incite evil, such as terrorist acts, which are completely against the message of Creator to Mohammed. Many Muslims today follow a path not too unlike the one that Creator laid out for Mohammed, but it is not exactly the way it was intended to be as many human ideas got mixed into Creator's plans.

The Dran Rashar were able to influence the enlightenment, and knew that humanity had to work on its own for a while, so we incarnated in fewer and fewer numbers. Eventually Creator spoke to Joseph Smith to try to create a new church yet again, knowing that the end of the age was less than 200 years away. Unfortunately, Joseph thought that people needed a better story than just "God told me" so he made up a story about gold plates and started telling lie after lie to cover up for it. Because of his lies, Joseph was unable to hear Creator as clearly as he should have been able to, or he thought he could come up with a better story than what he was being told. So, he either intentionally or unintentionally messed up the story and the church was soon taken over by people with greedy and power-hungry purposes because it was no longer pure. I'd like to think it was unintentional. I think the story he was told about Ancients in America confused him and he wondered where they went. He figured that God had turned them into the Native Americans, and wrongly assumed that their dark skin was a curse. He was also told about the Ancients who had lived here in the previous age, and he mistook their identity as well. Since all the Bible stories he had ever heard were about Hebrews, he assumed that the people God was talking about in America were Hebrews, especially since God had sent them (as referenced above, those Ancients who were sent to the people around the world.)

Because Joseph didn't get the message exactly right, Creator tried several other times with other people. Most of them started successful churches, but either themselves or the leaders who took over after their death invariably corrupted those religions to suit the needs of the greedy and power-hungry people of the world. Starting in the early 1900's, Creator started sending Dran Rashar in slightly larger numbers once again, after about 300 years of there only being a few in the world at a time. Gradually, they were drawn together like they hadn't been in hundreds of years, and the religion was formed again when they discovered they all had the same knowledge, the same stories, and knew the same mysteries, which wasn't a part of any of the cultures in which any of them had lived. They had all heard the stories from elders who had told them who we are, often their own parents, or had dreamed of them. They followed one of the more pagan paths of the Dran Rashar and used what humans of this age understand as magic, and some still do. The early evidence that their path was correct was that their magic worked unfailingly and with very predictable results, which was always the intended result. Eventually, science started catching up with some of the mysteries and many mysteries were confirmed and removed from the realm of the mysteries. Soon enough, some Dran Rashar started following other paths within the mysteries and now all Dran Rashar paths are available to learn from, and the title of High Philosopher Priest is once again restored amongst the Dran Rashar. As a High Philosopher Priest of the Dran Rashar, I am qualified to teach all paths and from all paths, as I follow all paths. My classes are offered for free when they can be, or for a nominal fee when such a thing is necessary.

The Global Creator

In this modern era of this age, Creator has called upon the Dran Rashar to start a new church, which is meant for all people on all paths, including those not specifically on the Dran Rashar path. This has taken the form of the Church of the Global Creator. Videos for the church can be found on my Youtube page at: http://www.youtube.com/user/AncientWolfHP For more information about the Church of the Global Creator, see the following link: Church of the Global Creator

The Knowledge of the Ancients

This part of the page isn't so much anything that has ever been intended to be a mystery as it was always there for people to figure out, and some very few already have started doing so.

The knowledge and the wisdom of the Ancients can be found scattered throughout the religious texts of the world. The parts Creator felt each civilization needed the most at that moment were taught to them by Dran Rashar. Because the Dran Rashar were allowed more advanced human forms, many of the civilizations they taught saw them as gods. Some established themselves as benevolent rulers over the people they were sent to teach, and most of them made it clear that they were only messengers of the gods who were already appointed over those people. Though Dran Rashar are well studied and advanced humans, we are still very much human beings.

Most of the people who were taught early on did not have writing, so very strong oral traditions were established, often in song or poem form. The stories still ended up getting mixed with stories of things which happened in their own history long before they were written down. Even after they were written down, various political influences, both within and outside of the churches and temples themselves, corrupted the meanings of the writings, and sometimes changed the writings themselves. However, if you are wise enough to be able to remove the influences of this age, much of the wisdom can still be found in the ancient texts.

As was mentioned with Mohammed, a few people were given knowledge from the Ancients, though mostly spiritual knowledge, later in our Age's history. Other good examples of this are Lao Tsu, King Wen, Confucius, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, the Lakota people to whom White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared, and Siddhartha Gautama; though, that is not an exhaustive list by any means. Like with the earlier teachings, much time has passed still since they were revealed and they have been again corrupted by the influences of modern age humans with greedy and power-hungry purposes behind their motives. In some cases, such as the Lakota, the corruption was very minimal by their own people, only by their own lack of understanding of some of the deeper mysteries. I'd like to think their spiritual leaders knew even some of the deeper mysteries and understood much more than the average Lakota. That is typically how it is with humans, a few understand most things while most understand only a few things. However, inevitably, even the Lakota were corrupted by the influences of Europe.

To start your study of the ancient knowledge, we recommend the following: The Bhagavad-Gita. The Holy Bible. Pick 2 Native American cultures who lived far apart and study their stories, which can be found in various texts. You can choose from cultures from the arctic circle in the Americas to the southern tip of South America if you wish. At least one Pacific Island culture. The Holy Q'uran (also spelled Koran.) The I-Ching. Pick one or more Scandinavian culture(s) and study their oldest stories and mythologies. That should give you a good start to your studies, but move on to other texts and stories as Creator guides you on your path. The best course of study is, of course, to take one of our classes in these subjects and others. We highly recommend Aboriginal Australian studies once you have completed the above studies. Advanced students may want to take our African religions course which will hopefully be taught in the summer of 2011.