Weddings, Baptisms and Other Services

Both H.H. Rev. Ancient Wolf and H.H. Rev. Jeremiah Gabriel are ordained to perform legal wedding ceremonies in the United States and some other countries. We perform heterosexual and same-gendered weddings of many spiritual traditions. See below for more information. Please see our Privacy Policy.


We offer a wide range of Christian, Pagan, Star Child and all-religious wedding ceremonies. Custom ceremonies can be designed by the minister who may request an additional small donation for this effort. Requests for ceremonies outside of San Luis Obispo county, California should be submitted at least 90 days in advance whenever possible. Ceremonies outside of San Luis Obispo county, California may have additional travel-related costs. 3 pre-marital counseling sessions (not mental health counseling) are free and required with the minister prior to the wedding ceremonies over which he ministers. You will also receive a wedding certificate from the Universal Life Church and/or from the Dran Rashar, and if you have designed a custom ceremony with the minister you will also receive a printed copy of your wedding ceremony including your vows. Minister fees should be paid at least one week (7 days) before the day of the ceremony and must be paid before any rehearsals. Minister services for one rehearsal are also included with the ceremony, and are made available upon payment for the ceremony. Consenting adult couples of any gender combination are welcome for commitment ceremonies and/or for legal weddings when possible according to law. Contact Rev. AncientWolf at for current ministerial fees for wedding services.


We offer traditional Baptisms in the Christian (immersion) tradition tho those who feel this step will aid them in their spiritual progress. In addition, we offer Star Child baptisms for those who become ready for this step. There is no charge for a baptism, of course. You may be asked to select the venue (a local river or hot spring is ideal.)

Funerary Services

Our hearts reach out to those who need these services. We have long served to aid in the passing of the deceased and to comfort their loved ones. It is one of our oldest honors and traditions, and we offer these services to those who are in need of them. We offer funerals of many spiritual traditions, including some suited for loved ones of differing belief systems.

Hospital and Prison Ministries

Hospital, sick visitation, and prison ministries are volunteer ministries and we do not ask for any donations nor charge any fees for these services. If you are sick or in prison and would like us to visit you, call you, write to you or simply pray for you, do not hesitate to contact Rev. AncientWolf at: or at the e-mail link above. We love you, Creator loves you, and we want to be there when you need prayer, comfort and spiritual guidance.

Spiritual Counseling

Rev. AncientWolf is a highly trained Spiritual Counselor who offers intensive spiritual counseling sessions. If you are having a faith crisis, feel like you're stagnating in your path, or just need someone to talk to about what's going on in your path, contact Rev. AncientWolf at the e-mail address above. Your counseling session will be caring, loving and will not be biased towards any one religious choice or another. One on one counseling sessions are one hour. Couples counseling sessions are one hour or one and a half hours. There is a small minimum donation for these intensive spiritual counseling sessions. Financial need is considered on a sliding scale. We will not ask you to go broke for spiritual counseling. These sessions are intensive spiritual health counseling, not mental health counseling. Serious mental health issues should be referred to a licensed mental health professional. Hospital, sick visitation, prison ministries and bereavement counseling as part of funerary services are absolutely free, as noted above. Counseling sessions are confidential.

Future-Care Services

We call these "Future-Care" services because our Oracles, Prophets and Psychics don't just tell you what is going to happen, they also guide you to making positive changes whenever it's possible. By law these services are offered for entertainment purposes only. Your future is in your hands, and we will simply serve as one of your guides to the hidden possibilities in front of you. No outcomes are guaranteed. Our Future-Care services include Tarot, Spirit Path Cards, I-Ching, Crystal ball and will soon include Nordic Runes. Simply e-mail your question to Ancient Wolf and one of our ministers will use their years of study of the Oracle tools to tell you what they see coming for you. If you do not have a specific question, a general reading is also offered. These readings are by donation according to your ability and according to your heart. We will not turn you away if you cannot make a donation at this time, but we ask you to give generously to support our broader ministerial efforts.

Other ministerial services

Rev. Ancientwolf and Rev. Jeremiah Gabriel are also available for home blessings, child dedications, spiritual journeys, and other ministerial services. Some of these services will have a requested or required minimum donation, but most other services will be free or for a donation according to how Creator leads your heart. Contact Rev. AncientWolf for more information.