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Important Announcement of March 15, 2011. The Oracle of the Dran Rashar has been called to do other Oracular work during this very trying year. As you know, the Oracle read the signs and declared this to be the "Year of Judgment", or the "Year of the Judging Messiah," on the first of this year, 2011. We are pleased now to make the following announcements: 1. Jeremiah Gabriel, who acts as assistant Oracle to the Dran Rashar, is lending his talents to this effort. We do not guarantee that the readings will continue weekly, and we will present them as often as possible. Most of the new information will be going on a new page on this site called Year of Judgment 2011. 2. We are not abandoning the Weekly Oracle Pages here or on Facebook, but we are putting the vast majority of our efforts towards revelations for this very important year and this time period foreshadowing of the ending of this Age.

These readings began on September 21, 2010 and will continue as long as they are needed. The readings on this page are given by the Oracle of the Dran Rashar as vitally important information for the entire world. Everyone needs to find this page if they want to have the best chances every week. Come back weekly to find the updates either Sunday or Monday afternoons. Please keep in mind that these are incredibly accurate readings, but that the future changes based on the actions of the individual being read for. This is largely the purpose of a Tarot or I-Ching reading, to learn what the right choices are and thus to have the best possible outcome. These readings are for all of humanity, so the actions of everyone affect the future. The Tarot and I-Ching readings on this page will tell you what the most likely future is, or what the future can be if we take the course of action it prescribes. No outcomes are guaranteed, but these messages from Creator provide some of the best chances anyone can have. You may now also become a fan of us on Facebook by clicking HERE and then clicking the "like" button on our Facebook page.

The I-Ching and Tarot readings done by Rev. AncientWolf, including both personal readings and the readings on this page, are done by hand, using actual yarrow stalks and Tarot cards, and not by a random generator nor any electronic means. The I-Ching is cast according to the yarrow stalk method as taught by Confucius. The yarrow stalk method is a far more involved process, but yields details that other methods fail in producing. The Yarrow Stalk Method takes a bit longer, but has myriad advantages over any other method of casting known today. The Tarot readings on this page use the standard 10 card "cross" spread unless otherwise noted. This spread yields a great amount of detail and is most appropriate a global reading.

Rev. H.P. AncientWolf is an Oracle of the Dran Rashar. An Oracle of the Dran Rashar is one who has shown strong natural tendencies towards psychic contact with the Divine and the Universe, and who has been trained as an Oracle on the path to becoming a High Philosopher Priest(ess.) One is called an Oracle once one has completed this training and has also earned the title of High Philosopher Priest or High Philosopher Priestess. An Oracle of the Dran Rashar has the ability to speak and revelate for the entire world when it is necessary to do so. The portents are right and now is such a time. Do not repost the information on this page without written permission from Rev. AncientWolf; however, you may share the link to this page with everyone, everywhere, and you are encouraged to share it. Currently, these readings can only be found here. This page contains only the summary reading, with only the accomplished gua. If you would like to subscribe to the more detailed reading, please contact Rev. Ancient Wolf. There is a small monthly fee for the detailed weekly reading by e-mail which includes: the details of both the I-Ching and the Tarot reading, the summary of each; the summary of how the two readings work together and other valuable information. You may also find out information about personal readings on our Ministerial Services page. Contact Rev. AncientWolf at AncientWolf @ DranRashar.org (remove the spaces.)

September 21, 2010 I-Ching

The gua for this week is number 39, Jian, which represents continued hardship. The symbol for this gua is water over mountain, which represents darkness over stillness. This means that darkness which has already been, will continue for a while. Creator/Universe has decided that this week we need to hear about that continued hardship and how to get through it. The key this week is to trust in our leaders. The virtuous among our leaders will continue to stand firm and be guided by Creator to help us all out of this period of global hardship. This applies particularly to our political leaders, and especially to those with the highest offices. This is not a good time for journeys or major changes to your life. The Equinox, tomorrow, and the full moon on the 23rd, will be a good time for you to begin work on establishing balance in your home. Along with trust in our leaders, steadfastness and stability in the home will be one of the biggest helps this week.

September 22, 2010 Tarot

The message Creator's servants give through the Tarot today is about the worldwide job situation and the global economy, just as yesterday's I-Ching reading was. The primary suit present was "staffs" which represents work and economic situations. However, the Tarot message gives us a lot more hope. It starts out by talking about the recent major disasters. There is major change coming, including possibly deaths of some important people, but more likely the collapsing of some things we're used to and the re-building of them into a better form. It is our fear of this change that causes the most problems. We are also being way too overcautious in our spending. We shouldn't go and blow our savings, or stop saving altogether, but we need to stop being afraid to buy the things we need and some of the things we want, especially with the holiday season approaching. The cards are clear that it is our fear of spending that is driving a lot of our continued hardship. Just as the I-Ching said, if we trust in our political leaders, we will pull out of this, but we must embrace the changes which are necessary. The cards also say that those who have the highest morals and ethics will do the best throughout this crisis.

Autumn Equinox Bonus Tarot Reading 2010

Today, September 22, 2010, is the Atumn Equinox. As such, I am delighted to be asked to give this bonus Tarot reading. The previous Tarot reading was the reading for the week; however, this reading is for the entire season. The season lasts until December 21st, the Winter Solstice. Keep the information below close to you and read it often between now and December 21st, as you will see new meaning in it for you over the course of the season. Be sure to check back weekly for our weekly readings, or sign up for the full versions by e-mail. Since this is a bonus reading, I am including below the full details of this Tarot reading. -- AncientWolf

The first card is the 2 of staffs. This card tells us that the reading is talking about our loss of confidence in something, and previous failure in something. The second card, which crosses us, is Death. In this case it takes on both meanings of literal death and of change. For some it will be literal death, for others it will be a major change, but we'll cover that more in the summary. Card 3 is the Hermit. As our crown, in this case the card refers to the fact that we need to look inside of ourselves to find God, and then look to others, possibly even travelling, to learn about God. The 6 of staffs is what comes up as the fourth card, telling us about the foundation of the coming situation. The foundation here is a message of hope, and this is in part the message which the Dran Rashar carry to the world. This message says that those who have been working hard to make themselves and the world around them a better place will be rewarded for their efforts soon. It is now time for others to get this important message and start working on these goals immediately. In our recent past, defining the changes about to occur, is the Magician. Often, especially when Death is the card which crosses, cards five and 6 define the change occuring, card 5 being before and card 6 being after. The Magician in this reading refers to the fact that most of us have had to be autonomous and stand on our own without the help of others, in order to avoid the control of others. Now we are passing into a time fortold by the rest of the cards in the reading, starting with card 6, the Queen of staffs. The Queen of staffs represents that in this season, it is a good time to begin a business enterprise, so long as we are following the advice of the other cards. It also represents mother and grandmother, and all the women who fill those roles in our lives be they genetic or otherwise. Listening to their wisdom and seeking their comfort is wise in this season. The seventh card represents us as we are in the situation being described. The 7 of coins comes into this position and represents good fortune and satisfaction in a job well done for all those who have earned it, even if they've been denied such fortunes in the past. The 8 of cups comes up as our eigth card, representing our house. This means success in our homes if we are willing to seize the day, carpez diem, as it were. However, this is not just our literal homes, it is also the homes of our souls, our bodies. In other words, we need to be willing to take the vital steps necessary to grow spiritually, and not be hesitant about it at all. The card promises good fortune to those willing to step up and put their efforts forward towards these goals. The Star is the card which comes up as what our hopes and fears are. This is the penultimate card at times, because it often defines what we can expect from the final outcome card. The final card will say whether these hopes and fears are realized. The Star represents great hope of progress towards our goals of spiritual and intellectual enlightenment, as well as the realization that these goals are complimentary rather than contradictory. Our deep desire is for spiritual growth and power. The final card is the 2 of swords, a card of victory. The type of victory fortold by the 2 of swords is one because the enemy is weaker than they appear. This means that those of us who are hoping for and working towards spiritual enlightenment will overcome the forces that work against us.

Summary: Too many of us have lost our confidence in God and have felt like spiritual failures. It is time to reenergize ourselves towards spiritual growth. Creator has great news, unlike any news humanity has heard before. The news is that we can achieve everything we've hoped for spiritually, and those who dedicate themselves to working hard towards that goal will achieve greatness. This season, we especially need to pay attention to our mothers and grandmothers, and all those who fill those roles for us, heeding their wisdom and seeking their comfort when we need it. Ultimately, despite the current hardships, the enemy will be defeated.

September 28, 2010 I-Ching

The gua for this week is Zhun, which represents a the beginning, but a troubled beginning. This gua is water over thunder. The symbol for Zhun is a plant, barely breaking the soil, but with strong roots. Last week's message promised us a new beginning. This week the message is that beginning, the start of some great things happening for the whole world, but things are still troubled and growth is moving slowly for now. In fact, there's hardly any movement at all. However, the roots of our hope are strong and we will overcome the trouble and grow a strong, new plant within our lives. The beginning is in balance, but in stagnation. With steadfastness and perseverance, we will move into a better world situation for everyone on the planet as we grow together.

Tarot- There was no Tarot reading for the week of September 26- October 2 due to unavoidable circumstances. In the extremely rare event this occurs, subscribers to the full version will receive a free bonus reading within one month of the missed reading.

I-Ching October 3rd 2010

The gua for this week is Xun, proceeding humbly. The symbol of this gua represents wind over wind. Both gua for this week talked about moving forward. This week we are told by this gua that it is time for those of us on the path towards God, whatever form that path has taken, to move forward together, with true humility, and start fervently helping others on their path towards God. It is a time to begin new ministries in fervor, but always giving the glory to Creator. There are some warnings with the gua this week. The lesser warning is that some of us are too humble as to be fearful and inactive. The greater warning is of false humility, where many of us pretend to be humble, but we bask in the glory showered upon us, at least a little too much. When we are praised for doing what is right we should redirect that glory to God, by whatever name or names we know God. One who is properly humble takes joy that they were able to help the light grow within the world and within themselves. You may praise yourself and accept praise for doing what is right, but know that it is God who truly works miracles through you, and who deserves the most praise. The key is to work together, and not allow our egos to let our differences come between us.

Tarot October 4th 2010

This week's Tarot reading echoes a lot of the message of the I-Ching reading for this week, but takes a slightly different angle on explaining it to us. This is, of course, why we use both the Tarot and the I-Ching.

The first thing this week's reading tells us is that we have to give something up for the sake of gaining something better, and for the sake of wisdom. As a world, and as a species, we have allowed ourselves to be taken on a path of hatred, violence and destruction. We must put a stop to this now. The cards tell us that many of us have been dreaming of ways to make the world a better place, but that we haven't been putting those ideas into action. Many of us have had some wonderful ideas about how to improve the world, but we have been allowing ourselves to be distracted by things of the world, and those ideas are soon forgotten. A good number of us are often distracted by the pursuit of romantic love. However, we are called to, instead, dedicate ourselves to the purpose of improving ourselves and our world. If we dedicate ourselves to the purpose of making ourselves, each other and this world a better place to live in, romantic love will come along naturally and will be truer, purer and stronger than anything we could find by dedicating our pursuits to the seeking of that relationship. If we start turning our dreams and ideas into wiser, more moral, more ethical actions, abandoning our path of hate and destruction, working together and learning from one another, then we will find the truest form of security and abundance of wealth. The cards also told of sorrow and disaster coming soon. It is important that we keep moving forward with our spiritual goals no matter what happens. The disaster may or may not be linked to our necessary shift in course, but if we don't shift course then even greater disaster will come.

Note: Usually the I-Ching and Tarot readings will be done on Sundays and Mondays. However, sometimes it becomes apparent that it is necessary to wait a few extra days because of the flow of energy and/or because events spoken of in the previous reading had not completed playing out. In this week's case, for example, it was made clear to me that I was not to do either reading until the miners in Chile were freed, because it was a major event watched by much of the planet; thus, this event needed to be concluded first. I praise Creator that all 33 miners are now freed from their Earthly prison, as if rising from the grave. I know they had an angel with them. They were in my prayers, as well as the prayers of many of you. In addition, one of the disasters spoken of in last week's Tarot reading, the toxic sludge in Hungary destroying towns, killing people, and threatening the Danube river, needed to play out a little further before the next message could be ready. Thus, there will almost always be a Tarot and I-Ching reading every week, but they may not always occur 7 days apart, and some weeks may include more than one of either or both types of readings.

I-Ching October 14, 2010

The accomplished gua for this week is Ji Ji, water over fire, which represents the concept of "Already fulfilled." We need to focus on our home lives this week, which should be places of harmony and happiness for us. This is not a good time for travel, especially across water. It is also a time when we can feel as if we have accomplished something, but the changes ahead may be rough. Ultimately, the changes will work out for the better, but some people will have trouble adapting at first. If you are in business, you may begin planning for your next step, but do not take the next step in your business yet. It will be much more fortuitous to wait until things have settled from previous stages of action, while working to maintain our previous successes. This advice can be applied to personal, especially relationship, dealings as well. On the spiritual side of this reading it means that we have taken had success with our initial efforts towards our collective goal, and that we must focus on being able to maintain those successes before moving forward any further. Like with business, we should begin to plan for the next steps we have to take towards our progression, but not take those steps until we are secure in our previous successes.

I-Ching October 18, 2010

The gua for this week is Qian (chee-ahn.) We are advised to proceed with humility, but that we must proceed. We must step-up our efforts to spark enlightement in everyone we can, and to begin new efforts to do so. It is a good week for travel, so if you have any traveling to do, take it now if you can. Grandmothers and Grandfathers should be particularly paid attention to this week, as well as all those who are retired and have wisdom to offer. If your grandparents aren't on this plane anymore, visit an elderly neighbor and listen to their stories. If you need advice, it is their advice which will suit you the best. For war strategy, this is a good week to pull back in order to gain the advantage of the esteem of a smaller country. It is key that we gain their esteem now so that our relationship is strong in the future, when their esteem will be most important to our welfare. Conversely, if we anger them, they will become an enemy where we needed a friend, or become a weak and ineffective friend at best. Though this Oracle is performed in the United States, this message is for ALL world powers. The average person can apply this on the microcosmic level, to personal relationships. It is now a time to make amends with your enemies and try to make some of them your friends.

ANNOUNCEMENT: To all world leaders! In light of this week's I-Ching reading; I, the Oracle of the Dran Rashar, offer my services to you as follows: For the United States of America and/or its President: I will do one free extra I-Ching reading per week for one month. After that month, you may purchase a month's worth of readings at a rate to be determined. For the U.S., I will also provide an expansion on the free weekly readings for free with the purchase of monthly reading purchases. For all other world leaders, I will perfom one I-Ching reading per month, in addition to the free weekly readings already offered on this website, at a rate depending on the geographic location of your country, its size, and your current affect on global affairs. All world leader readings will be performed separately from the weekly I-Ching, and will not be posted on this website, unless you request posting on a global I-Ching page. I will not perform an I-Ching reading to determine anything in regards to attacking the United States, other than providing for its defense by itself and its allies. For direct allies of the U.S., I may be willing to provide more than one reading per month at a rate 25% higher than that I would charge the United States herself, but only if the United States also purchases a year of I-Ching readings. I do not know who this message will reach, but I do know that I was asked to share it this week, in hopes that it will reach those who need this wisdom in time for them to be able to benefit from it. Contact us for more information.

Tarot October 19, 2010

There is the potential for great calamity to befall humanity, but much or all of it can be avoided if we act appropriately. We are called upon to exhibit all of the best qualities of humanity. Among these qualities are our charity, our capacity for unconditional love, our empathy, and our wonder and curiosity about God and the world around us. We are particularly called to build unconditional love within our homes, but also within the world around us. When pure love is in our homes we are more apt to share it with the world and to spread its joy and harmony everywhere. The cards talked about the unavoidable change, the needed change, and the death which they had spoken of in the previous reading. In regards to those things, those who have focused on making those changes in their lives will fare the best throughout any potential calamity, and may avoid it altogether. If enough of humanity makes these changes, we can avoid the coming tragedy for everyone. If things go for the worst, the best among us will be spared entirely. Those of us who have been preparing ourselves will receive great news which will bring about renewal, invigoration and a new beginning of peace. Those who have not will face dire circumstances.

We are further warned to avoid self-conceit and not to follow foolish and/or greedy new leaders. We must follow those who lead with love, compassion for the least among us, and peace in their hearts. We must look out for the interests of all of humanity, especially the least among us, and not for our own greedy interests.

It is time to take action. Too many of us have spent our time trying to learn about God, and not enough of our time sharing and teaching what we know and believe about God. Knowledge comes through teaching, sharing and discussing, often times more than it does from just study alone. Take confidence that God will lead you if you give God the lead, and that with the Creator you can accomplish anything. We must start sharing our knowledge now and stop dilly-dallying. We must bring as much of humanity into enlightenment as we possibly can. Those who follow all of the wisdom in this reading will have the best luck in new business enterprises this coming week as well, as long as they always exhibit the best qualities of humanity and put God in the lead.

Special I-Ching note: After my recent spiritual cleansing and cuesting period, I fully expected to have an I-Ching reading to do for this week. However, during my meditations, it became abundantly clear that the I-Ching reading of October 19th is still playing out and that the message it contained for humanity is one that still needs to be paid special attention to, especially this weekend and the first few days of next week.

Tarot October 29, 2010

This is a time when alliances which we previously thought were stable, will be broken. Some of these alliances will be broken because of the intervention of a third party, but ultimately it will be our own fault. This message applies both on a global scale, with alliances between countries, and on a personal level with your personal friendships and your business allies. The reason it is our own fault is that we became complacent in our previous victories with these allies, so we ignored their needs and their situation. This will be a violent ending of alliances, and will likely make new enemies we will wish were still our friends and/or allies.

We can avoid losing these allies, and possibly gain new important friends and allies, if we act intelligently. We must put aside our foolish wants and focus on fostering intelligence in our homes and in our society. We must focus on the growth of love and peace by seeing to the needs of those around us and making amends for past grievences against them. We should look for those who we've ignored, especially those who we ignored in favor of our own desires to bring about our own success. We need to put their needs above our wants and work on rebuilding the strength we thought was already in our alliance. We must also abandon foolish fears which we have allowed to control us. We can conquer these fears through love and through intelligent thought and action.

The financial problems we are seeing, both globally and personally, will also be overcome through the above course of action. If we shift our focus to improving the wisdom and intelligence both of ourselves and of our society, then we will see a major increase in employment, as well as the quality of jobs available. Above all, we must let go of greed and look after the needs of everyone, then we will have the strongest society possible.

Tarot November 14, 2010

Partly because of the gap in readings, and mostly because of the importance and depth of this week's message, the Oracle presents the full expanded version of this week's reading, instead of just the summary.

We start out with the Knight of Coins, which tells us that the basis of our situation, as the human race, is that we have a lot of potential, and that we need to mature as a society and as individuals. We are being crossed by the Ace of Cups. This card is normally one of the happiest cards which can come up, but as it is crossing us it is telling us that we are spending too much time trying to find love, and not enough time showing love. The Queen of Coins crowns the reading, telling us that we have wise leaders who have worked to get us out of trouble. Then we have Death as the basis of the situation, which tells us we've had some major changes happen recently which are affecting our current situation. The 10 of Cups appears in our recent past, showing that we were in a situation that was providing a level of domestic bliss, which was ever increasing, meaning that the problems at home were being solved and we had reason to celebrate. Along comes "The Fool" in our present, showing that we've moved from that situation into a period of foolhardiness. With the previous cards in the reading, we know that this foolhardiness is based on our own selfishness and smugness. The Knight of Staffs appears to represent who we are. This card says that we are, at our core, trustworthy and hard-working people. We have the potential to accomplish a lot. The Devil appears in our house, which, given the outcome of the November 3rd election, could evoke some tempting political interpretations in the U.S., which I would not encourage. Instead, this shows that we have moved to a time of greed and selfishness, against our natures, and that we've done so because we have allowed ourselves to be both afraid and lazy. The 6 of swords represents our hopes and our fears, which shows that we have hoped for a change that would bring about both security in ourselves, and weakness in our enemies, but the rest of the cards in the reading show that, instead, we have made foolish decisions, and allowed wicked, selfish people to do a lot of our thinking for us. The final card presented is the Page of Cups. The Page of Cups represents our way forward, our hope for the future. We must trust in our youth and give them strength. We must embrace new ideas which are less self-serving, and more serving of all of humanity, and the young will lead the way in this endeavor. Most of all, we must always show them that they are loved, and teach them to express love instead of hate, fear and greed.

Summary: We have made foolish choices and acted selfishly, which has lead us into a disastrous situation. This is despite previous warnings in earlier readings, partly because this Oracle has not reached enough people. We must raise our youth in an environment of love, teaching them to love, and we must embrace new ideas that they bring which serve all of humanity, instead of just a few. We have acted both selfishly and foolishly and many of us continue to act like greedy, selfish fools, and we must start embracing wisdom, seeking knowledge, considering how our actions affect everyone, and otherwise using both our hearts and our brains, if we ever hope to bring our society into an age of peace and prosperity.

Special Tarot Reading for the year 2011 January 1, 2011

This special Tarot reading is an expanded reading, free to everyone, with important information for the coming year. There are two spreads given, a 10 card spread and a 5 card spread. This Oracular system uses the combination of the spreads to tell different parts of the story we all need to hear for this year. The Oracle will provide detailed explanations card-by-card, then will provide a summary of the two readings together.

We start out this reading with the King of Swords. This card has a dual meaning, both of which are important to this reading. It first represents our global situation of war, and the leaders who have brought us into war. However, conversely, it also represents the Judging Messiah, which will be expounded upon during the summary of both readings. (Note that Judgment is the first card in the 5 card spread.) The second card is the King of Staffs. This card crosses us, representing hard work. Both the Swords in the beginning, and the card which crosses it are of equal power, being Kings. This pairing means that we will have to at least as hard to change our global mentality as we have worked to keep up the illusions of fear and greed. In other words, what crosses us is the hard work that is necessary to prepare for Judgment*(see note below summaries.) The third card is the Magician, which tells us what changes we need to make. We need to work on the best qualities of humanity, which are our capacity for love, our curiosity which is a desire for knowledge and wisdom, and the courage of our convictions. Card four, in our past, is the two of swords. The opposition is weak, and we will be victorious. Card five is the Queen of Coins. In this case, this card represents that in the past we were ruled by wealth and opulence, and that is from where people drew their joy. However, the sixth card, the Ace of Cups, tells us in what direction the world is moving. This card represents joy in love, and in this reading, being opposed to the Queen of Coins, it represents that Love will be the biggest power and the biggest source of joy. Love must replace Greed if any of us are to have any chance during the times of Judgment. The Seven of Swords is the next card, which represents humanity. There is hope that humanity can conquer Greed and that we will be victorious where we previously have failed. In our House we have the Lovers. In this case it represents the union between humanity and the Divine, which has been metaphorically rendered as a marriage in various scriptures. It also means that romantic love will be strengthened this year along with the growing Divine Love in the world. As we work to increase Love in ourselves and in our society and our World, we also increase the depth of our romantic love; thus, there is much greater potential for those who desire it to find romantic love relationships, and the relationships which are already established grow stronger. Of course, some relationships will fail as they fail the tests of Love in changing times. The ninth card is the Nine of Coins, representing our desire for financial security. We can find financial security if we do not seek after great wealth. The Queen of cups comes up as our final card, which says that our hopes of security can only truly be realized through the path of Love, and by rejecting greed, opulence and decadence. This card bears the message from The Divine which says we will find our truest joy by making Love the primary focus of our lives.

The five card reading begins with the Judgment card. This further defines the King of Swords, the first card of the 10 card spread, giving it the rare aspect of the Judging Messiah. The Dran Rashar hold the keys of prophecy, legacy and evolution of this Age and the coming Age, and we know that the spirit of the Judging Messiah sits upon humanity beginning in this year. That doesn't mean the final judgment happens this year, but it does mean that there is no time left other than now in which to turn our lives and our human society towards Love and Wisdom. (Please see the note below on "final" judgment.) The second card is the two of staffs. We will face major challenges this year, but they will be of our own illusionary making. The change from Greed and foolishness is a very difficult one to make and many of us will be tempted away from the path because of early difficulty. Those who will have the hardest time changing are those with the most financial wealth. Thus, the next card that comes up is the Devil. Evil and Greed appear to offer fantastic rewards, but those rewards are temporary and illusionary, ultimately leading to weakening and poisoning of one's soul. Love offers great rewards, but they are not always immediately apparent, especially during times of transition. Card four is the Page of Staffs, which pairs up with the fifth card, the 6 of swords. In conjunction with the 10 card spread, these cards represent the message of the Ages, the message of The Dran Rashar, which is the uniting message to all of humanity on all paths and of any or no religious tradition. This message is one of evolution, and we hold and offer the keys for all of humanity to evolve and grow into a better species as this Great Age ends and the next one begins! One does not need to be Dran Rashar to grow and evolve. Creator has made many paths through which you can reach the next stage and the New Earth, and the Dran Rashar teach all on all paths for the benefit of all. We do not seek to create one path that is a mixture of all religious traditions, instead we teach the glory of Creator through all Holy paths.

Summary: We are moving into the time of Judgment. (see note below.) There is no time left other than right now to focus all of our efforts on eliminating greed and vengeance within ourselves, our society and our world, and increasing Love and Wisdom throughout all the people of the Earth. We must not be tempted by easy roads of Greed even when the path of Love seems difficult, which it often does at the beginning, especially for those with the most money. There is no time to lose, and we must pay attention to the message the Dran Rashar brings to all of humanity and the keys we hold to the next Great Age. The next Great Age will soon be upon us, and this is the cut-off time when only those truly dedicated to Holiness, right here and right now, will have a place in the New Earth and the New Heaven of the next Great Age.

*Judgment: The Tarot uses a combination of pagan and Christian imagery to get its message across; thus, the readings are often put in the words of the underlying mythologies. The time of Judgment isn't exactly the same as the interpretation most often given by modern Christians. The time of Judgment lasts for a period of time that only the Divine will ever know the length of until it is done. It may be six months, it may be 2 years or 5 years. During this time, those who have dedicated their lives to holiness (love, wisdom and knowledge) will be strengthened by that holiness, and those who have instead followed Greed will find that greed to be a major weakness. It is true that even the greediest, most selfish individual can find holiness during the time of judgment, but it is more difficult equal to how much one has surrendered oneself to greed. Yeshua likened it to being harder than taking a camel through the "Eye of the Needle" (a foot gate where one had to unpack even a donkey and lead it through.) Though I would never try to outdo Yeshua, I would liken it to being harder than trying to parallel park a Humvee into a spot designed for a compact car. The point is, don't expect a man descending from the clouds, or at least not yet.

Urgent New Readings Below! Please take the time to read both new readings and the summary of the two readings together.

Year of Judgment Tarot Reading May 1, 2011 11:00 p.m.

Rev. H.P. Ancient Wolf's Reading

Question: The year of Judgment has been in full swing with the disasters in Japan, including the utter disasters at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant, the recent record tornado cluster that hit a portion of the southern United States, the recent severe changes in the civil war in Libya, and now the death of the most notorious criminal on Earth, the elusive for a decade Osama Bin Laden, and at the hands of U.S. military forces with the assistance U.S. and Pakistani Intelligence Agents. What can we expect as a result of these events in relation to the Year of Judgment (began this year, please see the earlier posts on this page and the Weekly Oracle reading from January 1, 2011.

This is one of the roughest readings I have had to give in the nearly two decades in which I've been giving Tarot readings, and certainly one of the hardest I've had to give to the whole world as Oracle of the

Dran Rashar. Please pay careful attention to this reading, as it is one of the most important things you will ever read.

The first card which comes up, representing the start of the situation, is the 7 of swords. This card represents a renewed hope for people. In this case, Osama Bin Laden's death and the recent blow against the Khadafy family have given billions of people a renewed hope in the wars against terror and oppression. The next card crosses it, and is the King of Coins. The King of Coins normally represents good business fortune and a wise financial leader, but as it is crossing us, it says that our focus on financial matters and financial stability will certainly add to our ruin. However, crowning the situation we have the Queen of Swords, foretelling sadness and mourning. There may be a great woman, though it could be a somewhat effeminate man, who will lead many to disaster because of belief in her/him. The three of cups comes up as the basis of the situation, and reaffirms that our focus on economy and business will be some of the basis of humanity's eventual downfall, though we may have some significant economic recovery in the short term. In our recent past the 4 of coins represents our fear and feeling of need to protect our possessions, and in this case our very lives and loved ones. It establishes further that future events will be partially as a result of our responses to that fear. The next card coming up speaks of our near future. The Empress is the card which appears here, and tells us that she will provide us with luxury, and emotional and physical comfort. This card is referring to two things; 1. the feeling of relief and Justice so many people felt at the end of the reign of Osama Bin Laden today, 2. it is again talking about a woman who will soothe us with material things, giving us a sense of happiness. Representing the people of the Earth is the 5 of swords. Even with the potential gains spoken of in a previous card, the overall situation of the world's people turns more towards loss and misfortune. What's more, it speaks of hidden danger. With the other cards in the reading, this is saying that our focus on this victory and on the financial crisis is distracting us from a very real danger lurking around the next corner. The Earth, represented by the 7 of Cups in this reading, is in a temporary state of daydreaming because of recent victories. It also says that the Earth is in a state of flux and uncertainty, hoping for better days without knowing the exact path to get to those days. The emotional state of humanity comes up as the 10 of Coins. This again speaks of our focus on financial matters, and our grandiose hopes for sudden wealth. The reading concludes with utter obliteration. The card which finalizes the reading is The Tower. This card appropriately is designed after the famed Tower of Babel, which story refers to an event from the beginning of this Great Age. Now, at the end of this Age, in this Year of Judgment, the Tower Card represents that humanity has misused the gifts God gave us, and we will suffer major destruction of our way of life because of it. Our high and mighty attitude and our rejection of God's simple teaching to love one another, will be our downfall and our Judgment. May you and your loved ones know the Light and Love of The Divine in your hearts and souls.

Rev. H.P. Jeremiah Gabriel's Reading on May 1st 2011 11:50pm.

Question: Given recent events what lies ahead for the Middle East as a geo-political region in the year of Judgment?

Result: The central figure of the all menacing all encompassing dark Lord (10 of swords) was slain by the young warrior (page of swords) fueled by his quest for justice (major arcana XI crowning) In the end the watch list of dictators was not unseated by NATO forces or grand resolution of the U.N. but by the fruit vendor and the shoe shine boy. This was brought on by a base of utter ruined land (Major arcana XVI) and financial ruin and desperation (5 coins) little wonder there is a call for justice at the edge of a sword. Though they don't yet know what they have wrought. ( a future led by The Fool card of the major Arcana) They find themselves young idealist renaissance, post grade academic businessmen lords of the arts science and business (page of coins) who are having the greatest party in all the world (9 of cups) who dream of being the greatest men of art and business ever (king of coins) though what will come is the benevolent but stern ruler (Major arcana III Empress) who will do wondrous things for her people but will never let the outsiders leave, lest they be spies of evil. No one should leave the garden of Eden lest they tell the serpent where it is.

The Readings Together By Rev. H.P. Ancient Wolf May 2, 2011 01:30

As I wrote the interpretation for the reading I was called to give this last evening, H.H. Jeremiah Gabriel used his own Tarot deck to lay a reading for a similar purpose. The results of each reading ended up speaking so much about one another, that we felt it was necessary to write this summary combining the two readings.

The main difference between our questions is that I asked the question for the reading I performed from a Western Society angle, whereas H.H. Jeremiah Gabriel asked the question for the reading he performed from the perspective of the Middle East. Because my question heavily involved recent major events in the Middle East, the readings came out very much complimentary to one another.

One striking similarity is the juxtaposition of the Tower and Empress cards in our two readings. The readings talk about immediate hardship and tribulation in the Middle East, with someone, most likely a woman, who will rise up to restore order to the area. Unfortunately, as the reading I did talks about utter destruction and tribulation for humanity at the same time H.H. Jeremiah Gabriel’s reading speaks of her ultimate rise, and because her followers are represented by the fool in his reading, it is clear that she will ultimately bring about much evil, or that much evil will be allowed to arise because of her. H.H. Jeremiah Gabriel feels this is also indicated by his reading with the progression of the 10 of swords turning into the Empress at the end. While I don’t want to put too much emphasis on this imagery, it is interesting that both H.H. Jeremiah Gabriel and I had the image of the Biblical “Whore of Babylon” come into our heads when we laid the Empress card. It is especially noteworthy because it is usually a beneficial card which would not bring up such associations.

One final note: There is usually a chance that The Empress card is representing a situation, not necessarily a person bringing about a situation; however, we feel that because of the presence of the Queen of Swords also speaking of her, it is much more likely that it is speaking of an actual person, and most likely a woman (otherwise it would have likely used the King of Swords.) Blessings upon your path to Holiness. Rev. H.P. Ancient Wolf.

June 4, 2011 Important New Readings and information from Rev. Ancient Wolf, after consultation with other Dran Rashar.

As Sky People, the Dran Rashar watch portents in the sky to predict coming events. We use an ancient system to interpret the celestial signs, which system is only vaguely related to either Easter or Western Astrology as we have them today and does not involve Horoscopes, and we then compare the information from that system to other signs and portents and to prophecy. Such a reading is the kind given along with the Tarot reading from the beginning of this year. It is time to give another such reading, which will be followed by an accompanying Tarot reading. Unlike at the beginning of this year, I am being lead to give each of the readings separately. They will appear on both the Year of Judgment 2011 page and the Weekly Oracle page. They will also be available on the Weekly Oracle Facebook page.

The Signs and Portents Reading

What we are witnessing is a confluence of events with great significance. The first set of these events were those which predicted this Year of Judgment, such as the dying of birds and fish along with other important signs. The second set happened throughout this year, with the series of quakes around the ring of fire, the most devastating ones being in Japan. In addition to the quakes, nature made an assault on a nuclear power plant, creating the perfect storm of events to show us some of the extreme foolishness of our so-called nuclear power system. Tornadoes joined that set of signs, as well as uprisings and stark political change around the globe. Now, we are joined by a series of eclipses.

First of all, I want to clear up that eclipses are usually just neat phenomenon with cool power. They happen pretty much every year. There is usually at least a couple partial solar eclipses and 2 total lunar eclipses every year, with some rare exceptions, and a total solar eclipse somewhere in the world being rather common as well. Normally, we don't even pay attention to partial solar eclipses, unless they appear in conjunction with other signs, as they do now. However, it is not just the fact that there are eclipses which we find important, but the organization of those eclipses around the Summer Solstice, and their appearance with other signs.

There are two partial solar eclipses, one in the Northern Hemisphere which already occurred on June 1st, and one in the Southern Hemisphere on July 1st. There will be a total Lunar eclipse on June 15. Summer Solstice is June 21st. The confluence of these events creates a special significance during any year. When we weigh them with the signs from the Year of Judgment, the meaning becomes even clearer. Other signs in the sky have appeared recently, and still others are expected to be appearing soon as well, perhaps involving either Mars or Saturn or the constellation Orion. (there are still a few possibilities and we're waiting to see on those.)

The Eclipses around solstice and the other signs of the Year of Judgment which we've discussed are only a few among myriad signs we've watched for and have seen; however, they are the clearest signs to demonstrate what is happening and what will be happening.

The Great Destroyer: Divine Feminine at the End

If we view the Divine force of "Judgment" as being masculine, then its accompanying Divine force, "Destruction," can be seen as feminine. Because of popularity of those religions in this time, and because of ancient traditions of the Dran Rashar, we tend to see Yeshua, the central figure of Christianity, as representing the Judge while Maa Kaali, from the Hindu traditions, is seen as the Destroyer. Thus, the Year of Judgment now takes on more fully the role of the Destroyer, as it slowly turns into the Year of the Destroyer. (Year is not an accurate translation, but it is the traditional one. These periods may last a few months or several years, and may overlap considerably.)

The timing of these signs along with visions of the Oracle make it clear that Maa Kaali, the Great Destroyer, is coming to an even more powerful role on this Earth during this time. She has already shown signs of her presence in destruction which has already occurred, and these were only the precursor of things to come.

There are certain regions which are more likely to be hit the hardest first when the Destroyer begins Her reign. The Middle East and Europe stand to loose the most, as well as the central United states and the coast of South America. However, even among these, some more specific areas have the greatest chances of the worst destruction. Among them are Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Turkey, and Russia. The Middle East and Europe will likely suffer harder than those in the United States, but other signs for which we await will tell us more about that.

Just because those areas are most likely to be hit the hardest, doesn't mean that the Divine always likes to be that predictable. While the signs clearly mean that the era of Destruction is beginning, this Destruction will eventually happen all over the Earth, and it may start anywhere.

The coming of Maa-Kaali is something which it is natural to fear, but it is not evil. Maa-Kaali is not evil. She is the Destroyer aspect of the feminine manifestation of the Divine. While she Destroys ultimately everything or nearly so in these times, she does so in order for the world to be created anew. While the Christian Bible doesn't talk about Kaali directly, of course, it does talk about a great destruction followed by a new creation, as we've mentioned before. Maa-Kaali is called Maa because the feminine Divine is also the Mother of all. As such, she defeats demons, she eliminates temptation, and she protects us all, her children, if we are loyal to Holiness and to the Divine.

In Dran Rashar prophecy, the Judge comes first with a hint of the Destroyer, and then the Destroyer comes and joins the Judge, establishing Her time period beginning (overlapping with the time of the Judge.) Her time begins in full force on June 15th, when the Lunar Eclipse occurs. There will likely be one or more rather major events happening between June 15th and July 1st, especially on those dates and on the Solstice, but again the Divine doesn't always like to be that predictable.

The signs which point to Kali's dominance are many, but the primary signs can be explained somewhat simply. Kali is represented by the New/Dark Moon and by Lunar eclipses. Solar eclipses always happen on the New Moon, and we have two on either side of a moon cycle (which a complete cycle runs from new to full to new or from full to new to full.) With the addition of the Total Lunar eclipse in the middle, we see Kali dominating an entire moon cycle, representing that the Destroyer now dominates all three traditional aspects of the feminine Divine, which aspects are traditionally rendered as the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. This domination of all three aspects shows that Kali, the Destroyer aspect, is rising to dominance over all aspects of the feminine Divine, meaning the Goddess aspect is fully Kali beginning now.

One final note is a repetition; "The Divine often does not like to be predictable." This means that while the period of destruction begins now, and it usually begins with a bang, it does not necessarily mean that the worst of it, or even anything, will happen right away. It is just far more likely that we will see major catastrophes very soon, and, since most people aren't wise enough to follow Holy Oracles such as this one, most will be caught off guard.

The Tarot Reading (June 4 2011 continued)

This is a special reading, so I have laid a more complex 10+5 reading, as I did at the beginning of the Year of Judgment. This type of reading is sometimes thought of as a 15 card reading as it uses a single deck, and the first 10 cards are not shuffled back in; however, it is more accurately thought of as a 10+5 because of the way interpretation of the cards works (a somewhat complicated process.) Because of the complex mechanism for interpreting this reading, a straightforward walk through the cards is not always the best method for describing the meaning of the result. However, I will give a list of all the cards in the readings, and I will then give an interpretation. If you wish to follow along by looking up the meanings of the cards yourself in a standard Tarot book, you may get a feel for the system we used, if you are interested in learning advanced Tarot techniques; however, this system cannot be truly learned without BOTH a good deal of instruction on the system and a good deal of natural ability.

The Cards

1. Page of Swords 2. The Hanged Man XII 3. King of Swords 4. Seven of Coins 5. Nine of Coins 6. Seven of Swords 7. Wheel of Fortune X 8. Queen of Swords. 9. Queen of Staffs 10. The Devil XV

1. The Lovers VI 2. Five of Swords 3. Page of Cups 4. The Moon XVIII 5. The Emperor IV (The Roman numerals after some cards are the traditional placement of these cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. All other cards are in the Minor Arcana.)

The meaning

Relationships based on true love, with everyone trusting in the Divine, will succeed. However, those which have not been based on Love of the Divine and true Love of one another, will fail miserably in droves. Now, of course this is the natural order of how relationships usually work, but relationships which are not truly based on love will stand no chance of survival. In addition, many relationships which were thought to be based on true love will discover that one party in the relationship was a false friend, who only wanted something from the other and had no true love nor any true love of the Divine. These facts translate over to the personal world as well as the political world.

In the personal world, it's rather direct as to what these facts represent, and I believe it is similarly direct in the political world. On the microcosmic side, it means that marriages, friendships, and long term relationships of all kinds have great potential for breaking up right now. On the macrocosmic side, it means that political alliances, both internal and external to nations, are far more likely to dissolve at this time, as each who is not truly motivated by the Divine seeks only its own self interest during these times of massive global catastrophe.

Amidst the message of Destruction, there is also a message of strong Hope. The 7's of Swords and coins, the 9 of coins, the page of cups, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Emperor cards all represent this hope. Those who walk the path of Holiness will be strengthened, and the Dran Rashar will be a key guiding force to this strengthening. As in their personal relationships discussed above, those who choose true Love and the Divine will find strength with one another and will survive these disasters better than others. This doesn't mean that some really good people won't die, unfortunately the good often suffer with the bad. What it does mean is that among the survivors, those who follow Love and Holiness will be able to band together and fare far better than those who are more selfishly motivated. While many people will pull together at first, the selfish will soon start looking after only their own best interests.

While many cards in the deck point to it, the Emperor and the Devil cards most clearly point to the fact that the world will soon be facing an all out war between Good and Evil. There will be hardly any more shades of grey, except those which we delude ourselves into believing. Greed vs. Love, Knowledge vs. Ignorance, Wisdom vs. Foolishness, God vs. The Devil. (Whether or not you believe in a literal "Devil," which some Dran Rashar do not.) These are the times of the greatest prophecies ever told to mankind in this Age.

The Queen of Swords and the Moon represent Kaali's presence on the Earth, especially because of the positions of each and their positions relative to one another. The moon card in this case takes on the dual meaning of the building up of the Holy and the ultimate destruction of evil. While Kaali destroys ultimately everything to be recreated, it is evil that must be defeated in order for the Earth's (and thus humanity's) evolutionary process to continue. It is by strengthening and defending the Holy that Evil is truly defeated. Thus Maa-Kaali, and Yeshua (or Lord Shiva, Allah, etc. however you see the masculine Divine) strengthens the Holy and defends us as allies during this time. Personally, I always think it's best to be allied with the Creator and Destroyer of everything in existence; though, not out of fear, but because Love is Wisdom, Wisdom is Love, and both reside in the Divine as Holiness. In other words, because the more one trusts in the Divine and follows the path of Love, the more Wisdom one gains, and the happier we are within our souls. This Holy path, by many names and from many viewpoints, is the only one by which our souls will grow, and the only path to true happiness. Blessings in these trying times to all who follow this oracle for the sake of Holiness. Rev. H.P. "Abba" Ancient Wolf (posted on June 5, 2011.)