New Links

These are the newest pages added to the Dran Rashar website. Check back often for updates.

Myths and Facts about December 21st 2012 Follow a balanced approach to debunking myths and giving the real facts about that date. There is so much misinformation out there, and much of it is cleared up in this document. Added March 6, 2012.

Our Mission Statement This document is the very first thing everyone should read when visiting this website. It covers what our drive and motivation is, and the heart of what we teach. Added February 2012.

The time of Prophecy, Winter Solstice 2011 and Beyond. We've been waiting for this date for a very long time. Great things are now Beginning! An insight into expected changes and the sings from the heavens. You'll want to read this one right away!

Shamanism and the Dran Rashar A basic study guide to Shamanism, plus a small guide to Shamanism's role within the Dran Rashar. (printer friendly version available at the bottom of the page.)

Manna, Mana, and Vimana A brief and important discussion about Vimana, space and air ships from ancient humans and eternal Gods (in Hindu and Dran Rashar beliefs.) This one may be a little advanced for some, but everyone should glean important information from what is presented herein.

Beginning of Wisdom